I am said to have set myself out as a character that continually complains while on having any ability to attack Celebrities refused to take it. It is utter nonsense, what really happens is that it is the Celebrities making such statements, they had done it to a point of wrecking my University studies but the part applicable to recovery processes which seeks a response from me as well, is the recent part that involved interfering with what I did at Industry, to set out anything they were selling as something about which each time people from the Trust bought it, a choice had been made between me and them by such persons, they were the preferred choice and they had leveraged it, which result is that I had lost something important permanently, followed by communities that get imagination up my bum and stagnate my social life, while the follow on process of building publicity to suggest they had access to my Office and were set to decide how the Public used it, all had to be done. There have emerged now two ways I can respond to it, one being that if Celebrities needed attention for a job and they were narcissists, the idea that was there was nothing others could do about it the other being that everything through to them speaking of being out of my league should be eliminated from the way they do the job that gets to their heads or it will suggest they want some of mine as well. The core problem being that I had written a Book which they claim aided them on matters where they clashed with society gits that attacked them and built communities that got imagination up their bums to embarrass them when they make public appearances but I was not important enough for them to buy and read it whenever they wanted to use it, which expresses a lot on the fact they were famous and stupid and needed to keep their distance, the let me open my can of worms threats which is set to end in a lot of trouble.

They do claim there are celebrities I would not like to cross paths with, and it is utter nonsense as if I felt threatened by them, I would hand them my own ultimatum as well. I mean the big problem is the idea their lives are not different from everybody elses whenever they want to grab something they did not deserve to own but it does not change the fact that if top ten politicians met, we would hear the Public security sirens, if top 10 priests met, we would hear nothing, if top 10 Celebrities met my bank balance and that of many others would pay the price. We know that I was dealing with the financial consequences of their need to interfere with my industrial activities, sell products to people who wait for me to finish a Book and show it to them in a Trust system, to suggest I had lost status that they had leveraged in their names, by myself, until they dispatched the other popularity fools to run me down every day with Office space insults and get imagination up my bum, then set about teaching their stupid children to describe me as a bum. So we know each time Celebrities had clashed with society and were engaged in some form of rat race over it, somebody had achieved the process and so what I need to do is achieve one of mine too its not a matter of ego boost acknowledging Celebrities were different, its a matter of the fact Celebrities have been running off civil rights movements that draw sympathy for criminals, using the same structure I built around the Office to assist younger people in the business of making sure criminals did not follow them around and it is built to demonise me, at the same time I am set out as a character that needed to follow a cause of lose my life for civil rights reasons which has set the stage for death and we are talking about the possibility of racism in the Police force for instance, the need for public control while it was accepted that they had become increasingly abusive, even a Government that required them to be tolerant was said to tie their hands behind their backs and force them to get involved with inferior people, therefore such activity worthy of revenge.

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