I have been told I had a mountain of challenges to deal with but I really do not have a mountain of challenges to deal with – there is simply a link between Celebrities and idiots with ideas about an alliance with media to decide how any amount of money they had affected other people, using my stuff, especially for purposes unintended, the main finance killer is that they were doing the thing that they were popular for by changing the purpose of my Bookshop itself into something which suits their gimmicks but the overall reasons it continues persistently is that Politicians do not keep abusive comments to issues that paid their salary, so every fool wants to get involved with popularity and handle my career as well. I did warn them about how perverted it was that my work gets to top end of Government for the success to be destroyed, as opposed to normalcy where it had some success and got to top end of government to get more, I did point out years back, that it was twisted, and they had racism in their society therefore very dangerous. They have said I am a low life, and this should indicate that it did not matter whether or not I faced any challenges.

They do claim they did not like me at all, especially the Politicians but they did have to make a decision, about the way I spent time building an Intellectual Property Administration business and what they could do with it because they have always dreamt of doing business but afraid of what the public might demand from them. This is not the one that pays the salary for the Politicians and hatred for me is still a decision while we had since arrived at a stage where we count the past two decades (factory work first where my whole life got trashed by idiots arranging music CD to make sense of what happened when I left home and when I got back – thereafter University fiasco – thereafter door to door sales which expressed full extent of their wickedness publicly at my expense and brought the ethnic minorities idiots who are now talking about the way my companies interfered with their overseas needs to bear, having brushed the University fiasco that was a product of banging away at me and showing unusual interest in my personal space under the carpet – finally the private security one that got the German influence twats to play a part) one more instance of losing money and having time spent on Universal Credit extended because they made their lives easier at my expense and the fight over the fact their stupid celebrities had money, which was the cause of all this nonsense will kick off here too. The Politicians do claim it is all my fault thereof and I am still wondering what exactly indeed they were going to do about it.

The facts are the claim I am hated at the Monarchy which I am not, some git is always running off his stupidities about fighting peoples battles at Industry to pass off those insults that help them get away with everything they got their hands on – so if the Queen thinks that getting caught up with popularity like I am is not fit for government work, which is entirely normal for any Head of State, then the problem was the idiots who picked up everything the Queen did as an Indication of how they could handle me to make me serve their stupidities as well. So the Politicians always had a habit of trashing my career to hold me down with society gits who make strange decisions around matters that occur between their careers and the business of getting into trouble with the Police, about which it had become a global stage issue – I have always rather felt that celebrity narcissism was too insignificant to pursue but we have also entered into a stage where it would make sense if they got a response from me as well. It is always a gesture here, a comment there every time I clear it out, to extend the time I spent on Government support, so I need to adopt a position whereby one more occasion they made their stupid lives easy by picking up my work, property, public image or social life and the fact their Celebrities had money will become a main problem in this Country as well.

(Generally however I am too inferior to face any stupid challenges associated with their need to jump on my chest and get me to prove I deserved my career by getting into a fight with people, when a bunch of idiots who have paid for crimes they committed, show up here for narcissism abuses, such that 5years of my time simply breezes by while I have a sense hanging about me that each time I failed to get into a fight, I gave away a secret. Now it’s the nonstop insults, nonstop abusive interest in my personal space, nonstop complain about the smell and now a nonstop distant violence that will decide their financial well being at my expense – the other people who want to stuff them with class A drugs and kill them later, do not want to do anything with life anymore, only interested in going to prison, of which they have not finished work in that department as we speak).

The theory peddled is that I was unable to make sense of the way that power actually worked. The truth of it on the other hand is the constant back to back comments and gestures used to kill off my Book sales and get exhilarating responses from me – they lived in my history, history of not doing anything about their stupidities, history of insults associated with building communities that get imagination up my bum, write a Book for my intellectual property administration business and it becomes evidence that I had the means to cover their arse properly and when they lived in histories of abuses created for others like so, it was impossible to stop picking up my concerns to make their stupid lives easier whenever it was tough on the day, making those stupid comments that ensure my finances were a mess and I could not move on as well. So I suppose I am now waiting for my trigger and their need to pick up my concerns and make their lives easier eclipsing my Bookshop with respect to my Public image and social life, sounds like a really good opportunity that I am determined to take – current state of affairs is that I am sore all over and the distant violence which causes it is the way to ensure Celebrities were more important and this is set to be the pressure point. They do claim that my sexual habits were responsible for all these which I understand but apparently they could not punish me for the sexual habits in their affluent neighbourhoods as there was too much at stake, had to wait for me to pick up a bad neighbourhood availing myself to facts on Books I am working on first: it is all very well blabbing, I have written this piece on 14/3/2022, by the morning of 15/3/2022, their problem if continued to deploy as tools that eclipse my Book sales with insolence and abuses will set the stage for the fact their celebrities had money, becoming a major problem in this Country as well, into the future – I too am hoping that this was not misunderstood.

Some people have suggested that I may have done something to encourage them which I have not and when I say so it goes beyond a simple bath mouthing me to improve their position with wealthy people and employers endlessly, never keeps its mouth shut with respect to my affairs, concerns and interests while complaining about me everyday as well. The points of encouragement were that I found I was able to take up the responsibility with respect to tribalism raids and improve standards by preventing the wealth gap which it builds, so if I did not befriend liberals hell would break lose and they would live in the history of insolence that crippled my finances, nothing I said would move them or stop them exploiting the history of insolence. When this matter came up earlier, it was a simple case of making it understood that if they had duty of care to workers under their control, it did not mean that I was their responsibility as well, now it is a matter of my warnings being flouted as claims I would get into trouble if I attacked their stupid neighbourhoods and Celebrity money, it never stops winding me up – so I will leave it to my deadline and find out what happens when I keep my promise as per the consequences of my Bookshop being saturated with their problems, while we know an Arch Prince is not supposed to get a job, which would never have happened if my Bookshop was not interfered with and my public image was unfettered.

They do claim that I have been made to find out what war looked like which is utter nonsense as well – the war they speak of was a war on state security systems, at the same time there was not enough warning for them, that the state security systems were meat grinders, its big mouth wants to educate me about the bottom chasing bits which is the part where people have been organised into regiments and groups, had a job to do and their stupidities were no longer willing to fight. It has done mine as well and shows up here to trash my finances everyday – it is as far as I am willing to go tolerating their madness around here; they have done this in so many ways at this stage i.e. I campaign for family life and come across some women reporting news, publicly educating the public about the affairs of the day and the abuses people thought was available as free narcissism to engage with, it was the colleagues and employers of this women that have waged a 12 year war on us to trash the whole thing, chose acquaintances for the women and familial for me – this time what we are looking at is a process where I have gone from worrying about engaging with Clients on the internet, as a matter of instances whereby if there was a problem, I would set out series of solutions to that problem and only the one that follows the right pattern would have informed me about the problem being solved, despite people engaging with the process in droves but now what we are dealing with is that they have followed me around and in the five years I have been building up, the famous idiots have been building their own processes of converting my service processes into something that works for them, to continue making more money, of which it seems that what they find incredibly difficult to make sense of is that they are not important people. They point out the way I have been handling their fame gimmicks as a matter of state Office Publicity, especially with respect to the idea I had everything and people who hated me needed to make them rich as a matter of their involvement with me, money made from the process which had instigated the premise for what they have now done with my service processes as well i.e. built another one to make more money but so have we seen the stupid gimmicks and the need for me to set it out as per involvement with my concerns about which I lost people who engaged to gain what their famous stupidities were playing with and lost money everyday like so, their part involved incompetence and any who wanted to know how incompetence with respect to people getting involved with me worked, they could learn from the famous gits, alternatively, like they can shut down the version of my Bookshop which their stupidities have built in the five years that I have been building up the place or hush it if they were complaining about me as well, they could troll through the internet and remove the gimmicks they knew is going to set me off.

I. Uno I

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