They say I mention things about trusting women to run matters more but never step up to the plate and it is utter nonsense because those who say such things are a group of fools that have become very obsessed with transforming their involvement with me into a process of corrupting my Government provided security but do not wish to have anything to do with a Half Priests Office for which it was created all together. So its the same old case of evil Women who want to see ‘people like him’ in a condition whereby everybody else always seem to be better off but what they cannot stand is that I have already done it to them and will be getting connected by hurting them depending on how much ideas they give me by doing it first too. The American ones really love to play it out into a statement that suggests they always get what they want and we all know they do not always get what they want too and then it will turn into a process of finding out if the Toy soldiers at their service are prepared to live up to a promise.

At this point they will claim the UK tends to behave with a sense of superiority at all times but there is nothing superior here, only the fact that I have engineered a process where on my account people are richer than they are too, so that I can get connected at their expense, we are now waiting for a process where they wind me up so I can screw them over as I do it as well. It’s like the same old tale about how my sexual habits determine what I know whereas they cannot tell the difference between their academic work and where gangs and criminals are supposed to be and I am always being tested by them as to whether I answered all questions and did not grow according to the trouble they make for me in my work; ripping up my academic work and passing their own to run off and grab best jobs along with my literary empire and Royal Public life, then pretend that waiting for them at the jobs market is the worst I can do too. Then we find them speak of this game that is being played which they want to play as well; what they mean being that people create their businesses and broker equities with me and then stack it up in very hidden places so I might have to find it because I have a reputation for seeking out pressure to thrive on – so it’s a matter of whether the property belongs to them to play game with or if it is rather that my sexual habits determine what I know. Of course it isn’t true that I exhibit a disobedience that is beginning to pay dividends; what is true is that everybody and everyone these days are largely concerned with occupying themselves with exploring alternative social attitudes; for the Politicians it is a matter of ‘what ifs’ directly developed along the line of what would happen if a Christian that needed to be handled in a special way had to find his own means in a condition where there was no welfare state and he was a hate figure for society without reason and so they play it out for the fun right up to civil service independence from Politicians because it will determine when they want to get their fun and when the benefit system should not interfere with it – for the rest at the Monarchy it’s not just a matter of getting involved with the Royal Family to build personal wealth to dizzying heights as it is about fundamentally considering themselves to be worthy for absolutely everything, wherefore I want to change it all the time whenever they wind me up considering that each time I behave permissively they get to leave alone my Book sales and the rest of my finances as well and how much of it they leave alone will depend on how far I go to extricate the result. It does not mean I offer the Queen more power – it’s just reality that I am a direct responsibility of the incumbent which one actually is the Monarch is not a topic I like to converse one because they will turn up here to decide I have got two instead of One all day long, looking for corrupt easy ways to get rich – which also means that the Politicians pay attention to the little things they pick up and blow into something unprecedented without reason or purpose.

They say I devise unconventional ways of tackling people which is utter nonsense as nobody knows what the problem is with society and their Media having a need to gang up on people and ensure people look weak because they have been beaten at all cost etc. They do appear to want me to set out a different explanation for their activities that is a function of how much I fear them but even if I do, I will always look back from time to time and find them laughing at the effects of their activities; so it’s not the life of Journalists and television personalities and celebrities here and if they are uncomfortable about me simply need to move on. They do say I blab when people have gotten the better of me, which is utter nonsense – first of which is that their selfishness towards others extends to somebody else’s property if their own was not enough and we are not talking about the need to be some of the most stupid scumbag in the land who then get about telling others what to do, that in itself leads to a need to find some violent and very difficult social problem to get them stuck in so they might become obsessed with finding somebody they can cause to make a bad smell which will show for all that somebody bad is going on etc  but even this being their problem while they operate public transport and Media, I am still made to feel there are better ways out there to look for still.

The important bit is that of not just the number of times I have to walk down the streets and put up with nonsense about idiots that want armed forces to kill somebody for them all the time and it’s not just their need to make a really big mess that they can bully somebody else into resolving so they might have the same disposition as others that are more conservative than they are, it goes far reaching like it always does with socialists and liberal fools and is largely a matter of the fact that the real problem is that I am afraid of them and the fact that when it comes to what is really important to us as a Country, they actually have nothing to lose and are doing everything imaginable to ensure that stupid civil rights does not exist in the same condition as well.

They say I create the sense I have got the worst possible existence of everybody else which winds them up but we all know that if you addressed a crowd the feeling and effect of that day would have lasted some 48 hours or more and if it happens frequently your character gets taken over by it if you allow that to happen – these idiots think of those who have things they are not sharing as people they want to provoke intensely and build a story from doing so on Media every day at least once; so I do not have the worst life of all and find it insulting and offensive.

Its nothing unusual; if I mentioned one of those occasions when a gang fight broke out and the innocent guy got killed and everybody else is wondering why and they say his innocence goes just as far as his death – the number of times he churns up the tummy of those who dare to have what he does not etc and the Politicians are fond of ripping up peoples finances to make them look like poor celebrities so they can know about it all etc, I will be told I have gone too far but that is really how it works. In the end its just some of the stupidest people our Country has on offer and they have become really fond of telling others what to do. They do say I tell people what to do as well, which I do not; what happens is that they provoke me to a point where approaching me make them spread and when that happens start to think I seek leadership violently and where I do not have the mandate, when they actually do not have to approach me but then again do because the insults cannot be resisted by them and the stupidities are therefore measured publicly in such ways. They say the way I handle matters does not solve any problems whereas it does i.e. half the time it makes Politicians realise ripping up peoples finances to make them into celebrities that have run out of money, in order to ensure they see and know all that rubbish going on in their society does not pay and the other half the time it deal with a condition in which they need my help but do not ask due to their superiority and the idea I might gain from it besides which being taken advantage of by their junior staff and passed from one idiot to another to be abused is a better option.

Just like that story of how much Muslim scholars hate my guts; of which the simple reality is that people who are teaching a religion have no teaching whatsoever that says their disposition speaks of what they have seen in the past and what the present is like and what they suppose the future will hold – it’s always sense and more sense being made of how Mr A had a life that was used to kill somebody and therefore Mr A is guilty of doing it too, so is the Media that likes to mess with the life of Mr A and the murderer themselves, and there is a name for all these guilty people and its infidel of which nobody knows whether somebody is sleeping with their wives for it anyway, so these idiots can turn up here to strike my anus and penis and chest and claim they want me to do something about the evil of religion. Yet it is also possible to plead for the lives of innocents while setting up legitimate conditions for terrorists to fight those whose job it is to do the fighting, so we can see how it ends. 

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland