It is ever true that my activities were a matter of guess work at Government concerns, such claims were simply a progression of profitable insults, whereby people showed up here to find out secrets and set about selling products on making me get into a fight with others. It is more of an investigative process associated with an eventuality where building creative equity for Clients added up to an invitation to Politicians and their idiots, to share my personal finance margins – it is not really a matter about which people needed to give greater thought, simply that their interest in my concerns does not match what I tell them I did for a living. Overall, they have enjoyed 19 years of this nonsense running it off on me everyday so far, needs to stop threatening me, lest we get to take risks on what its big mouth really can do about me generally. It is common knowledge that the abusive process of people getting imagination up other peoples private parts as they walked down the streets, was a product of Political party activity and we know that their men spend a lot of time building an atmosphere which purpose was to decide what my privacy was and whether their stupidities were making money inviting people into it to get imagination up my bum. It is never really a matter of difficulty in managing Political interests as they claim, Europeans generally get about this nonsense by suggesting what happens when people tried to make money is that they get violated, once affected by it as well, set about claiming I had offered my bum up to take the fall for it because their stupidities were important, black people do the same, the difference in terms of black people being that black people were entitled to me, they owned me, so I need to deny them access to my wealth equity effects now that they have built up such nonsense to global stage proportions, while the fools from overseas have not learned the lessons associated with channelling distant violence at me with regards to their stupid sense of what they believed they were superior to, considering Industry idiots had since deployed their position to such an effect that the customers, clients and employees of dreams had been secured. Such is the gimmick that we had arrived at a point where it does these, upon being told off, clings to my earnings to tell me off as well, needs to avoid threatening me, especially so for the Politicians.

I have been informed so many times, that the issue here was that I am a coward which is utter nonsense as the problem was their need to rip up my career and finances, in some gimmick that involved assessing people and deciding which they would sacrifice for their interests, claiming that with my body type around, their enemies ought to fear them and they were entitled to such things as well. So the problem now is that whilst I had refused to fight peoples battles, others have been fighting mine and the relatives of those people had ideas about my possessions – it is an example of the reasons that the abuses of the men stops only when they lived in a world of demagogue, women complained about bad treatment, they had bread and eggs for breakfast and had to chose between putting the fuel in the car or having lunch. In my case the cowardice issue had grown into a matter of picking me up from the bathroom to share with cracked up out of my league who talks nonsense on the streets all the time about people grabbing career and interfering with good life, so that they got to play up practical jokes with it – something I could easily respond to unless they lived in the bushes and therefore did not have a home that would provide a setting for me to handle their privacy and social life in such ways. It does love to boast but I remember doing it once, when I took public transport and as usual they ran it off on me to run me down all day, then I responded to it in terms of their homes and the way that people want to play with what happens when they show up at their bathrooms as well, the part where they build up such nonsense because they were going to do something about a National level enemy to protect us all pretty soon and people at the Military would likely get their hands on it as well. I reacted around 5.00am, by 2.00pm, the feedback was that a lot of people had lost jobs, hence it is usually a matter of when I want to do it, the last time we checked. By the way which I do get told that the issue was this simple until I decided to make it into a Public crisis, which crisis I made it into because everything including my personal finances and personal life had since stagnated, replaced by famous idiots getting me to fight their wars and using my Books as blackmail, control mechanism tool of contact – hence we needed to end up in a situation where I was likely to crash their family lives as well. It does blab about the way I will pay for the crisis with a big mouth but it is not exactly clear who was their errand boy around here, whereby they built up a third party involvement with relationships I established for work and personal reasons, to chase a process of being able to claim they enjoyed the prestige of getting me to do what their stupidities wanted. It is much the same as they claim I would end up in a difficult situation if they met me in person and it is all lip flapping; what is likely to happen when it had not found a way to make its stupid comments about its own career and stop crashing my Bookshop, when it had not found a way to play with its own career instead of mine, is that I will want to live in a neighbourhood as well, sometimes it will be exactly what they deserved, other times it would be a bit too much and then they will have to do mine as well. The claim I boasted about being able to handle them is another type – I mean it is now setting out an understanding that the afore mentioned method of getting them off my earnings, which activity on their part was never the acceptable thing to do, if they knew I would become homeless for being unable to pay my bills, should they have done it, such that the progress will be the matter of resolving the problem of their civil rights having a need to handle my career and failing to hand it back to me and the outcome will be the part where I got to ensure that nobody saved it from me as well. The bigger picture was that they had since worked hard on others, replaced the social disposition where people found a way to get away from some very bad persons that were bigger than they were and therefore needed publicity to keep a life going, even the part where single mothers in compact living spaces with Media jobs was a good look – they got rid of it and replaced it with bottom chasing gimmicks, then had an opinion on Media about my Bookshop and personal finances every day, hence the question being whether I had not successfully handled them properly as it were, the very important attack gimmicks where the character with a personality that people could dump problems in to get a new life, was a coward who could only deserve his career when he got into a fight and a distant violence that targets my chest for organ disease, talking rubbish. I could never make sense of their objectives anyway, save I thought that they were looking for somebody, their whole lives developed around doing so, such a person would be involved in a civil struggle, and they would betray the person to get rich fast; needs to make its liberal America led stupid comments about its career and stop crashing my Bookshop. As for the part where they claim I provoke them, we could always draw up a list: there is now three of us in all my work and personal relationships, with their stupidities building up a publicity that suggests they got to handle my earnings until I got into a fight for them, if I tell them off, they tell me off too – there is the stupidity where it says that the bullying was something I deserved because I claimed I had won great battles on the right hand side and the list would run and run even when we omitted the issues listed above.

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