So they say if I ended up at the Monarchy in a physical way, I would either become a character everybody wants to make fun of or get seriously hurt and its utter nonsense Ė pull your entrails and build up some society foolish crowds to follow me at it over our civil disobedience who when being nice does not know when to give way to others during a conversation and fundamentally needs every good character that I have been raised to know at Church in order to exist, right down to supporting its stupid self when trying to sleep in the night, is really not going to do anything about me, besides which itís the more serious part about its stupid behaviour and churning my tummy needed my good background and upbringing talking nonsense about a push comes to shove when it has been clinging to my finances an academic work, forms the basis of most of its foolish Public complains. So, for it is impulsive to be nice and each time I happen to have been nice to them, I lose everything, and they need it like so 24/7 none stop as stupidly as possible making me sick and spreading it around. Itís the same thing we see the Media fools and celebrity idiots exhibit; where they claim I am responsible for fostering knife and gun crime, while their friends run around the streets blaming people for problems until people accept it and then the prospects of attacking those people will create fame and fortune that they had left behind, dragging me back into that position by means of any stupid jobs they have again and again, while complaining and seeking privileges of injustice as stupidly as possible from everything they meet.

My whole life comes to a stop over endless media, popularity and celebrity insults that are worked by these fools, leaving me an exit as per whether I am better off getting through life hating the existence of every embodiment of it, talking nonsense about where I would get into trouble while its local hoodlums claim they were keeping me where I am meant to be in the service of its incredible stupidities while complaining about the consequences of doing so.

I am now said to be very filthy as a person and I could never make sense of it anyway, first of all which I am fed up with peoples stupidities relying on me while Politicians deploy the State to make it so, for the purpose of resolving how their stupid personal decisions have made their own lives and so is it important for them to note they are not important people and need to stop threatening me, besides which the stage at which Politicians had spent tax payer funds on their stupidities was not the part where they needed money and self-confidence, hence this nonsense was entirely avoidable like the spawn of Satan Ė needs to remember itís not paying the bills around here and there is now a need for it to keep an eye on the stupid insults. All I can say for my part is that nothing I do is set out in such ways anyway but that said, the goons have spent my time getting their foolish Politicians to groom me for rape so they might cling to my finances because they know how to hurt me and live out this stupid dream of bullying me until they enjoyed the sight of seeing me become afraid of them, the problem now is that they do not want this to apply to their own existence and living as well and I fail to see how the imagination suggests it should be my problem; I am not interested, only interested in whether they bought a Book I wrote and I need provide a service to get it delivered to them. It is the great old case, as stupidly as possible, claiming itís about the fighting I will get involved with, about which I think the line I am looking for here is that one more threat from that Celebrity culture and I shall put to the test what exactly it is that their criminal disobedience clinging to my property stupidities were capable of.

They do claim the problem is an uphill task but it is not in anyway, the only barrier I face in everything I do is the fact Celebrities have money and this is a barrier I must now make time to get rid of Ė it does nothing but rip up my Book sales, my academic work and then spend a bit more time building a crowd that will find it amusing, making my whole life toxic to blab all sorts of avoidable nonsense at me about equality, while it does not get to share the income that gets to its stupid Celebrity head with other people and practically has a personal problem with my own income margins as insultingly as possible. They do claim itís a matter of the fact I have refused to recognise their importance and I guess they have come to feel the way I feel about their stupidities as well, getting on Media to ensure they never have to show respect and decorum towards me until they became important themselves all together, as stupidly as possible. Itís not an uphill task in the sense that it has done the two routines that I expected and prepared for i.e. grooming me for violence and sexual assault while stifling my Book sales to get around making mentally ill people think spending time with me and my concerns was the reason they had the minds that they have currently got and have started showing it wants my best made plans for living to be spent on its stupidities because it has relatives and shows itself on the Public arena all together Ė each time I sit down somewhere thinking about it and handling any issues that come forth, bearing in mind if you got a schizophrenic person thinking another personís front door was the reason they were like they were, the victim can only put an end to it if they committed murder or got the government to section such mentally ill persons, while my bottom hurts for it all the time, the fools have been claiming that they cared about me and still every time I sit around thinking there could not be a greater form of love obviously, it makes a stupid speech during a function that has nothing to do with me to disrupt my day, bring my whole life to a stop and make everything I do including what I do on social media toxic because its lawless free idiots will want to make money from it, stand at the other end looking like a doll with a wry smile on the face because the stupid celebrity job requires it to smile all the time and it cannot tell why it needs to avoid such wicked activities if the job that gets to its stupid head means it has to smile all the time.

It is not in any way true that I have spent my time being a wild person, which has now caught up with me, we all know that unless I am undone with my own rules about what people deploy to put a roof over their heads being something next to sacred, and set off to ensure I am understood in terms of the fact that there are people living on the same street at me who are always the Devils spawn whenever they have money and therefore should have none with those stupid businesses that are not enough for two that they look over my shoulders with the help of celebrity by all day long, getting into some act that involves being able to do whatever they want with it; hence what has happened is some 6 years of my time spent wrecking my academic work by following me around to fulfil the dreams of men and now they are after my Books and health, making up excuses and reasons that suggest I am to blame as the go along, which prevents people from popping alternative questions to them over it, looking like they complain all the time but are in such control of their stupidities it is possible for them to select a victim whether or not it was somebody that had offended them the whole time. So we see them at it endlessly omitting the damage the do and claiming I am being paddled by them over my faith and personal life and public image that they cannot peddle for money but their stupidities were determined to do so Ė it did not pay the fees when it turned up at University and is not paying the bills now, it has even got its stupid children all over it playing up some busy body opportunism that means each time I defend myself, somebody deploys media and politics and celebrity to shove me in the deep end and chase my valuables over it, like the spawn of Satan Ė the outcome is this business of spending time going from setting out business in a way that damages the life of a younger person and then moving on to provoke such a person into reaction and then moving on to gather up the reaction as a measure of their counter activity, to ensure they go away with their gimmicks but it leaves everything here in ruins and they cannot be seen dead keeping their big dirty mouth to themselves yet over it Ė progressing from this to getting the help of the equally stupid politicians for the purpose of exploring what my weak points were, the same things I assess and deal with to keep a job or a livelihood, being explored as somebody elseís advantage, as stupidly as possible, garnished with all sorts of nonsense about where I would not dare to say what I say because of the dangers involved with as ever the stupid small businesses that are not enough to two looking over my shoulders until I wanted to decide they have no right to financial well-being and then there is my party piece whereby I am a normal person one moment and the next there is enough abusive and violent insults to fill up personal diary over the way their lives have ended up because of their own incredibly stupid decisions, which purpose is to drag me out to University and set about provoking me until I am able to respond to what passes on their left hand side and right hand side, which means their foolish meat grinding Celebrities chasing me around because I think they are never important unless they were doing some war or tackling some crime can run quickly with some criminal disobedience into my right hand side and strike my bum, which insults coupled with the never ending criminal disobedience builds up enough pressure to ensure I smell like my loo all the time Ė cracked up out of my league talking nonsense endlessly about what has caught up with its big mouth around here; wherefore it got serious the first time when the Politicians did get involved and will be getting serious over where the insults are to fit into their personal finances again this time around. It damages the academic work and is now chasing my Books and job prospects as well, has not been paying any bills, has not been paying any University fees but is cracked up out of my league with insults which I describe to make myself a comedians career, seen showing up all over my concerns all the time like a public control problem; they claim to have a temper like their stupid celebrities claim everything touched by fame idiots belongs to the fame idiots that society fools have decided it should belong to and I am therefore certain they know what it feels like when the temper is pricked, looks like I am going to set them a dividing line about the next time they make stupid comments that distract people from my Books around here as well; itís the damage they do and not some consequence awaiting me for all sorts of stupid complains made over their cultures and societies while blabbing nonsense of the justice I seek but all I will find is corruption with a big mouth showing up here all the time and cannot keep the hands to itself.

I do get told everybody thinks I am chasing power and conflict and that it is incredibly difficult to locate what I am after, besides the business of being abused and taken advantage of by envious young busy body opportunist barely criminal young people and celebrities whose parents work the Culture and Society public instability gimmicks but the problem is that the same way Politicians claim they wish toreduce crime by getting people to improve their living on the basis of what I have, is the same way these fools create more problems when the tax payer funds is spent on them, meaning I am being attacked because they have some need for money and self-confidence and the problem therefore never ends on account they think they are of a size and type which means that if push came to shove they would be better off. Same as we find the ones that are always fighting my battles for me, while their money and not my well protected work and property is the means by which these barely criminal goons get as close to government buildings as possible, what they fight my battles on being what these trouble makers had said to them since they were incredibly important, hence we find the females are still at it while wondering why it is that their boys that can beat me up gimmicks are usually more important to me than everybody elseís. It then feeds into the question of why I have trouble with respect for them on account they are successful which Ido not technically; they rather have time to set about making sure I am stuck in cycle of having to repeat and resolve the problems they got past in their lives on account I have written a Book and they wish to work some insanity on me with some money they have because they have enough energy for it and have not entertained a lifestyle that has been affected by general criminal activity, meaning as a whole, that the criminals are part of their extended family. I wish to ensure none of it relies on me, the same way that we see them select what they want to work on and ensure their employers are not acting in a way that affected their popularity each time they were given a job to do, which is why they have gone from making out I was flesh man before and then I attended Church to get weaker and tease them to do bad things against me and hence am I the type where people get between me and my career and playing up insulting practical jokes until it ends up belonging to somebody else, no matter how abusive and the consequence it has on the general Public including Political extremism Ė I wish to ensure they suffered for it by making certain Politicians had not achieved anything that looked like my Book sale business being divulged to help them deal with the way their stupid personal decisions have affected them, this is what I am all about; I do not care what their problem is, just that I wrote a Book to help them if they felt it was helpful and that the Book was bought and read and I had a service to provide and not deal with a mini war for writing the Books they showed up here to damage property in order to get me sharing what I know, only for them to start a mini war because they have no time to buy or read it, as stupidly as possible; so I suppose that it does mean also that when they are stuck with me until past the fame and popularity and career, then shall we find out how much of their big mouths they really can back up as it were. I do get told itís the Royals and Politicians that are keen on their lifestyle making them get out of hand, but we know when people want to behave dangerously, they do so; it has nothing to do with me whether or not itís what people do when they have money, or power or position. It has been this way for over a decade, talking about paddling me for the damage I do to peopleís lives the entire time and will not give me a breathing space if I did not take one for myself - whereby it is even said I play around with Academic institutions while they show up here to live out the dreams of men by destroying as much of my life as career for personal deviance as they possibly can, making a case of their stupid selves over how they think the Country should be run and itís now reached a point of vandalism that they cannot deny they perform, in the sense that the women have found some black men with whom to get about the high streets passing blame culture at me to make money on my Public image fighting my battles as they go along, which was under control until the Celebrities had ideas about how I should exist (it then all made sense), and they too had to move on.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland