Of course I am aware there are a lot of motherly and skin colour likeness idiots with bad upbringing money to spend and silly children they have spoiled with it who do have access to my state provided security and continue from there to have unhealthy access to my literary empire, finances and profit margins. It appears too that in their stupid lives have they never really been afraid of respectful of absolutely anything before.

In terms of quick riches and scramble for it and the entertainment evils, it is therefore never true with respect to their influences and many other matters of that sort that there is problems here of being replaced and my career held down for years while I am put through years of abusive bullying until the men of their choice take it up like the current US president Mr Obama for example. The truth of it is that I absolutely abhor the idea of some stupid girl spending all my time and all of hers for the purposes of incredibly stupid attention seeking fame freak idiots that want leadership but know nothing about it and what to do with it and like to chase around government work and property like spoiled kids that I owe a debt or something with a big mouth, instead of that not happening what is happening instead is that when I work for my income it disappears due to activities of stupid girls that spend my health having violent sexual fantasies about me and so on to practice every single form of sexual abuse that they know most men consider to be taboo but I can do nothing about. They have not won any such fights around here in anyway whatsoever and it is a fight they will win in hell too, a part of it that the devil does not control so that there might be a hell in which there is no order and no respect and no leadership for them to do whatever they like. Of course the American public can always vote for their leaders but what exactly do they expect me to say when they find themselves polls which suggests their president Obama who is preferred man to own everything I already own and serve them with it is most popular of all the candidates? What do they expect me to say then, that we are not mates and they should never fantasise touching me or even intimidating me for such great and intrusive insolent familiarity that will ensure their preferred men become greater, what do they expect me to say.


I mean they really do expect me to mention they should never touch me or intimidate or familiarise with me and more so in such ways; are they deaf, are they blind? I mean we have these complains I lead people who don’t want to be led by me but that was before they took leave of what their lives are, destroyed it and what it looked like in the eyes of everybody who knows them and made themselves sharper for the purpose of having my own life which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, never mind the fact that everything the law says is bad is good but they are not the ones to practice them and they do not seem to realise those insults hurt painfully as well, so they cannot carry on as they are with claims of fights they have won of course and it will end very well too. They are too stupid to be allowed to have their freedoms and that is not what I am going to allow either; it is too expensive and for their painfully violent insults, clearly they are not deaf and they are not blind. It is never clear exactly how many times I have to make it clear I am not a fan of that stupid freedom; so attacking and abusing a Prince like that is clearly unprecedented, so when they make history out of me they will and when I make it out of them I will too; I mean everything they do works entirely against the idea of the so called freedoms they champion i.e. two people put in a certain number of hours at work but they are less deserving because they have to comparatively work so hard for what they own and others are more valuable because they have the means and structures to ensure what they put in makes an exceedingly massive amount of money for them, so nobody actually knows what that their stupid insolent freedom really is and they can carry on like that about fights they have won here and what they can do with what I own whether I like it or not and it will end very well too. I am therefore perfectly aware when I say these things they will make changes to their irresponsibility at my expense and plan to keep it up for the rest of their lives and if the white house supports their theft with might they will get away with it too, so let them do that anyway; noughts.


The social policy that lines the equities collected here will therefore have more to do with the relationship with media which must improve from a process of being attacked violently because they know something I should be doing to protect myself from those I love to blame for harming me, which then makes me vulnerable enough and financially so especially, that the attacks of bullying by those people are then possible, the end product of which is that should I take steps to attack them as well I find there is nothing I can do in the sense that all my energy has been spent on protecting myself from the bullying of communally organised over-enslavement and problem transfer, as well any energy left spent on jobs and earnings security, such that I have too much to lose by attacking them physically in the sense that it will cost me more than it will cost them and my costs will be total while theirs will be partial and they can therefore do anything that they like. It must improve to a condition of an ownership of considerable and un-consented acquisition of the equities and securities of media establishment, so that I can make myself heard, understood and felt. The Law does not allow me to do whatever I like with peoples livelihoods but their sustained intrusion has meant that such a law does not protect them as well and I do not want them to decide what the purpose of my tolerance is or use it for whatever they please.

Please do note therefore this page was created in support of American victims of Natural disasters.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland