I am told Celebrities found my activities disrespectful hence their responses to it but it naturally would be as normal people do not think that when a public office operative liaised with some female journalists because it enhanced public mobility and held up the torch for single mothers, they ought to invite themselves into such an arrangement and corrupt it to the point of physical violence, then share the career publicity of the victim with the boys from the neighbourhoods, to build a support crowd that will set out a sense that they were incredibly important. the point is raised that I am unable to handle them but its only a matter of Politicians who loved to trash my career like they would fancy a bunch of idiots ensured any altercation they had with others ended up somewhere in parliament while they gathered up weapons in the neighbourhoods until they were encouraged to tie hold the parliament at gunpoint all together this, added up to the civil rights bullies that Celebrities make their point with, who show up here to attack me until I responded to their civil rights problems while complaining my responses were being picked up by racists, they have nothing more to tackle me with, especially with respect to my already prevalent history. We are talking about a bunch of gits who have corrupted my wealth equity to store up enough money for a lifetime and then showed up here to ensure if I ran my finances on a low key to sort out my career, they would crash it completely, build communities that fingered my bum and called me names, in order to decide their social status and mine, needs to fool around somewhere else if it wants people to take note of its claim that it is not looking for trouble. Used to be a matter of crime control publicity at the Office, now it is a matter of crime control publicity and a bunch of gits who made such a mess of public security work that we faced a crisis it claims it was provoked by some women who worked for security services and had something to say which was the point of it all in the first place i.e. she works for the security services and people got involved with an Arch Prince, whose bookshop now needs to run successfully, if they were keeping their earnings, the geniuses responsible for an economic condition in which Asset maintenance is work that was never finished by method of sheer insolence and gossip.

The sensibility is that I am caught up in a massive amount of trouble but always seem completely undisturbed by it, not the case either as such, I am rather not caught up in any problems at all, just people telling a huge amount of lies the core of it is basically that I am not an Arch Prince, so there is vacancy in my own public image by which a bunch of idiots got on Media to assist any who came into contact with my career but the problematic part was the way to explain economic cycle activities that they do not wish to engage in after getting all caught up with the business community in a bid to avoid work whilst making money, that sets me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, which the media then got to do on a provisional basis, so that any who felt provoked by me whilst they had money to spend, could spend it on the Media, ultimately the abuses building up to the career trashing insults of Celebrities where it is said they were more important and I needed to get into a fight with others to display such a fact, meaning everything else is under control save the part where the insults of the famous stopped. The detailed effects are that I have been stitching the mess they have made for me, living on social security to do so, and they got about making a total mess of my work market history and prospects, to kick off a civil service narcissism that will make me homeless, considering useless big brother Celebrity that loves to make a mess of peoples careers because it would really love to be ganged up on, left me for the civil services after trashing my finances, they had returned to make me homeless thereof and so we are now at an impasse where the abuses were punishment for the fact I did not want them accessing my Books and my personality which they claimed helped them feel good and they were determined to destroy it if they could not have it and I want them to keep their comments restricted to their own careers or I will keep it there for them myself. The industry aspects suggest that the trouble makers who pay for this nonsense whenever people tackled me i.e. I decided that if I was not making use of my career, I needed to round it up and shut it down in order to do something else or they will have enough lies to tell that an interest in a career that I did not deploy anymore on account they were all over it for the wrong reasons, was not an attempt to kill me with health related problems and if I harmed them first, I would have harmed something big it seems that the idiots possessed narcissistic assets, so we had a situation in which one group turned up to make a mess of my career and the other turned out to show they were utter scum by corrupting my social media network in an expression of the way they wanted me for some other purpose, particularly a process where I got to fight people who bothered them, not an instance where I am inundated with problems and or more so completely undisturbed by the fact that I am. The former complains about fighting my wars, when I get it chasing its own life as well for being twice my size for the wrong reasons, it gets the Politicians to listen to its stupid feelings, the latter are a group of people that died and want another response from me as will produce such an effect. I have built up a history of doing nothing about these matters because Politicians show up to stop me and then fail to do anything about them because nothing had been worked out as per what could be done about them more so anyway, history being that they got me involved with a problem that was so complicated that a group of people killed hundreds burning up the world trade centre and then when I got to work the problem, they got on the side of the trouble makers, to trash all the answers built for it, right up to the secret security services, in order to build a new security services careers for the male population, then get off tackling me over the fact they were affected by the problem itself, whilst famous idiots got protection from the King. So we see it is a problem that never stops naturally and I should only be interested in the part where they did the wrong thing to such an extent they were no longer able to do the correct things, therefore set about tackling me and when I had suffered enough, they had come through to live in a world that was about the way their families wanted to rule, in terms of the fact that I was doing the correct thing for my position and Office; hence now suggesting I do not like the King whilst it had nothing whatsoever to do with personal feelings the good old connection between Celebrity abuses, Communism and according to history so far, world war two. So I did build wealth equity structures for members of the public who engaged with my concerns, to help them sell products to these goons who spend money fighting others everyday because I had developed for myself a platform where I could shut down any careers I thought was too much trouble and put my abilities to something else I could do and this has been used to corrupt the crime control publicity at the office, claiming I am a low life whilst criminals were more willing to take a chance and make money that purchased show business, set me out a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy because I brokered equity with companies and needed to show support each time they got into talks with clients, then left me for the gold diggers the famous idiots who thought they were Celebrities, could not have enough of but ultimately, it is the way that I am not allowed to be a writer if the crucible of my career was set in their neighbourhoods, it needs to make its comments about its own and fool around somewhere else or I will stop it painfully. Now I suppose people who think I should be afraid of empty, full of self, well dressed hoodlum, house proud twat famous gits running people down every day, now have to tell me what it is exactly, that I am supposed to be afraid of: I am never seen anything which from a professional and career point of view best expressed what a fucking idiot was.

It is said that nothing I did ended the way I was vulnerable to others, which I am not; vulnerability is a matter of the idea that the people keen to spend money on my Books have made their money by being part of cults and gangs and groups and sub groups which were designed to attack and take advantage of those they thought were weaker than they were - so it is a problem with the way that a Hermit was doing better than they were, it is driving the matter therefore to a stage where it got to found out those gimmicks where it claims it had seen me lose my temper and that I am a coward, to send out low lives that will run me down whilst it got to do anything it wanted with my personality, are built on fantasy.

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