They do speak of this case where I think I will ever escape the will of the people but never will, reality of which is that they gang up on me and I wish to know if they can take me on supposing they decided to work together for a change in their stupid lives in this Country. At the end of the day their insults are all good but the short end of the stick will not be applied when they show up in an environment where I am trying to provide a service to screw with me nor will it work from Television, while we know the route by which it can be operable is when we meet and they had finally decided to get off their insults and abuses and give me my space by throwing a punch at me, so I can beat their own as well. I am not imagining it going to be a problem because if it is, I will be giving them date to clear my Public image space and allow me the means by which I can get along with a crowd of people who want something from me as well and they can blab which one they want to do from there and see what becomes of their stupid case too – otherwise it matters if they keep it shut as there is nothing they can do and keep that big mouth where the money that gets to their heads is actually located. Its threats like these all the time and talk of a lack of respect on my part but we all know I am the one stuck with the insults and abuses people used to throw at me while I was writing my Books, continuing now that I have published them and need to provide a service that another person will be paying a hard earned money for and as ever it has no link to their families being threatened, no link to their job description and they would not be out of pocket if they had stopped making them – I understand the underlying issues to have gone beyond their need to ask me to let them make use of my life to better themselves in a condition that means they maintain a superiority to me otherwise somebody will get me for them but we all know that the amount of work I have to do to return to my academics after I am finished with this whole popularity person of my character running around making a mess for me at the hand of media and how much work I have to do to get a career running after that of which they are not paying, which determines how much they complain about me as well and we can see that even though they complain about the consequences I dish out they are still blowing off those incredibly distracting and insulting threats and there is therefore slim chance of that popularity band wagon becoming a viable industry like they want it to be while that continues. Its an old story of who would suffer the most if you took a fight with the Industries who make stupid people famous at your expense and I guess people are learning that this Estate is more valuable than their BBC and their SKY News Franchise and their Hollywood and that they need to keep their comments to themselves, stop taking value out of this Estate to allow relentless popularity idiots to dig my health for years, before it gets far more serious than it is at the moment – complaining since last they started getting serious about the world around them as well; it goes right back to the thinking like a child periods of my life, somewhere between 90 and 21, where I had to build a wall of hate for them to protect my state of mind and everything else that mattered, in retrospect of which those were the only periods I happened to have felt good in my own skin – I grew out of it when I grew up and facts about making money in a way that is a threat to others became a discourse; so its important they see that Journalistic and celebrity nonsense, there is nothing they can do about me and keep their mouths where the money that gets to their heads is actually located. Its like the story of sexual harassment in Hollywood in 2017; they will show up all cracked up and out of my league to drag my possessions into a corner whereby there is sexual abuse in the airwaves and it will be used to serve them absorbing the possessions of men who just irritate their stupidities by existing and so this was their Hollywood celebrity sexual assault stuff while the real world is one of a great person who is a good to be with and work with and generally live a life with being homeless and when you had prayed and hoped it will find a place to live, it gets to do so eventually and that was a miracle but it is immediately replaced by another on account the scum that loves to put them there has struck again.

Now there is this talk I expect people to lower themselves so I might exalt me but its utter nonsense; more about legal work and writing Books of what people should think of as expected of them in certain aspects of Public activity, which these people for some reason think is powerful to handle and make use of without payment but this not the problem as much as their stupid girls chasing my private parts and blabbing endlessly of a Man they can manipulate into doing things for women, which amounts to the influence of women being the same thing as the industrial violence of Men while such a Man makes the best poor person – yap yapping and their idea of what is wrong is completely flawed, such that if I built a Public image on this matter it will be the process of getting stupid women’s fingers off my bum which is quite obscene and extremely violent. Mostly the women are doing a great job all over the world and I am not out of step with my followers but these handful of idiots really can do a lot of damage – what they are saying most of the time is that if since nobody really makes much of their need to get people having sex against their wishes and public attack on religion all the time, if they wanted to go around abusing Priests and Arch Princes in such ways they will lie and scheme and take apart the entire world to get into a position to do it with that big mouth; now we are talking about my inability to look after my house whereas it does rather seem the bigger problem were that I flatter other celebrities when I am more famous than they are.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland