It is such a spirited fight I suppose when those public media vandalism of my work thing happen and more so in revenge for the impacts I make but it will not change facts about the truth which are that capitalism is said to be flawed and full of double standards because of facts such as these. Surely any normal person would see that the meaning of an economic crisis is that the era of fantasies are over; so now that they have made the crisis worse with their media, it is time for me to laugh as well of course because it will take much, much longer to recover their fantasy stuff again – I mean currently as it stands 20 years at least. It brings me back to the matter of education specifically for the matter itself; complains the government is not doing what it should with education that is, of which for what I am aware of the government cut funding for education because the current system is corrupt, full of people who seem to realise that there needs to be closer proximity between the education system and the employment system and so decide that the education system is where they want to establish their systems of social and academic equality, which never really works because they are corrupt and soon end up with access to their so called talented tortured souls while they lumber employers with their stupidities.

I am informed that I answer to no other authority but mine and its utter nonsense HM does not get along with Daddy characters, I dropped out of University for not doing so – there is nobody holding me to anything for just getting up and getting back to University but so much has changed because of the advantage created by Daddy characters since they wrecked my academic work, on account other Royals want to play a part in such a thing; so it means that while the academic work is not done, everything I do at this Office sees society goons slip in new work from the backdoor and it keeps going round in circles, hence appears to be something that has to be physically stopped with the media now knowing that their practical jokes over the exhilarating way I respond to this is something I have endured up to my neck. They have however suggested that Royals get people the hard way round all the time which is utter nonsense as they are no Politicians and Polity state of Affairs says the Politicians are on the left, they are no Royalty while Polity State of Affairs says Royals are on the right – the rest is just their need to make a serious mess for everybody and pretend they are in charge because their Industry fools that wreck the academic work and pass exams to show up at Industry with an imagination that goes up my Bum think I will not be taking the job from them so I might do the same things to their stupid selves as well, getting around the streets passing on insults that suggest people just walk around the Public spaces being their subordinates, so society comes up with ideas too and says there is a space on the right where they are very important and not a lot of people are aware of it, which has nothing to do with National state of affairs anyway.


However pound for pound every government always ends up spending more than expected on education; yesterdays work force are never today’s one and today’s one always need time to gain necessary experience but in my view the way education is managed is horrendous by itself; the government does not give any thought to how much student spend on mobility after they graduate – the need to get on the housing ladder, the wardrobe malfunctions and mistakes that are eventually put right which can only happen by spending money, the feeding regimes and experimentation around it etc, what they think they should do is that whenever they want to play with fees and costs they just do it and we are not talking about the US yet as it were, those are in a different league and the distance between the qualifications village and the employment village is impossible to account for with respect to size, it was better some years ago after students began to take keep interest on looking into the matter like they always do by themselves but thinking ahead caught the attention of the Politicians and so it got worse naturally. It appears we think education does not have an elastic demand thing and it will begin to tell on us when important jobs move elsewhere in the world and most British students settle for qualifications that are cheapest and bring about the highest level of dividends for example; so of course contrarily, it does, hence with catastrophic misunderstanding it is always suggested quite like the alternative explanation for why my personality is the way it is in physical appearance or the claim (since I am a Christian) that Jesus Christ came to the world to show that the suffering of the few will always save the many, by which it is more important to develop and foster the filthy idea that the sufferings of the few is a necessary acquisition needed to save the many, instead of make real laws and social policy and is therefore acceptable, they say I advocate for less government interference and then for more of it to contradict myself. Making mention of these parameter of my work should therefore make it clear there is no such thing as the much acclaimed notion that I give away much about the contents of my books that there is no longer a point in buying them; it is a load of rubbish from a set of idiots that have no respect for anything in their lives and like to set out their age as an excuse for it, which as it stands, the destruction and of the bragging is a matter that has its own definite way of coming to an end too.

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