Now they do say I have trouble competing with women; utter nonsense of course since it’s a matter of stupidity beyond measure at all times – I mean as a child being a man would have involved being able to keep off things that hurt you but that there are people that want to be able to manipulate you into a corner and get themselves involved with things that harm them which is your responsibility to get hard with on their behalf because they can bring the public to bear on it, beats the imagination but these are just some of the things women assume is a past time they can entangle anybody with. Then they will say I have difficulty keeping away from the Monarchy as well if it hurts me and that is utter nonsense too because these are the people who think HM should operate her state affairs by answering questions about me and even the celebrities are attending functions to pop Questions at the Queen over and because of me; it has proven to be the importance of keeping records of anything they deploy which is mine because then I can always ensure they are very well informed that they are in no way celebrities, just traders of God knows what people buy these days at my own whim.

It is like their Politicians with the gang land body language at parliament; people like to assume they do not know what they are doing but if you put yourself in their shoes you will find out they do know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing is park their cars and jobs and families somewhere safe, then turn up to screw around with yours. Same story with people being confused about what I am after and yet the reality is that nobody knows how the Islamic state is trying to avoid my Royal order these days all together but then again of which is not exactly surprising since these are things people do to ensure that they ruin your work to create a space and get themselves ready to replace you.

It does not in any way trouble me for my part; these are simply a collection of fools that will boast in no time at all that they want to make me into a symbol of suffering like Nelson Mandela for instance and more so to glorify the man in question but they will do no such thing as the hall mark of their insults is always that I am not loving my mother and cunt from them need to be laid low, starting with the basis for everything they do in my direction which is that I am not loving my mother well enough for their liking and therefore will  never stop being punished by them, even the period of time in which I have not done so has proven it is so vital to with destruction of a global proportion of my property to build a history from; all I am saying is that they are about to fart already because it is so hard as it were but are talking nonsense about making me into a hate figure as though I don’t have people like them in my world that I look on as Children because it is the only way to protect them from such crap on account they have the same vulnerabilities. Yes I understand some people say I may need to make it easy on these cunts but then again I make things easy for local communities and I make things easy for journalists in the court that help me with regional issues through their colleagues from the regions who work in the same trade, I don’t make things easy for populous idiots with a greed that has a cry of the devil attached to it and a need to express their lack of tolerance for not having everything that have never worked for in the first place and nobody is going to do anything if I don’t. They do say anything that is evil enough to join with the evil thing called British Monarchy is evil enough to come up with these things but I don’t know evil anyway, I know the reasons they cannot leave my excrements inside of me is that they are spending my life on themselves and I am stopping them when it is actually their human rights but what started it all along in the first place is that I have a nice body and some long legs and good looks they feel like touching all the time right up to a process of the light in my face as they call it getting in their eyes and winding them up, so they turn up to build this world of very violent excuses which will ensure that when they can do all those things to my body when they like nobody is able to get through their wall of excuses to stop them, so that when done get in touch with their socialist idiots in parliament who help them to government funds in order for them to have small business  – so it does not make any sense this story they tell of somebody they will make into a hate figure; they simply have not got it: I mean there are simple reasons for it for instance like pop star one and her crew begs me to deploy my diplomatic equity to get a job done, so I let them on certain conditions, so what these fools do is realise they have an industry too and can do their own as well and employ the same pop stars in the process, now the only way to survive is to ensure these pop stars can be employed by others to do their own as well, so it is perfectly logical.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland