The part about how deviant my living is and how little attention people pay to such a fact is very well understood but has no basis on reality; it is the same old question about an idiot standing up in parliament to say things I used to think about when I was a teenager who believes I should be made to give up my possessions so he or she can serve himself. So they said that all people like me can do is become so desperate to make money with my religion that I build a church to that effect that they can get into and corrupt and that is what we had put to the test not a case of me being deviant i.e. if I cut them off from their culture and force them to get out there and do something useful with their foolish lives thereby giving me a break from their stupidities, it will be because they have power to dominate me and that it is what they expect I was a Christian put in the world by God to do anyway so it had to be followed with wealth distribution stories lifted from them to ensure when they achieve I share to wipe the stupid mockery off their faces; I mean a general lack of respect for me that costs me financially and academically because they cannot be by themselves, over a period of six years is something that cannot be made up even if you might have had the imagination to, so as it stands, if I see that culture I will cut it up for them again, whatever kind of culture that is supposed to have been anyway. They turn up in the parliament every day to give public media attention to their idiots whose activities do nothing but destruction whose main daily engagement does nothing to pay bills for anybody let alone themselves at my expense and cannot seem to tame those insults to that effect, reason being that they are always looking for some way of knowing rich people and having products they stack away at home and sell off really quickly to make millions and believe it is not possible to do it unless people are out there attacking me of which anybody that does is given some media credence that says they are super stars and it is this kind of commitment to making sure everything here operates in a violent way they have no plans to discuss if my deviance so called can be a sweeter topic instead, they always say it is a  matter of the kind of Country they want to live in which makes sense of it all as pound for pound item issues i.e. if you are British what is your earning potential as a person none of which gives them the right to get on public places to desire and demand other people’s possessions as violently as they do and they do complain of what I do to their culture and society too which prolonging their presence around me will only see them tout a lot more intensely than they are at the moment; it’s difficult to figure out what sort of insult propels them, what sort of Politics and that stupid need to pile up products and sell them and get rich that makes them turn up at Houses of Government to sit around pretending we owe them a debt or something; we are not mates as it were and they need to leave me alone not discuss the extent of my deviance with a big mouth - in the same way they would not like it if they pile up products somewhere to sell cheaply to rich people so they can sell it quick using my equities and peddling my public work or not, only for me to stand up somewhere and spread leaflets about why people should boycott it which I feel strongly enough about to act on violently, they need to keep their Politicians insults to themselves and keep off my books.

I know they are always asking if the whole matter is going to become a problem anyway – I wouldn’t know, all I said is that they want to talk about what rights their Country bestows on them which means that they can be financially well off than the Citizens of most other Countries in the world but what they show they are really after if my Royal Estate and I am saying they can turn up at my place to get it and cease all that nonsense I have to put up with at Media and Advertisement and the Parliament and all over public places as well; there isn’t a single successful person out there on this planet who did not at some point in their lives take these their activities to heart deciding it had to be dealt with in a very intensely personal way and I do not think I will be unless I do that as well especially on their African friends.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland