It is so annoying when they get off claiming I am homosexual; it is incredibly annoying at face value because they never stopped exploring my civic duties, to settle up on the discovery of things I did to feel safe, then get about spending it on themselves with a back up media presence for degrading me if I wanted it back – so it beats the imagination every time that I am said to be homosexual. The context of the insult which is likely to encourage me to do something that gets them to eat hospital food for instance being that it sends out society gits, criminals and foolish women to run me down all the time and now that it appears all I had left was my naked body, it decided to say that I was homosexual on National Media on account I did not get into a fight with anybody, while its industry idiots worked this nonsense to distract me from what I am doing and cling to my income the entire time. I don’t think that it is a crisis, it does become a matter of the question of when the business of famous idiots picking up my income is intended to end – it does and then it does and then it does again some more and sets about blabbing of the way I could never take them on whilst so many people had careers and I had no reason to complain about any of those like I do about their own, leaving me angry enough to set out an objective and get around to implementing it, the entire time it does not want a situation where I drew up a list on the matter – the way it runs me down all the time blabbing about cowardice to cling to my earnings and shower me with insolence alongside industry idiots, the way that it sets about ripping up my career because it thought the enemies I made were wealthy and it wanted to be a part of it, the way that it makes those stupid statements about brave things I had to do to deserve my career while in 20 years of targeting me with it to get paid for being popular on my social life, their famous stupidities have not seen the inside of a Police station and have never set foot in a military barracks and then decide exactly when we are going to kick it off. For my part this is no longer as issue since that part of industry and employment is full of abusive bottom chasing gimmicks, it tackles me all the time when it knows that Royalty are not meant to work in such a manner, tears down my finances and gets off running me down every time it is seen in the company of its fellow industry gits making stupid statements about careers I picked up which were too big for me and probably their own which kills off my Book sales, while their American fools cannot keep the distant violence hands to themselves – first stop, I am somewhere around 90% in the process of collecting those stupid ways of doing business, which is linked to ruining peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, when I do collect 100% of it, then will they get it back as it were – overall, it carries on like this because we were tied to Americans in Diplomacy, the distant violence bits never got me fucking up the south American gimmicks properly last time we checked, so I think that I am set to take them up on the American Economy practical jokes for it too, they will then have to decide for me when we got to cross the line of US/UK relations for it, as I am not making the decision myself. This is the stupid myth behind the idea that I was so vulnerable that I had to appeal for help from people who were trying to smother me, it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I never respond to it because they were making the most of UK/US relations – however we have reached a certain stage – such as when Celebrities issued threats at me because the insolence of their marketing fools had set out such an abusive behaviour towards me from trade underbelly communities in the cities, that I could not step outside of my door without dealing with smell issues, about which I had built up the racism and favouritism for them as well as a form of PR that they had to live with and I had to make money with. It is a process on either side apparently – on their side, they turn up here to run me down with the filth of their nepotism, pick up at the other end with gimmicks that were backed up by a crowd who saw them suffer as victims and would attack me if I tried to make them victims again, clinging to my earnings to say that their problems were bigger and settling up on brave things I had to do to deserve my career. On my side a bunch of society gits claim that they have been fighting my wars, which purpose was to set them out as characters that provided leadership for young people they could use for violent purposes, so I pick up what they did to try and convince people of this and peddle it as evidence that they were responsible for fighting my wars, while their stupid children ran me down alongside community croons making stupid statements about which side of society I am meant to end up in, having recently freed themselves from the question of moving into my right hand as per their families were doing National service in this Country and the abusive narcissism, especially bottom chasing gimmicks, have I set out as the PR that Celebrities have asked for. Originally, it was a matter of their need to get paid for being popular on my social life which would not be given up until the racism and favouritism gimmicks got me dropping out of University, so I took up the abusive threats as an indication they wanted the Public life that existed at the Arch Prince’s Office while they decided since I was offering I needed to allow them prepare for the fame which was not one of my interests, once done a new crisis broke out because Celebrities were sharing my Public image too and after years of first working hard to prevent the stupid famous practical jokes catching up with my career, they have worked hard to ensure it does, now we cannot get along and the idiots will not cease picking up my earnings and getting fingers up my bum. We are now living in a world where their history looked like that, especially the part where the fools who sold the show business got to tell me how to pass exams, find a good job and work hard as a method of being successful playing into it too (wise arse) and I am not interested in talking about racism and favouritism when the little details are so filthy they made some really powerful smell issues problem for them  that I can maintain through my social life, so that I may have fun as well, then I picked up a private security Industry job and they set about a need to be served my me, such that the incessant business of ripping up my patents to make their own money, not only gave way to celebrities intruding into my concerns to build publicity that determined that I became something their famous stupidities were comfortable with but it also needed to get me into a fight all the time and use the results to sell products. We can therefore see that it was easy to avoid this sort of PR and History by allowing my career the success it deserves, not picking up my PR, breach my patent margins and use publicity to move the income processes towards another business and then pick up the market prospects to spend on another product, show up shooting off the big mouth at me when each time I eliminate Celebrities from my concerns they spend the stupid money to build up another one; they claim this was a diplomatic route that showed respect their stupidities deserved but what I really mean is that I am keeping the filth of their PR which I have already built up and my websites do not belong to them – so there is the part where I am straight and the part where I am crooked too. Eventually the question of this being hatred for Celebrities but it isn’t, just 10 years of daily nausea associated with famous idiots picking up my earnings and that was after I dropped out of University due to the little details associated with their racism and favouritism which shows no signs of stopping, so I have to prepare to do something manual. The problem is that they think they are important but they are not – imagine I said all these in the social cold of an Office environment, then would it become clear that their activities had no meaning of purpose but it would be willing to run your down, build a crowd that saw when it was a victim and protected it from being a victim again, then cling to your income and demand that you did something brave to get into trouble with the Police and thereby deserve it, so I worked hard to keep it out and their stupidities worked hard to get in, now they have, we cannot get along and we need to decide how it ends or they need to cease picking up my earnings. It is a classic case of the way it works before somebody decided there were criminals over there and the next time an idiots child will be responsible for making a mess of my career, keep their salary and find their stupidities amusing, their Daddies will lead me out to war and abandon me to my death or I will find an alternative for them which operates in the same way.

The inequality issues have always been a matter of working on people affiliated with me having such a thin line of employment options which is caused by their need to run off tribalism raids on other peoples lives, then show up later to trash my career and hang about with Politicians deciding that passing exams, finding a good job and working hard was the best way to make money, while they had a filthy history in this place that was not mine to keep. It may be picked up and used to work me for civil rights humiliation, until I got my hands on the civil rights gimmicks as well. The Celebrities on the other hand were a simple matter of the way that a famous idiot will hang about tourist destinations, running me down for privileges while taking its clothes off, then the question of the proximity of an MOD training centre of facility and the chances that I will get a feedback for it, so we can see that building up a social disposition where they were not too famous to be approached and I could say anything I wanted to them and pick up those stupid photographs taken to blow kisses at criminals on my Public image, when displayed on the internet or sold through magazines that turn up at the corner shops, any time that I wanted to, was not the worst that I could do.

I. Uno I

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