It has now been suggested I am the laughingstock of the entire world, but it comes on the back of the fact that these people hated my Books as well. It’s this question of whether being successful my means of hating them was what I am meant to do with and in a Hermitage, a case of the way that they do what they want to do when they wanted to do, since one is usually bound to respond to their stupidities and spend a lifetime being victim of practical jokes if one is fond of procrastinating very important matters or one is being bullied by people who had media and governmental publicity to fool around with in their favour – in my case it is a bit of both and even so they hated my Books too. I do get told I could use it as PR and I understand entirely but according to what I have gathered, when the Men do not fancy a person’s Book, they took physical steps to prevent it being written and distributed, so it is deductive that such an action would be very provocative – hopefully, they get to spend their time alongside their overseas interests, talking about their own social life instead of mine.

They do claim I am only suffering the same things I had dished out into the world, and it is absolute rubbish. The reality is that I have never been free of every popularity twat with a need to exhibit themselves, having ideas about how to use my personality and personal space to get paid for being popular and suck up to people in positions of authority, shooting off the big mouth at me from a safe distance and getting closer when they had built up a crowd that saw it their way. It has now grown into community idiots who took such an interest in my personal space as meant they wanted to own it, therefore built a community that engaged with my private parts and a sense I did not have my clothes on all day, while another group were famous, so they built me a profile to make me character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and tried to keep my Assets, hence making me cash strapped while they got money off any idiot who could not engage with colleagues without seeing through foolish statements of the way I had picked up a career that was too big for me.

As some people would have thought, the statement itself is rather very vile and yes it is, mainly a process of pushing me down and making sure the entire world was against me, I do not wish to dabble into it at this stage, but should I think of it, I would want to ensure that even their truck drivers and delivery men did not get to read my star signs and make stupid comments at me on the road networks - none knows why they practice the one that makes them feel strong and superior anyway but I do believe the need to handle me with it will likely change their stupid story. Not just the tendency to get Famous people off my Assets and Finances by selecting an annihilation option as will mean that I picked a Crowd-pleasing activity that allowed me to get rid of their big Houses and well-off neighbourhoods.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland