I have been informed that I have not considered what people thought of me at the Monarchy and have not thought it was important to take necessary steps as would prevent it destroying me. It is utter nonsense as such steps would lead nowhere and mean nothing – what has decided what people thought of me was a matter of the power that criminals had over a bunch of trouble makers, who build communities that get imagination up my bum as a facilitation of the interest the criminals show in me, then play my reaction for the Queens audience thereafter and turn out to suggest that the Head of State should have said that those responses on my part was acceptable. The effect is that a Bunch of criminals who had power over them had decided my social status and they had taken this gimmick right up to the Office of the Head of State as well; a scale of stupidities from 1 to 10, I am wondering where people would place it, all I can say is that it had eyes for its Celebrities but none knows why it preferred it spend it time on me and the part where they and their Celebrities got to hand me back my Bookshop market is now underway.

They speak of the Russia – Ukraine conflict, it appears to have been their biggest achievement but the reality is a matter of a Democracy – Communism no man’s land and those who had skill and authority on the matters there were doing all the could to Police it; what happens in my case being that it did not matter if somebody had a business in Russia for instance, if I wanted a particular work role or he considered I was the best hand and gave it to me, then I have to get the work done. This are the sort of changes since the World Wars which have made the planet a safer place for people to live in and the crisis in Ukraine of 2022 has been created by a bunch of gits who took it into uncharted territory, where the Russians thought of it as a matter of Celebrity abusive influences, support from Washington with NATO and Ukraine in the middle, this state of affairs have not been eliminated and they have not produced an idea on how to resolve the crisis, about which I believe that it was best if they were worried about the deaths they were causing, to reinstate my work. The origin of these gimmicks is largely a matter of a group of people whose career outlook on the first day, involved drawing up a link between Government and Industry, so that the corruption they may wrought during instances where the Government got to behave like a corporate body, the big infrastructure projects for instance, would make them rich very quickly, so I devised a way to control them, Washington decided they were braver and more willing to fight the wars and now Washington can no longer control them and has not given any thing for what is happening in Ukraine on the Political and leadership front. They do claim I have been learning lessons about where power really lies but as I mentioned earlier, I should not have allowed those gimmicks grow to a point where they were able to run off practical jokes by which they got to trade as if I had lost something important, occur at my expense, the fact that it had developed into patriarchy gimmicks that ended up on the door steps of world war three has confirmed that I should not have tolerated the smallest amount of it i.e. the part where they hand me back my Bookshop market, fail to take a look at what they were really doing if it ended up somewhere near the prelude to a third world war somewhere else, is now underway.

They do claim that my reputation at the Monarchy is terrible either way and it is not; as long as they do not make a mess of it when I am a Hermit who generally thinks that they will never keep their imagination off people bums no matter what deal is struck with them on the matter and the part where I am an Arch Prince likely to get on their heads, then there would be no problems, no problems like our current consequence for the 20 year career mess, inflicted on me and the subsequent abusive gimmicks that believe they had taught my children as well, now a real risk of a faceoff between myself and their immoral society communities picking up my concerns to make their lives easier and making sure my bottom was nothing to write home about as they say, over my Bookshop. The purpose of the bottom chasing issues really is the fact that there were women giving birth to Children in a Country where I had some form of leadership role to play, my view of it was a matter of an understanding that there were people who were in the same situation as me i.e. because I have been involved with Policy making and people have hated results, something somebody said or did meaninglessly could become a threat to my life, just like it is with babies that a certain course of action might have been thought to be in their best interest but it actually ends up taking their little lives from them. Nobody can now explain exactly why the bottom chasing issues have become their answer to everything, all I know on a person point of view is that their public appearance narcissism has no wish to cease picking up my PR or my Bookshop income margins to make their stupid lives easier everyday. If worried about the deaths they cause, will want to reinstate my work and stop burning it up to get us all sucking up to Celebrities.

They do claim this was an issue associated with a bunch of cowards wanting to decide social and public policy but what we know is that they cannot have enough of picking up my order to go and fight some National enemy, only to return and ask the Politicians to deploy me somewhere else while I am weaker from it – I suppose they would have had access to such things if they were dealing with people who did not understand the importance of creating safe and clean environments for the purpose of civil activity and did not understand the necessary sacrifices to do so. I never discuss this matter of cowardice they claim because it is inherently evil, never mind the fact a coward Arch Prince shames them as well, it is a reality where doing what they want will make me rigid and an inability to be flexible on matters of security will create complications as the world is full of bigger countries that are in turn full of terrible characters who want what they want and do not plan to be nice about it; it never stops the stupidity of deciding what career deserved only when I got into a fight with people, never stops building communities that got imagination up my bum, run me down, churn my tummy every day and make the stupid statements about cowardice. I for my part had since arrived at a point where I cannot have enough of the wars and need them engaged in more fighting i.e. I used to think it would be complicated as fat cats usually get bad press while they were not necessarily bad people – these idiots cannot tell when I am hitting them from, the sheer incompetence of it and the fact revealed thereof the way that fraudulent companies are built to collect the incomes from the families and build up a recession every time we enjoy some form of economic success.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland