The tolerance issue and where I stand may be the most difficult issue for me to settle at this point, but it is rather the easiest, clear sign therefore no body has taken away my faith, like they will love to brag that they have. I am a Christian and I am supposed to put up therefore with the persecution, the perversion on the other hand is their problem and not mine. If people want to be free of evil, they know precisely how to do so but since it is rather clear people want to do the devils work for him with their own hands these days even when they owe him nothing whatsoever, then it is fine that they go ahead and leave me alone and if they also feel they do not ever want to be caught dead telling him to do it himself, they can go ahead and leave me alone as well.

Having been that dividing society between Theocracy and Capitalism is well underway, my relationship with Industry Communities and Public appearance to that effect are determined by these two parameters presently.

We must listen to that nonsense all the time where it says that I have been conditioned to be a man and therefore I like to think I am Male and so on and so my disposition has affected other people’s civil freedoms. Incredibly insulting naturally as it was rather good at finding out what people did not previously know about themselves, then making it Public – assumption being that it is not dangerous since it was never clear my Parents would never have stopped most of what its stupidities are complaining of with respect to my person, if they were able to see through and through that I was capable of it in the first place. The question of why I get tackled by these things have never been an emotive one as such; I have set out perhaps 4 to 6 years during which time I will support women due to the extent of the gimmicks and stories running wild, a lot of the times at my expense, over women issues, only for a group of gits who make faces when important people are working, to build me a Publicity that says I am now a woman and this is all there is to it – these goons on the other hand never ever stop, even when I have had to explain that I am not homosexual since I do not find the responsibilities associated with becoming one difficult but it does not stop until such realities come forth as when its conveniences vanish each time I spend any amount of time working out or doing exercise to convince people of which sexuality I really am. I do wonder what they complain about when done with those stupidities that involve wrecking peoples finances and academic work to expose them to abusive ageists and Community croons bearing down on them sexually to make them part with knowledge and public image that others can get rich by, only to set about employing criminals in the neighbourhoods and tackling women 24/7, to blab about how they cannot say they don’t know why people inflict these things on me fighting on their behalf, looking for a response – I gathered they decide most of the time that some of them must be homosexual in order to support their women who after years of these sorts of nonsense find the process of Child Birth exceedingly painful, compared to other women, in order to prevent their own extinction and it’s the primary premise behind the stupidities their Celebrities and Socialites exhibit on other people’s finance bases, complete with going to the Military or Buckingham Palace to do my stuff. It’s like when I am asked how I know these things and then I have to explain my Mum usually told us I was the Biggest Baby but my Birth was the easiest in the Family and how this pairs up with the way I have been raised rather differently from the rest of my siblings; this is what stories about sexuality does and it will never stop saying I think I am a Man because bad parents and people have conditioned me to be while I have no wish to respond to the bad parents and people that are hurting other human beings, looking for more of what it is complaining about. They do claim they want to know what I know, and so have I written some Books they can read, to ensure my time Management is in my hands and not their own.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland