They do say I have completely changed beyond recognition and people don’t know what they are doing anymore which is not the case – I have only been spending more of my time on myself and because of the interference built up by fools who show up to turn everything I do into money making business its never happy or positive and they are the ones complaining the most about such outcomes. The other story is that the situation I have created is incredibly sad and I will not come through better off which is utter rubbish – if people understand that on the blue corner is a royal Hermit and on the Red is a bunch of Hedonistic goons performing activities they believe adds up to fame and that if Royal Hermit does not stop feeling sore all over with their communities getting imagination up his bum all day long to make him smell of what he ate, he will sack the Celebrity culture for them in return. Otherwise the alternative for Royal Hermit is to hang around putting up the warning for the rest of his life, that as long as their imagination gets up his anus, they are certain to have damage done to the culture and society until he tended to protect and keep their toilet for them, right up to the stage where he can steal it too each time they failed to behave, in the same way, could he pass the warning around for the rest of his life that as long as their imagination gets up his chest, tummy and penis, he will continue to sack and shut down their access to Celebrity culture and popularity, waiting for a time that they will say they took themselves too seriously on the matter of how a history of lies and theft has now left them with mental illness that came from their personal decisions and the cure for it will be a process of getting famous on his Public image, when there stupidities are mad enough for it. I have passed around the sense if I hurt the younger ones the business of being a handful of insulting fools that stupid women love due to the endless abusive talk of others being cowards while they were able to do violence before dishonour caught up with them, they would say their stupidities were so brave that they were fighting my battles and if I harmed the older ones, that I harmed very big things. They speak of the influence of Germany in the matter all the time naturally and I believe that what I have said here is not lost in translation either; the smell insults and abuses have now gone all the way up to Buckingham Palace where they have been told to give it a rest and I have been told to stop looking as though I had done something wrong and am deserving of Punishment but they are rather very keen to progress the matter of an inability to steal a Royal Hermitage Office into something more.

Naturally the insulting talk of me being a Parasite and fake Gentleman fits in perfectly with it. I mean everything I do has now been commercialised by market nepotism and money based insults right up to the business of creating me too movements for women on account I happen to have supported female colleagues and the idiots believe me to be the fake gentleman and parasite all together. The back drop of the story being that since last their idiocy found my State provided security to have been done through surveillance, it had become the fulfilment of all their stupid dreams as well and whilst there might be enough complain for a lifetime, their stupidities have not been doing it for up to a decade, while I have found it impossible to tidy up and return to University to finish academic work that they wrecked. That said, it is how I work as well i.e. stuff their heads with what I know and in the spirit of treating people like animal, they take it with them and always tend to disperse it where I would want them to - it got academic after all. As for the fake Gentleman story, I have no idea if what such claims reveals does make them feel better the way it improves things around here anyway; we all know they think women want to be looked after and once done with the Celebrities that are criminal feminists the women moved on, while the ability of women to make a mess of what they do about gangs and criminals is too big for 'weak females' show up here to get imagination up my bum and cannot keep their mouth shut, the never ending insults and constantly abusive cynicism.

I have been told that I never mention the part that DWP plays in the matter but its utter nonsense as DWP never needed to investigate me over financial support to help me with work and all the employment opportunities I have tried out unsuccessfully, especially just at the time when I thought it was not working and I had to take my matters into my own hands if the politicians were done with misleading activities and practical jokes but they will not give it a rest and now the money had been spent to investigate me and proven to be a waste of Government time and resources while the practical jokes of the Politicians has now turned to violent financial opportunism at my expense and their need to hang around at market building me a reputation for being somebody that does not want to work, given way to culture and society scum whipping my anus because their idiocy had become famous and successful on my Public image. I now need that Public image to run a Bookshop and want that blabbing about my work and person stopped to ensure what people feel about my Books are not altered, for this financial issue they have raised and built me a Global stage reputation for, to be fulfilled - the cannot tidy up and get the academic work finished because of their gimmicks and then this. Otherwise the whole thing does not and never affected me in a wider sense.

I am told that resolving this matter is practically impossible but it isn’t; having worked on it for a while, there is now clear demarcation between my daily concerns and the pointless empty lives of the big brothers and big sisters which causes them to make comments and abuses around my concerns that alter what people feel about my Books, just to put some meaning into their lives but leaving me penniless and then progressing to Media presence insults to use it as a tool for dominance and financial corruption. The reality however is that having pointed it out like so, we can see that there was no need to take action on it but then again so can we see I have been left with very few choices and have not gotten an explanation from them either. There is always a link between putting big brothers and big sisters in their place, so that it does not annoy you so much when they say they are out of your league at a point where you have done the best work for your career and a process of being able to take leave of yourself to get up and chase some money that you need to pay your way in the world by. I do get asked about my role in the matter naturally and its the same story as usual - the men would say that if you asked their spouses you would find their corruption of involvement with my concerns is an indication they always get what they want and how my unhappiness about it will end the story will go to express such a reality as well, while the women will speak of things that happen to pipsqueaks that follow them around over careers they had taken from inferior people.

I. Uno I

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