I have been told I never really cleared up my position on the view that opposing immigration was a right wing stance but it has always been a right wing stance – it is a matter of social ugliness; to say that there were bad bits you would like to brush under the carpet and put your best face out for the world to see on one hand and to say that a person cannot attend your party because they were inferior or your school and when it gets to Country level the idea after would be that it was not clear from day one that somebody would get killed. The social ugliness is a matter of the way the world works i.e. a certain group of people have lived in an area for over 3000 years and we know that some people would not tolerate the weather and climate there much while they were comfortable with it, so we can see it is a people who live in that condition regardless of where the borders are, what we cannot say is that people who lived in another condition were inferior. The ingredients are usually Agriculture, commerce and market and the society upon which it is developed, delving into the underbelly of Economic migrants on the other hand was simply people fooling around with a highway to schizophrenia, about which they would suppose that the international community would save them – economic migrants being people who want to be in a place for friends and family but want to work when they get there. The point eventually is that picking up the rhetoric itself leads to conflict and then people will end up going places because they were refugees and not because they wanted to be there.

The idiots who raise this point do make the stupid statements that it was about the bottom chasing gimmicks that they have never seen me engage in while it helped their entire societies to lean on me hard for their problems – it annoying as they never stopped lying and loved to assert themselves over me, the ethnic minorities being the first to start it off for their white friends, now claiming I needed to clear up my position while they have never really explained what it is I said in the first place; torn up my finances, trashed my sense of personal fortitude, built communities they get imagination up my bum to run me down by and are hanging about which gimmicks where they cannot leave me alone getting violent, I think it is a recipe for an outcome where they will not see me coming when I hit them as well. It does need to stop screwing with me and to spend more of its time with its mates i.e. I know it gets imagination up my bum because of an idiot who hangs about the stock markets ripping up people’s careers to employ its criminal stupidities in the neighbourhoods, so if it does not see the world like that, needs to stop messing around telling lies and spend more of its time with its mates.

The question raised around the matter is that it was not clear what the clash with Americans was. Specifically the answer which is that Americans have what appeared to be a need to dominate me because their Country was more powerful as they say, it had since developed into a matter of a need to stand over me, tell me what to do and push me around turning out in Public as something they have never accomplished in their lives and at the heart of it was the idea that American Citizens who became rich were more important than an Arch Prince. The part of these kinds of abuses which have been checked was those statements they made endlessly where a prevalent way to view the British socially, was to regard us as cunts, hence this is past its sell by date at this stage but they appear to have come round in a very abusive manner with respect to the reasons wealthy Americans and the Government liked the British. On the matter of doing something about it which they claim I am not capable of; we are looking at instances where peoples parents were wealthy business owners and the fact they got caught up with you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues characters who hated their middle and lower management roles at the Company, meant that an Arch Prince worked for their money which ran the world and they were determined to see me serve them, simply because there was the duty to ensure that these characters were providing the leadership and care for employees under their control – hence the mystery of what had grown into an interest in my personal space becoming so violent that their distant abuses gets imagination up my bum, threatens me all day and decides my finances; whereby doing something about it would mean I had to consider the abusive quasi criminal patriarchy and their celebrities on one hand, while on the other I considered the popular and wealthy boys who ran down my business and trashed everything while all I did to recover were seen as some great battle I  won to serve them, therefore their stupid girlfriends were entitled to it, picking up my service processes to build a publicity that will decide what I was, same as their Political gits show up here to provide public support for criminals that had increased attention paid to my concerns due to this nonsense being something they paid a lot of attention to. If I did something about it, I would work it on the basis of a points of hatred and target these two groups everyday and of course I can justify my actions in terms of the fact I am certain that none had ever discussed with them how important personal fortitude was to Government operatives, since it prevents people entertaining extremist views and allows them to wade it in the Course of Public leadership – it shows up here for nothing but the destruction of personal fortitude, building a sense that it was in dire need of exorcism by a Priest. So far, we now know there are sustainable things that can be done about American enemies without starting World War 3 and we are looking towards a future which takes the form.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland