They do love to boast of people at the Monarchy working their revenge but it beats me that human beings were so disobedient it was impossible to find a personal and social life which did not involve me when their involvement made me sick and wrecked my finances because of its very abusive, loud and destructive nature which they claimed was the look of their civil rights, this added to the fact that they were always complaining to Politicians about me, their feelings linked to ways that they had showed up in a bad neighbourhood I picked up to help me write Books, to marry the wife I should have married at the Monarchy and developed processes that allowed them perform activities we have seen to be so stupid that they were criminal. It does not get the better of me as claimed either, I am not at a crisis because I am unable to befriend some well-dressed hoodlums who make such a mess of public security each time they tried to make money that we appear to have lived in a crisis, looking like they were they were so stupid and did not care whom they hurt, that they were deserving of everything violent that the victims may have had in mind with some German and Italian influence gimmicks, it also has a version of religion people practiced in mind and enforced it by apostacy brought about by financial complications that had befallen victims who knew they were commanded in the Bible to take their jobs seriously enough to get all the problems fixed, as part of Church activity, there was a modern version of this too and it shows up here with an interest in me that makes me ill constantly but will not go away if its stupidity was complaining about me as well. It is all in the way that it gets off saying that I developed wealth equity public image to facilitate a process of assisting Politicians on businesses and red tape, but it was the part where there were younger people involved with popularity culture that picked up the market spending of people who deployed money to fight the public every day, which has become their means to get rich fast and it should be enough for anybody if I pointed out that it is not what I built it for, currently not enough for them as I am being gas lighted, ghosted and ignored because others were good looking.

They do claim that their big wigs sincerely hopes that I got into a difficult situation – I could never tell anyway, whether people who had a problem with violent orthodoxy communities made my personal space and bed chamber a thing for them to play with in order to wade the consequences of their lifestyle, because it was part of a plan to at some stage that it was gotten out of their control, sincerely hope that I got into a difficult situation. They have evolved from a bunch of idiots who needed to squeeze flesh each time they felt it was important to concentrate on the financial successes upon which all of their insults relied, featuring an epidermic of self-harm to show for it as the Police took the business of protecting women to a point of corruption, into a bunch of gits that got me crashing out of University so their silly children may pass the exams in my stead but we assumed we had seen the end but clearly had not, as we are now in a situation where their famous fools got to finger my private parts for a living. I assume then that I am being informed that the idiots would not have been able to accomplish this if I lived in one of their well off neighbourhoods, so it is fair to suggest that since I have no business with them and should not have had 6 years of my time taken up for such nonsense, their sincerity will achieve nothing in this place. The crisis itself remains that of the perversion of my earnings - so there was a state of an inability to achieve wealth equity with respect to society trouble makers an criminals, just as much it it became difficult to control quasi crime gits posing as fame whores and their Celebrities and I would like the need to build narcissistic security service careers for the male population, to move its stupidities elsewhere and cease dreaming of my possessions.

I am told I never stopped dwelling on other people’s mistakes which does not make any sense as the reasons people have stifled my marital relationship to get rich and famous is not either due to poverty or wealth but plain and simple extreme forms of publicly displayed disrespect, in the sense that its boyfriend should have been enough but its stupidities was so entitled to what belonged to somebody else that it had to come into possession of me as well. Then there is the big one where I experience the horrible social life that was subjected to trial by media, in terms of a bunch of idiots killing each other whilst another group of fools clung to my finances to decide what I sacrificed for it but later had since begun attacking me having befriended the gits that were killing each other but did not know what to do with it, I have not committed any crimes that were protected by the law during trial period as such and the experience of this happens every day while fame whores showed up on my doorstep with a support crowd to push up my stress levels working it every day. They never stick to single thing when they invite themselves into my concerns like so, it was a matter of picking up my daily business for the purpose of self-reinvention using the afore described abusive stupidities, whilst making an insolent announcement that it was not likely to be stopped any time soon. I have been told I never describe this matter in terms of how vile it really is but that means people want me to discuss the ways in which I want to prove to the public that the best way to pursue financial matters was through the jobs market, that involved reversing the fortunes of the famous; I mean they speak of things people have said to them on my behalf which caused provocation and we are talking about people responding to public leadership on one hand whilst on the other I had to prevent them fighting my own battles which will make a right mess for me as well, what is outstanding being the way that I organised myself to deal with prevalent neighbourhood crimes and the famous made such a mess of it I could not move a muscle without people fulfilling fantasies of getting imagination up my bum, thus the business of being victim of crime became a matter of probability and numbers, which I guess is the same they had inflicted on others as a matter of mistakes they made. So in terms of the fact they were bold enough to say they will never stop attacking me, I believe what is on the line is that system of leverage where a bunch of idiots showed up to spend money on their gimmicks in order to keep it going whilst clinging to my assets and earnings with publicity, the stupid system where money is spent on social ills, so that by the time such money had completed its economic cycle, a famous fool will have been given an opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of the wealthy and important, backed by a support crowd, pillaging my wealth equity and crime control public image when it does not wish to do what I want every time it handled it, I am going to trash and completely wreck this structure with an intent to call them out for the fight in a bid to see what they will do about me, considering the announcement that the daily insults will not be stopping any time soon. It keeps its earnings to make itself a bully whilst I am left wondering what I had to do on a schedule to make my Bookshop and the matter of readers in publicly displayed possession of my literature quiet enough for a paying audience.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland