It is suggested in some areas that I did not take this matter seriously enough which is not the case – it is a story of how much nonsense a person gets to tolerate when other people worked on Media; from a character who prevents a bunch of ageist idiots wrecking his career to set him out on a pedestal for bullying that allows them share the money that another group of men somewhere had, to victim of a reputation for being a person that people bullied to reach agreement during big business deals – from a character who had to defend himself against people who proliferated his Royal Office to ensure they could replicate it, to a character that those who worked on Media thought was vulnerable to them thereby presenting an opportunity to secure a punching bag they can hurt to ensure that they and their children were friends with rich people – from an Arch Prince who developed enough property equity to help run a Country, to a character that has to clear out the effects of Celebrity blowing kisses at criminals on his social life and hoping all the market benefits of his Books and incentives at his Bookshop will end up in the hands of broadcasting corporations that will serve their decadent stupidities – from a character who got an Arch Prince’s Office because of how well he got about matters affecting him and Church interests, to a character that works hard every day to limit the effects of popularity idiots getting imagination up him bum because he always has a plan to frustrate every gimmick they invent to lay claims of ownership to his public image upon which issue they had wasted their teenage years and most of their early 20s. So there has to be consequences for it seeing that first time round on the one case of rich people never bothering me with their wealth and poor people never bothering me with their money, while these idiots appear intent on seeing what I will do when they were determined to get paid for being popular on my social life – they ended up making appearances at the corridors of international communities to complain about me, at the same time, they had built up their foolish insolence on Media and ran it off until they built a media bubble from it, so anything I did to move its effects out of my career and finances were passed off as another person’s achievements and then the threats and abuses that suggest they knew how to control my finances and decide my social standing really kicked off. This time, the media bubble that passes off what I do to get them out of my bank balance at the Markets is developed around white lie practical jokes and a need to raise communities that will get imagination up my anus for what they want; I mean putting in context the way that stupid Nation criminal backyard is used by the fools who work on Media to settle up the sense that their stupidities were entitled to other people’s career, if somebody that was in the same field as I am, felt entitled to my career, I would be very happy indeed, so they must know that we had since reached a point where exactly how angry I can get is not determinate but each time I point it out and clear it out like so, they made another one and hung about blowing off that big mouth on what they knew of my office and how they would like to see what I was capable of. Then there is the matter of the choice I am forced to make – the way that they did not have the right to decide what I did when I travelled out of the Country and one reason for that situation is set to stay while the other gets eliminated, my eyes fixed on the stupid fame gimmicks that gets to their heads or the option was a simple as shutting down all the stupid white lie practical jokes, gestures and comments if I have told them that it wrecks my finances. This is a 15 year story of Media and Celebrities on my case every day, started out no less abusive, that I get a factory job and left for it about 8.30 am every day, to be showered with insults from their criminal nation backyard where they made most of their civil rights gimmicks until I could no longer eat properly and my body failed to function the correct way and the scumbags are still keeping it up while complaining that it had become a grand phenomenon which had also affected their stupidities, earning results where the nepotism twats from overseas who made the most of it paid a lot of attention to me, to steal every single moment of my time all day, making sense of their own stupid problems, I am certain they want to see what I am capable of too as such with a big mouth.

For the time being it’s the money being made when a bunch of characters who pay for things people cannot really make sense of, while trashing other people’s personal and social lives, giving them all the financial support that they needed – so the white lie gestures channelled at my Books and my finances are soon to be countered by statements and vibes about seeing them try to sort out their finances in the midst of people that are bigger than they are as well, such that screwing with me losing them the jobs is where I want to be.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland