I am told people underestimate how much control I had of my own concerns but it is the story that I help them make sense of most of the time – some came to University as A grade students, some as party animals and others like myself as culture awareness students, these goons got there to finger bottoms and are still at it, so I am suffering most of the abuses here because the Local council thinks I am a benefit scrounger on account it preferred information from white thus showing up here to pick up the benefits, and had now ended up paying for 6 years to abuse me, arriving at a stage where I am now assisting with the business of controlling both the white and ethnic minority thugs, never mind the part the council plays to ensure I ended up with give separate profiles at the work place, none of which I actually controlled for years. Since I dropped out of University on the whole it has been a matter of two bit neighbourhoods, with one being the bad where I dwelled, a life controlled by idiots who picked off bits so they could make the most of my life’s work in the well off neighbourhoods, to which effect their silly children having somebody to abuse on the streets meant they were successful and if they fingered peoples bottoms they were important, hence going back to university, the problem is seems is that they had become important people too; if I said that an attempt to make me homeless working the tax system for the Celebrities will provide me a license to burn its pride and joy as well, it would have openly and publicly expressed an assumption it was impossible for me to, whilst the Celebrities dragged the privacy of it out into the public but do not have a plan to settle down with me in a marital relationship and think that I am not significant enough to consolidate their famous peoples involvement, decide if I wanted to write a Book on it, a blog or basically move on, which on the contrary I can and they are moving on as well.

I really have no clue as to reasons peddling the story that I am controversial and indecisive is such an obsession. The people who did were decisive when they arrive at a decision that involved reading birth signs to make people bully victims because they were trying to keep the famous from hugging the lime light, just as much as the famous is decisive making big problems from thin air with matters concerning my privacy, complaining about it and building a crowd that will get me to do something about their problems. I am not controversial and indecisive, they are simply not in charge and are out of their depth at this stage – a group of people that did not spend their teens the way I did and whenever they see people engage with social activities show up to put themselves in charge with media presence, make a mess of finances and try to get victims serving them, in my case so bad that I assisted government, so they will damage me and pay me to work for them, the mental illness that causes them to think others were less than human every moment of their stupid time, therefore have been decisive. It is really mostly a matter of activities that their families were blissfully unaware of whilst I ended up on government support for, where they lived to make sense of their unusual interest in where I lived and their finances, for my part it is a matter of an alliance they have forged with people born under dangerous birth signs, whom they have until I became scapegoat been complaining about – it will make the stupid corrupt security industry and narcissistic sales middle management madness statements, about countering my feelings over their stupidities being expressed on my finances like it was on my academic pursuits in which condition were attended our jobs and shopped for our supplies in the most abusive condition, about starting a dialogue that will cause any who entertained my point of view to lose something important, but this turns up regularly, the instances where some of them have taken the top job, were now CEOs, on the question of what they wanted to do with shareholders would be worse off and heads of families will not be getting supplies they were willing to pay for, such that finding another supply source could cost them their jobs, they only want to be popular. I have had enough of its interest in the sordid nonsense of making my Books and wherever my publishers placed it into something that boosts its stupid media presence and Celebrity gimmicks, bottoming out my finances every day, I am now so fed up I want to make an example of their famous twats but it should be noted that when it had gone badly wrong, people will forget its madness had been doing these things to me for years.

They do claim they were unable to read my Books which they are because the Books are a cluster of equity written to fulfil intellectual property administration service, those who read it understand the conditions in which they are, generically, it is not something that can be read comfortably on a sofa, unless you were quite certain that was your preferred setting. It tends to suggest that if the Books had not already been published, I would have been unable to defend it, which is inaccurate as I would rather have taken current circumstances into consideration to create something that will push it into such a difficult position, that it had no choice but to sell or help me sell it, so it is already published and they need to keep away from the Books and its clients as it were. Categorically speaking on the matter of places I would not go and social activities I would not engage in the way I really am as it would not take time for me to get attacked viciously, since they have not introduced themselves to me, I will provide them the label of somebody else’s daughter who is not entitled to pass her insults at me and educate me of crimes that some people commit against entitled twats that involved stabbing them in secret body parts, so paramedics could not find the wound on time to save a life, I do have better things to do with my mind. Details are that they did what they did because of what state provided security did but it was clear they did not want anything to do with state provided security and do not want anything to do with me – the problem is that it never stops getting involved with my clients and brokers for tribalism stupidities that will decide where I was from as a matter of what should become of my assets and client trading partnerships, always once finished settled down on thieving raids, leaving others the task of waging sophisticated wars on its stupidities and those with money, pass the money around as a means that allowed them to pick up my career publicity, public image, assets and earning margins, thereby crashing my Bookshop, in a condition where I have told the public the best way to resolve finances was through the jobs market and set about working the conditions which made it true. Obviously the public does not work like they do, people say crime is happening over there and we are running our affairs over here, those caught up with criminals perform a series of activities where they were in all things set to be better off than the criminals which is an extremely dangerous place to be but they have to keep it going and wait for help, the famous idiots on the other hand are neither on the side of law enforcement or on the side of criminals, it and its stupid fans need to stop threatening me especially when they dream into an assumption that it was unlikely to go badly wrong, as I have had enough of their stupidities around here, not least because they have not as much as found a way yet, to tell those who listen to their insanity, why they were always disrespectful in my direction. They do claim I am not innocent in the matter and I never suggested I was either – I did private security industry work and they forged an alliance with German influence idiots with a community that got imagination into my panties, afterwards met up with the Italian versions of their stupidities that had married the wife I was supposed to marry at the Monarchy and everybody knew me as a coward that can be handled anyway people liked, for attention. Now we are in a place where Celebrities need their security guards to do something about me or risk being forced to fight communists on my behalf, needs to stay away from state provided security, find a personal and social life that does not involve my Trust, my career publicity and my Bookshop and avoid state provided security, especially if the fact its security people were unable to keep their hands to themselves and the biggest source of financial set back for me is that I am sore all over, done from a safe stupid distance. It enjoys showing up on my public image to take its clothes of, so I end up being served by sex workers, what its stupidities does with my concerns was not illegal, no chance that what I did in response about its famous stupidities will be just as legal too. I am educated I admit, about the reasons they are always dirty on the outside and filthy on the inside with an outlook that wanted to decide what my private convictions were, as I can see it meant that any small amount of publicity, allowed them to sift me of the good aspects of my personal and social life, leaving me with the bad and the bad memories too – I am fed up with its famous persons insolence, considering its security fools cannot protect its stupidities from me as well.

Always so stupid it can only learn by sadistically touching, feeling and taking apart to learn secrets and even then does not learn anything, so it resorts to the short cut of personality and publicity stealing, now starting to observe prospects for body part hunting and trophy collection, alongside its famous fools, who want to keep my assets with the help of juju masters. The idea is that important persons have bothered themselves with the messy world of Celebrity which is not the case – I have invested assets, with the purpose to guide brokers at entertainment to build series of social activities through entertainment that sets out a result which allows younger people to arrive at decisions on social matters quickly and accurately – the problem is that the Celebrities got involved, enlisted voodoo masters to help them keep my assets, trashed my crime control publicity to cheapen organised crime products and trashed my wealth equity to get rich fast, now I need a clean break and they were so important I could only get one if they decided it, took it to be a big joke and have already spent 6 years on a battle for a clean break. Hence I am not running it off like so anymore, I want the famous to find a personal and social life which does not involve me or I will not be accountable for actions that will affect any activities around my concerns which their families would prefer to be blissfully unaware of, where their homes were located as well and their financial wellbeing.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland