They do claim the Public needed to be aware and to wake up to the kind of threat that I am – I could never make sense of it as such, we know that it comes to this because the business of ripping up my finances had eventually developed to show as outstanding an activity that involved shop managers, celebrities and society gits trashing it while I worked harder to make it successful. It is a simple case of the fact I wrote Book A and established a Shop B, and I am now trying to show it to the Public, about which they needed to cease getting involved, the business of picking up my PR and my earnings, a very unnecessary way to get on my nerves. The idea that I have had a chance is a very well-known story but the way that my employers face hell each time I got a job, and they tear up my Bookshop, has been giving me ideas to ensure if others were benefactors for them, I had to attack such persons as well. They do say that the way I worked was mixed up and confusing but it isn’t – for instance a Client turns up to invest and he or she invests in terms of my work on specific concerns that apply to the reasons that the boss lived in a Castle which made it clear she was the Head of State, so I put his type of investment down as trading standard and built publicity for it – what these idiots do is pick up the process and ensure the business of following me around to make a mess of my career for gimmicks translated into a process where they expressed the fact they had one view of me and it had to stand i.e. I was a third-party character that was used as punching bag to help people detach from unhappiness and frustration that made people less willing to buy products, this happens no matter what I do, no matter what I am doing, no matter my achievements, no matter the changes to my personal and social life over the years. I will not get myself out of a Hermitage to hang about somewhere getting angry enough to get into a fight with them as such but I think that this matter is about to develop into something more serious for the most destructive participants of the three i.e. the Celebrities, their bosses who only pay for their jobs, never stopped playing a part where they got to make a complete mess of mine while doing it and I think it will stop properly when their media establishment compensated me not in cash but socially and I got to make the squirm for it, the consequences of it continuing to such an extent I got to decide what I needed to do to end it as badly as I wanted to end it, otherwise I had set out the way it was to stop picking up my earnings and my PR. It is not that I am worried about the prospect of the public working against me – this is not a group of people engaged in anything relevant, as to say that when you please yourself with satisfaction at their expense, you got to foot the bill, it is the stupid workload associated with people rallying them while trashing my finances to provoke me.

They raise this point about my views on Russia and China which was a simple case of the two Countries having an economic outlook which created problems for them and for everybody else in equal measure: the Russians need to collect natural resources and sell them for money that will facilitate power, the Chinese need to control economic flow points but the business of picking up smaller Countries that are not big enough to build their own military and make those a part of their lands is not really a world we want to live in – the complication are far reaching like the climate and weather complications, like the way the Climate and weather complications decided how the people lives every day, then such areas as the things they did for economic wellbeing; the feel of it is like picking up a hub for all kinds of people and making it part of your Office simply because your workplace was close by, in the end, you will hand it back or it will be filled only by people that you can tolerate. They do speak of the propaganda machine that runs the show in the West of which there was none – I mean as per there is propaganda machine but I had set a stage for it to run its course with respect to my concerns, like when it picks up my Bookshop Client service to draw my attention to the fact that it had pressure behind me and wanted more access to American markets, growing into something of a no relationship with me, spending my assets on some new gimmicks and deciding which wars I will attend to while its stupidities made money. So the propaganda machine does not operate here, in essence, it is a product of a group of people who believed they could do whatever they liked as long as there was a remote chance that wealth people who thought their money controlled the world, would fund their needs – it is the reasons the matter had since developed into a case of a clash between myself on one hand and shop managers (who continued to pick up the mess they made for me during a private security industry job I got, running me down with gimmicks associated with the idea that a security guard is never free of the problems due to the decisions he or she made to keep premises safe and eventually settling up on very abusive nonsense that I get to spend my money in the shops to tolerate, while the mystery behind what I am doing gets broken down and their stupidities got to steal it – it loves to issue those threats as well and I suppose it was beyond doubt if we met, they would have to explain how they were paying for what they got each time they organised to stupid communities to get imagination up my bum), Society gits (who picked up a plan to get rich fast from a process where I pursued something concerning my career and finances with a sense of urgency, now leaving me tired, drained and with wrecked finances, even more vulnerable to their practical jokes, as their stupid minions got on media to address me with a need for abusive patriarchy and a big mouth every day) and the Celebrities (who tear up Administrative processes to cling to my finances in terms of having gained access to a project of mine which the public did not have knowledge of, or cling to my Royal Estate, such as to be able to say that if I made them uncomfortable they knew how to make me pay, showing up here to run me down every day and sell my public work through products with a civil disobedience that will not go away, issuing threats). There is no likelihood that they will live in neighbourhoods and drive their cars without seeking that pleasure from abusing me and there is no way the Celebrities will cease picking up my PR and my earnings to get everything they did making reference to my Royal Estate in order to spend it on themselves, save it ended very badly, so I do need to prepare to make that happen – currently state of affairs is that telling them off produces results where they tell me to fight while they kept the benefits of disobediently getting addicted to handling my Public image, if I tell them off on both accounts they had a lot of fun from making a lot of trouble for me and showering me with the stupid insolence endlessly. So, the reasons these had become such an issue is that the Queen Celebrated a Golden Jubilee and I was selected for a commission, since then hell broke loose and they had to get another person selected for them during the Diamond Jubilee, all together precautions had since been taken concerning the platinum jubilee and they have been fighting my wars, so it never stops until it really does. I do get told I placed myself in this incredibly difficult role which is not difficult for me at all: The Government had decided everything had to be done within a time frame between the ages of 18 and 65, since these gits had taken such a hard line on popularity abuses and celebrity gimmicks causing delays and setbacks taking out peoples time for themselves and making a mess for everybody, I had a career and they ensured it did not pay me for practical jokes every day, while the younger people were set to pay for the recession that happened 12 year back, I needed to be able to shut things down and open them up to those who really needed it when necessary. So I have been developing means like wealth equity systems to churn their tummy and have been chasing interested parties, groups and companies including entertainment companies, to broker equity for the Crown – in essence all is well save the patriarchy character who wrecked University studies to run me down for 14 years after and will certainly need it as I am now set to get worse, the celebrities will ensure that I did; state of affairs is that I regularly get poked by the Police as to whether I am still working on it, I am able to clear the streets of those gimmicks where they trashed careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods turning up to make a mess for me over claims they were chasing market in areas where people chased the bottom etc, which I think they will never see again once I get my hands on, as it will not stop trashing my career, so I will eventually need to impose myself as per the fact I thought that the better option was a process where people could return products to companies and get their money back if they were unhappy about how financially successful a company had become because they had been buying its products.

There is the claim that I am this character that gets involved and plays the Russians and Chinese which does not help the situation but I am not – the world has not changed to such an extent that the roles that Countries play at an international scene had to be reviewed or changed, so we must live with what they are likely to do if others took their roles or wanted them to change it. The Germans on the other hand have never really stopped seeking access to other people’s roles, changing their own and telling lies – where it applies here is to do with British National interest being debatable or being subject to a review as will ensure it matches Countryside and military abilities when others faced difficulty, what they are complaining about at this stage being that their own had become debatable too. I mean if we go to Germany, the Government and Industry have little to no tolerance for these scumbags as such but there are the Politicians that push them at me to raise their power hand all the time, not that it is an issue, just in context of being a character that plays communists which does not help us live in a safer world, I have always been good at handling the German influence, especially in terms of the way it affected diplomacy with Countries that were sympathetic to socialism and communism but just to reiterate that they were getting more and more abusive while what they stole for me is said to have not existed in the first place with a big mouth complaining about my attack on the patriarchy and its gimmicks. So where China is concerned, companies got contracts from Nations that were sympathetic to socialism and the Chinese gave British Companies even bigger contracts, the contracts had a certain degree of British identity involved, so the Chinese had long agreed to keep a good relationship with the British – the Russians were something that happened when it was still a G8 and not a G7, Russia was regularly invited to take part in European culture ceremonies and they are not willing to give it up, so I am not asking them to – what has happened is the incompetent power grabbing politicians seeking other people’s wealth for their families, removing us and pushing the world to the brink of WW3, not me playing communists. It is the same as we see and hear them go from fame idiots who rip up my career and finances to find secrets on what makes military operatives willing to make sacrifices for public figures, so that their security guards may serve them in the same way as well, their insolence knowing no limits and leaving me drained every day, talking rubbish about the way that what I did made no sense.

We have now arrived at a point where the whole gimmicks for the Media and Celebrities was done for amusement not as per it was never done for amusement to begin with but as per there was nothing I could do and no real damage I could inflict – what we know however is that we have done 3 year of this and considering we are doing a milestone on their civil rights privileges every day, they really do not want to extend it to five or more. They do suggest that if it gets worse, they will draft in football people to help but I rather think they will need it as this is a 16-year mess, where they trash University studies and hound me for 5 years after to get paid for being popular on my social life, then it progressed to the part where they hit jackpot because I took up private security work. It is still the same process that had become more profound when I took up a residence in the terrible neighbourhood and they forged alliances with the criminals and hoodlums to continue – so the patriarchy gimmicks, collects my career and social life for them and they spend it on media trashing my finances, has picked up my PR again in the last 12 house because their stupidities were addicted, shooting off its big mouth instead of coming up with a plan to play with its own career and do so on a schedule.

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