In this case it is said that I had since gotten into a lot of trouble at the Monarchy over something I had said but it is utter nonsense as the unusual things I have said about members of the Royal family, save the parts I have written on my website which is Official work, were developed to ensure they could approach Royal family members at my expense any time that their stupidities wanted. Then there are these other goons that work it for them endlessly taking it right up to Buckingham Palace to make a mess every day, while claiming that the consequences was of another person’s doing.

They do claim that they have been more successful than usual recently at getting the British off the Americans, whereby the isolation will make us more vulnerable to them thereof and its utter nonsense. What is really happening is the usual idea that we British meddle with American interests when we don’t, something that a handful of gits who never stop preaching their sermon about the fact there was nothing they hated more than they British, even while they engaged in such things but the main problem is that they do not stop defying the US government to show up and be seen making a complete mess of British backyard to chase money all of the time and it does not stop for a single day. The changes so far have been their need to elect Politicians that will go about making these statements that if the British did not like the way it was being handled, they could do it by themselves but had better not started a war, about which my case sets an example for instance whereby they hated my Books already.

So the other part that their fame madness friends peddle is that I have been encumbering the actions of those who try to prevent these abusive activities from Americans which I have too as it were – not only do they wreck my academic work and career to seek the essences of their insanity, we see them at that stupid business of picking up matters from my Public life to run off on a public and even global stage, getting paid for being popular – it is about looking after me they claim while I had no control and then it will get worse very quickly, whereby a lack of control gave way to an outcome where every idiot that does not get involved with people’s business the legitimate way paid them for being popular because they facilitated access to my concerns – once done, it wants to tackle American trouble makers that make a mess of British backyard because its stupid bum hurts as well.

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