They do claim I am able to get out of hand due to American protection which does not make any sense as it is a simple matter of deciding that those communities gathering to facilitate a business of creating areas of culture and society where I career I am always engaging with suffered a process of their need to involve themselves with it unprofessionally, whilst another group was so stupid it crashed my finances all the time each time I responded, to spend what I did in a bid to improve its stupid life because it was entitled and important and then will I wait to see which idiot will get out of their stupid world and show up here to utter one more word at me about doing your stuff, doing my stuff, doing stuff gimmicks; goes without saying at this rate, I am going to end up in a place where I got to teach them a lesson they will never forget, otherwise it is just a bunch of unbearably stupid low lives who need to engage with media and celebrity without talking into me or talking into my space, make comments about their own careers and stop pushing for instances where I might end up in prison for something I did or worse. Just the stupid insults, all that they are known for, living in a dream world where their big mouth will get them into trouble at my expense and the insults created a process where it seems I had never made a decision about where the prison service was located as a matter of my career, so that I might be groomed into a position for their stupidities to finger my bum for a need to have their own problems solved, really needs to watch its big mouth, has not attacked me because of the smell yet, which would easily add up to the beginning of the end for the practical jokes of the fathers and their popularity idiots in this place as it were. I mean I do get told this sort of sensibility is the causes of conflict but it needs to understand its place as a bunch of really stupid individuals whose exchanges with me trashes my finances and builds their own, so I am suffering for it enough as it is, it is a Bookshop here and it needs to show up to read a Book as it is not in charge of anything in this place just as much as I am in charge, before it gets me into trouble, shooting off its mouth all the time. I mean it rather loves it when I use its social life and PR to get the Bookshop going like so, otherwise when I had not responded, I was too much of a coward to deserve my career, beyond which if I treated clients that way people would treat me badly when I buy products as well, with the big lip flapping.

The concern is that they had arrived at a social activity where they passed me around and everybody got to spend what I did, it is utter nonsense naturally it really is a two part problem: one is the need to make references to my Royal Office and status, the other is a need to make references to my wealth equity public image, doing the two endlessly crashes my finances completely and it seems that they will not be told off. I have never seen anything like it; government operative gets work done on public control matters, media and celebrities make a mess of it and issue threats at the Government operative in question since last the issues affected them, determined as it were, to teach him a lesson about respect. It seems that I cannot be free of the stupidities where I am a government operative who feels the pinch in my finances every day because a bunch of weaker sex twats needed to have me get into a fight with people on the streets on their behalf, as to make them feel important it does not have to make its insolence so real every day, it was always a given and the part where it fights my wars to deserve involvement with my career alongside its American friends was the bit where they did more when they got fucked and I needed more money, hence could never have enough.

They do claim I have never really explained what I hated about the EU and it is utter nonsense as I do not hate the EU, I am not one of the persons that were badly affected by European corruption, as a matter of a sense that I did not know what to do about it but majority of the British public were. I am rather surprised that the referendum results were as close as they were but if we factored in the fact the UK was one of the founding members of the EU, then we can see influences that made it so close. I mean this business of the interest people have in me which involved ripping up my career to sell sexual services to a bunch of industry fools that made the most of careers that I started but did not get to finish is an example how it was possible to build a whole trading and economic system on it, right up to stage where you exported it beats the imagination but we are clearly talking about a world where anything goes. The part that the Celebrities have played in it has been a matter of power to bully me we now see that it goes far beyond just the claim that I had a bad habit of saying I did not hate something I hated, so I got to make use of it anyway, which is really a matter of the way they were entitled to pick up my assets to sell themselves at the jobs market or seek their own incomes at the commodity markets, then hang about running me down with verbose family destroying insolence, so I had to recover those assets before they got to find out what I was really thinking, hence believe they threw around those questions to explore my feelings like a trap that I can play with too. Always a social disposition that makes them oblivious to the effect of how it relied on other people abusively each time they found out that fooling about does not pay the bills or make a good civil living at this stage in my case they are not oblivious any more, just do not wish to get off the insults and a need to be able to say anything that liked to me, such as when it is quiet, the idea was that I am important while their stupidities really were and when it is noisy, they were using my personal space for a beauty sleep and had gotten close enough to hit my private parts all the time with a big mouth, so I am also certain they must have been warned at some stage that most of their insolence was supported by a community and with respect to tackling me, they were going to need it. I am said to make a case of myself tolerating such nonsense but I do not tolerate it all, it simply does not affect me in anyway: it is a product of social fringes, the relentless lasciviousness and abusive gossiping, building up to a matter of whether I had in anyway made a decision about the location of the prison services relative to my career and when the insults were run off by famous idiots who got to spend every way that I managed it on themselves with a big mouth, I end up in those fringes being groomed well enough for people to see me without my clothes on in their imagination, for all sorts of nonsense thereafter. They do claim I did not have to hide my feelings from them which I am not, the need to make a mess of my Bookshop with an ingredient in their habits which suggest they needed to handle me and if they did not I would be black listed, is not just an indication that most of these issues went far beyond just Media and Celebrity corruption, especially when we assess the vengeance being wrought on those that have made their consumption of organised crime products more expensive beyond which it is mostly abusive popularity idiots who loved a reputation of being known to make the streets a living hell for others, and none knows exactly what stage they put the labels on me if we discount the activities of their ageist fools, about which it is not yet a direct clash between me and them so far, hence the big mouth is everywhere and it was entitled to express itself on my social life, especially when black, claiming it has been fighting my wars, which I cannot have enough of too. They do say I suggested their actions do not affect me but I really am affected but I am not affected in anyway; these are characters who were so stupid that they were important while I was in charge, concerning my own daily concerns and so it arrives at a stage where I needed to look at the bank balance and ensure they found a real toy to play with, especially the Americans that had joined in.

They do claim this business of finding, isolating and developing consequences for a behaviour that added up to following me around to make a mess and when I move them on build a profile for themselves that blacklists my business at the market was power but it is not in my view, it is just a habit I allowed get completely out of hand, so people may stop telling lies at my expense; I am only assessing it as a matter of what I need to do to provoke them again as it were, actions to take as will ensure that following me around to make a mess of my career and blacklisting me for resisting with habits, gestures and media comments, led to outcomes where I had to make decisions about the fact I met A persons to sell B Books and in order to sell C Books I needed to meet D persons and work the accounts at the end of everyday, such as will allow me to decide if I wanted to manage my business accounts with a state of mind where I got to tolerate their popular stupidities I am certain when it grows to such an extent that if there were the wealthiest boys in the UK having a conversation in the City there was a risk I might chip in without qualms, they will complain to Politicians again, the sense of entitlement, that I wanted to control people. Eventually I am told I cannot justify my activities which is entirely wrong this is an intellectual property administration service that looks after clients through creative equity: I have to develop creativity, aesthetics and appearance for Clients, it is not something people did because they wanted to get beaten up by a handful of useless idiots with money in their pockets, who claim that I had picked up a career that was too big for me and deserved their violence. I do not complain too much about it considering it shows how messy industry really is; the fact that if somebody owns a company and wishes to work with me on a creative equity basis for instance, nothing stood in their way, save another group of idiots that were entitled to involve themselves with other peoples businesses unprofessionally, making statements about the fact I am Royalty and a public figure which entitled them to share my earnings, especially when black and is not complaining about discrimination recently, but most of it eventually builds up to problems associated with really stupid individuals trying to be the right hand man and left hand man of the company owners which in my case had since gotten physical with their big mouth and therefore ended badly too. They do claim the reason to be that they lost huge sums of money but then again I dropped out of University first and it was the fun bit for them.

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