Of recent all have been going well save the fact that cowards have been clinging to brave and successful men, to a point of sacrificing peoples careers to support the female society that can also be taken up by Men. I wouldn’t know anyway, I know that their problem was the degree of abuses and insults they channel at me and the way I think they were free to get accustomed to it, as I didn’t care what they showed respect for but then again we have ended up in this situation where female journalists that get involved with a Court I built for such a purpose, are involved with their Husbands and a fair minded media twat, confirming their belief that they know there to be consequences for their activities but I was not important enough for the consequences to apply. So that we have been clinging to them, wrecking their lives and careers beats the imagination but does serve to express how little they know about me and their inability to understand my frustration, if they could not stop clinging to my Bookshop and making comments on my social life.

So we ought to begin with the fact we are now so close to the part where I needed to draw up a list of pressure points, such as those who say I needed to shut up and fuck the women saying it in a way that affected my tummy, those who said I was an infidel doing the same as well, the women who claimed my personality was built by sleeping with peoples wives doing the same and then it all adds up to the insults of the men and the smell issues and then the jobs and dignity that people lose because of it. Such that this is about to become my main preoccupation, as a preamble to a process where the way that they did this in every turn while walking away with their salaries to find such activities amusing, became a real problem that had to be solved.

Then there is the part about the problem with Celebrities, whereby firstly they claimed I was in trouble at the Monarchy as soon as they picked up what the Queen said about my activities being motivational and set about handling me on behalf of the Queen. The outcome is about to play out and these sorts of nonsense are about to serve as catalysts, since it is not clear how important exactly a hand full of gits who expect people in service of government to cover and kiss their backsides as they tried to get rich, believe makes them important people when they get paid for being popular and got to share the money with local people who thought that their stupidities were. Like they say they will never stop handling my Books and through it my finances until I got into a fight with people to make them feel safe, which is an example of the way their understanding of the same popularity they wreck people’s lives with, involved Princes fighting for them and not the other way round. Besides which if I did, I would have needed an enemy and then we would find out whether either way I got hurt or I harmed somebody, how exactly it was likely to help them feel safer that I did.

I have had enough of it at this stage, not just the part about addressing me as though I am a servant they accounted for financially while I have never received a penny from them but it is now becoming a matter of handling my business with publishers to set it out as a point for their new fame, which some people have rightly pointed out is a grave situation, a total destruction of my career and it does not bother me as such, since it has served me well propelling me to develop a process of getting involved with their Celebrity culture to withdraw access to my concerns when they were not ready for me to do so; we have seen the whole thing play out in terms of the believe they had that they were famous and could have whatever they wanted, hence a risk that I might end up in a Law Court being sued because I spoke and the way I spoke had been picked up by a fame idiot who patented it to their stupid names – it is a problem I had set about solving by keeping records while allowing them run their course for a while, hence means to the afore mentioned results. The boasting that I cannot take them on is nothing new, we all know that they will claim I am the one acting dangerously when I had set about shutting down all that might allow people get paid for being popular, which encouraged them to try and harm me in order to make me more co-operatives, for which reasons I had them beaten up as well or according to the way their minds wonder, I probably did worse too.

For the time being they say that I have made everything incredibly difficult for them and yes, I have; I have had them so badly tangled up with me that when they stopped handling me, they will be faced with either dropping to obscurity or abandoning all that supplied them popularity sensibility at my expense, considering more so that people were paying them while they were at it. It makes sense of those tales that they were out of my league while what has really happened is the frustrating way that they have done it again i.e., the culture and society goons were bad enough a challenge but they have now taken this part where their children want to play with peoples livelihoods to a whole new stage and it is so bad that communities that follow them around to run me down at the career, are hanging around getting imagination into my private body parts. The entire time people will ask about prognosis for their behaviour and it will turn out it’s all a matter of their career and how the way they got about it relied on others I.e. somebody else’s behaviour caused them to lose opportunities for advancement at work and we have already been through that part before the person was a character that was a coward that never fought battles to help others feel safe, where none knows what their confusion was, if they picked up investments and were working in partnership with others but for some reason wanted my assets as well, when they didn’t know what my name is and it was all nothing but the same tale of corrupt fat cats claiming that they made rules at the Monarchy. For my part I have not been able to account for the way I have spent the past three years of my time and it is the last of these gimmicks that I will tolerate too.

We have seen something similar with the Fashion Industry where they must get involved with people’s concerns but there is always another way but the correct way to do things and then I get left with the business they picked up with culture and society goons – so I will end up thinking at least I wrote a Book that helped but it turns out the Books are the reasons they had decided they had seen my abilities and all which gets in the way of the hope I will get into a fight with people to provide them with security had to be eliminated. So normally people would think these pressures developed abuses by which a person may decide they wanted a media presence that will help them spend the incomes of those who engaged in it but my mind is not wired like that at all, I would rather be thinking of how to ensure that their careers were tangled up with local grocery markets and the lawns and backyards of the hoodlums that helped them run it that way, whereby if I became determined to get them seriously harmed in the process, nothing would have suggested that I would be held legally responsible. It is the reasons I see their need to take pictures of themselves befriending criminals for magazines that show up at top shelves everywhere while handling my Bookshop to goad me into a fight with random people on the streets, as a form of defence mechanism but they believe they had the upper hand and have no wish to stop doing damage here. Even now we see evidence they were good at starting trouble but had nothing when it came to resolving it; I have not had my activities looked into as such, when I had decided the abusive use of my work and the need to get me tangled up with criminals while addressing me as if I am a servant they accounted for financially and picking up statements Politicians make about their us v Police stupidities that will inevitably get them howling like rabid dogs over basic rights when Politicians lost the job, have not done a thing about displaying their activities on social media as patent breach gimmicks and pornography. I mean Politicians always make those statements about people going on with a certain behaviour that eventually produced outcomes in which others took up the job – we always assume they were talking about some character that will get on howling like rabid dogs over civil rights issues and this is the reason it is always respected and I am getting fed up with ‘us v Police’ stupidities that get Politicians talking like that, trashing my career for the same statements while they are not public figures.

For their part they say my behaviour produces the same effects at the Monarchy and that I have these issues to deal with because I had enemies there. The truth however is that none knows what their interest in people doing national security jobs at the Monarchy was – I mean we are talking about a soldier having a small business that helped them secure tools if they felt they couldn’t get it from government on time or to set out the means by which they secured intelligence to get their jobs done etc and for some reason, Celebrities are all about this on account they want to be protected by the soldiers, then will they get to see scenes of dead bodies and consequences of conflict, show up here with culture idiots that are so stupid they drag people down the discrimination route to abuse me all the time, while they showed up to express the insanity that had befallen them on my finances. I mean they want to be protected by an army all the days of their lives but when Government operatives and show effects of military work, it does not make them insane, it makes people at government work more aware that war was a total loss of all they had tried to accomplish until it occurred and yet we know we are doing this because Celebrities were important.

Eventually it does become a simple matter for me i.e., the culture gits are just stupid while they are insane, and I have used the two as a guiding point for recovering my social life as far back as I can remember I started making sense of the abusive aspects of their involvement. Their need to cling to my finances however have now set it quite clearly, that unless what they are chasing ends up in the hands of people, I have clear business with at Industry, instead of their famous stupidities, I will be single, and cash strapped forever. We have seen this to be the case when they claim that they had social rights to handle me and my concerns because it was unusual and needed to be put through show business and was very big – so that it was quite clear that if I worked as they wanted me to, I would lose the freedom to work when I wanted to, besides which they were more interested in how big what I did was, than they were in not handling others, even when the risk was that there could be an outcome in which state provided security for public figures was so huge that they ended up being seen howling on platforms over basic rights. I mean even now we see that they will perform these activities to claim they were public figures serving a purpose; the only I am aware of being their need to trash people’s lives and thereby offer the public equality that gets people making them rich through the purchase of show business products – if this goes to the banks, the banks will now what ethic was and what drowning it was, what other people’s property was and what it meant when somebody ran a business on the basis of working acquisition on what does not belong to the investors but they will approve loans never the less because people are not coming forward and the celebrities have displayed profits, such that the only people with authority to provide leadership would be the central banking leadership and this will go up to the chancellor of the exchequer, all of whom are people that have the time for it but if they didn’t do it, we will run ourselves into poverty and then go to war thereafter. Here they boast about causing the struggles but upon saying what I have, will understand the game is up, soon after we will find them adopt a position to say that they had money to invest for the same purposes I am complaining about and I still cannot make sense of which they found difficult if I expressed displeasure that they were handling my Books and making comments on my social life – at this stage which I am now completely fed up and it needs to be shut down.

All I am trying to do at this stage is to simply round it up and put and handle on it – mostly it was all okay before the Duke of Sussex decided to be a Men world Prince, knowing that they were building this so-called life of men for a time that his Father, the Prince of Wales will ascend the throne and were concerned people would discover their plans, as they were equally concerned that those who did would thwart it. Mostly it was a case of their interest in my wealth equity structures, so they would buy products women put up on it until I got into trouble, then get about setting their daughters to put products on it which they buy until I got into trouble – so there was no need for a response until the Duke of Sussex.

I. Uno I

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