It is not actually the case that I am unable to handle the Cults and Gangs issues; this is what befalls goons who have made me from a normal person into an animal by making use of Books I have sacrificed health and Public life to create without paying for it and deserve everything they get especially when we hear them boast and then complain about extremism at the same time. The reality of the matter is that the distant violence is usually tolerable if business and work associates are safe and working relationship is Good, which is also why my position on the predicament of the civil rights trouble makers that are also the biggest market for organised crime product is justified.

Now they say I am in trouble with the Media as it becomes more obvious that strong people with thick skin ever do well in journalism and the Media trade but itís all very well when they have money put away somewhere that helps them cope with anything that may get them closer to the prison service and show up to make trouble for me the whole time, in the confidence that with the help of clinically insane community croons, they will ensure nobody takes it from them before the fight starts, even when they are aware this will never work in my case all together. So when I mention it they will say they are broken and I should accept some liability for it which I really should not; these are a group of goons that are likely to do everything that a fool who got on my media equipment to ask me to make myself into a plaything so they can reach the heights of their dreams with media careers before they ask any questions about facts whenever they hear the complains and therefore should not be blaming anybody else for where they have ended up too. They do like to say they will make me eat my words, which is unlikely to be the case since I am rather used to setting out that I fancy older women because it gets the society goons stuck with their insane wives, in the same way I say the stupidest of the human race are mostly female because the feminist nonsense that this crap is really all about does not leave anything to the imagination and of course I am really good at doing both. Usually it is fine if I said they should not be blaming others when they do anything media trouble makers want first and then ask questions later, supposing they are complaining about being broken, until somebody says I am in trouble here or in trouble there and so on; we all know they claim my alliance with them is the reason for all my problems while what happens is for instance a Journalist who gets involved with my Court and uses some of my systems as a trading support measure during her spare time, having another journalist set up to do the same things in a way that will see the money end up with them as well in some strange twisted form of made up superiority revenge Ė so that the ones that claim they are members of my Court are usually busy also claiming that I sleep with them, which means their husbands can have my property before the truth is located and if not claiming I sleep with them while setting their stupid children off on my Public image to be young and free, they are busy making sure I end up with enough financial complications to be forced to try and make a living from civil rights. Then we hear nothing I have done has had an effect which in my view means most of their complains about me getting them stuck somewhere as much as they enjoy putting to me a proposition where I am stuck somewhere doing some fighting so somebody else can deploy my public image to get rich has not actually worked Ė so I might feel a need to move it on further from a measure which secures a process where they understand what it feels like for others to put such stupid propositions to people all the time, into something far more malicious, malicious enough to ensure they are scared of people for a change in their stupid lives. I do get told if I mentioned that as long as there are industry scum from popularity canopies of narcissism feeding money into it, it will never give me a breathing space, that I am in danger of going too far but I think I can make my own judgements and can handle this matter is a proficient way and wish to be allowed to do it my way. These matters are not unusual, they are the beginnings of a process where dealing with nauseating processes of financial difficulties because media fools are extracting an income from my work and my fame while companies are expecting me to snap out of that madness that I need to trade my Books to make a living while I need to look after the Books and my fame instead, will eventually give way to a clash with the Media and I will certainly not be making it an answer for all the problems that have happened here as well Ė especially considering all that bragging while they can no longer bully me with Live Aid and other forms of Charity work. I mean itís usually fine most of the time when people get involved with me at a Court system in order to support their parents and they realise their money will not dominate anybody if I continued to have that and proceed to start a process of vandalism and destruction while complaining I never do a thing at the Office unless they had suffered first before I got around fixing the problem thereafter which of course is one of the effective ways of making sure the idea the parents of those who get involved with me are at risk remains the fantasy that it is Ė it is usually fine but there is no way they can tell me that doing the bits about kids being young and free with my public image and finances will not disturb it and if a continued process of telling them off leads to disobedience that is going to undo work I have done on crime and violence for instance , any reasonable person would be able to see that it is causing me enough distress to take serious action. As for the getting into trouble bits by itself, itís difficult to see how that could ever manifest while the answer for all their business problems is striking my bum and complaining about stale markets when they could hang up the hat and retire just as they were warned from the very beginning about Princes who build Estate Book trading business on what the world knows of their business empires not existing on this planet as it were, they were warned from the very beginning of the recession. I mean I know I want to earn money, so if it have to earn it by selling a product, then the process effectively involves taking up the apparatus in question and working for people who actually do not have the time for it, not pillaging other peopleís public life in order to discover some Royal mystery that serves as customer care for luxury Clients at whose hands I can get rich quick and in my case it is even more acute because it goes beyond the public image and becomes a case where you can never find them read the Book that they love to use so much, whenever they wish to make products and music that takes advantage of Industry efficiency oversight and is becoming more and more serious as though the need to beat down my finances has become a matter of physical confrontation all together. So it is a Private equity intellectual property administration business that sells its Books for an income and I would fancy they put the stupid comments away on their foolish media, clown around somewhere else on the finances of those that will not make them complain so much if it is a problem Ė I do get told the description of my business is amusing but we all know if Mr Manager had five people who worked with him on what happens when company brand ends up somewhere it would still be intellectual property administration but what sets mine apart being my equity is private, it is brokered and it is creative and we all know none of the things I have said will have effect and they will claim itís a new career they will teach me lessons by stealing; as we all know once work on crime and violence is done, the threat that will destroy it all is always the Media and the clash is seeming more inevitable than ever before.

The Politicians will be the goons that tear up peopleís finances for decades and while preaching all that being tough on crime and poverty, none of that destruction created a question of how I am paying my Bills the whole time as an issue that fits into parliamentary proceedings, just like their media fools followed it up setting me up on a pedestal and continuing the bullying process until a state of affairs emerged and we ended up in this situation because they had the guts to blame me for it too. So unless they are taught lessons where community croons show up in the chambers to chase their bottoms and make statements about money swirling around in the Country and since none ended up where they were, their children had a right to get involved with criminal activity, it never takes a turn for the better. They do speak of so much hate towards a particular people, which is utter nonsense; it is better understood when you say if the matter of the need to tear up my finances and move into my right hand until I am a freak in a bid to turn me into a personality that has done some gang fight so that my desires may be fulfilled were to be put into context - the Military will be people who were professional users of weaponry, City Centre operatives would be professional users of thought processes and mind and work, they would be two bit scum in the middle doing filthy deeds and clinging to other peopleís public image as the answer for everything getting used to insults and factorising others abusively - so it is going to end in a clash with the media if I cannot attain other ways of keeping them off building insane popularity culture on my personality or showing up all over my Books and Public image even to tell me that I have reached such a point of discomfort that I was better off letting them have the public image they have clung to for so long, even when I have informed their stupidities such a thing will happen in the hottest part of hell itself probably, it is just another stupid proposition and will end very badly.

Now the Politicians will claim I never resolve any issues conclusively but I know what these matters are all about; I know each time people have conversations about my views on homosexuality it is largely linked with somebody having a fantasy of getting inside my bum and wanting to fulfil his dream in any way possible - I know each time people perform a distant violence at me, apart from the bit where it encourages racism, it is usually a process of getting some sadism and narcissism out of me without going through the processes of consenting adulthood and I know every one of these insults and abuses are aimed at making sure people can satisfy these sensations they have of me and I know the first time I had to confront the matter, it was the one where I had to be detached from my introverted personality so Politicians might move into my right hand and enjoy feelings of a personality that those whose decisions have affected the lives of criminals actually deserve to enjoy and I know it was the beginning of the things I have done to ensure they know I will terrify them out of those insolent saloon cars in the city centre each time it becomes unbearable; so what do those who think there is a problem I need to solve conclusively and therefore a need to get around deploying government office and media for such shit and holding me down somewhere and making sure there was propensity for me to be trapped, know about the matter? We are here because I want my education to proceed without any further interference from their stupidities if they want to avoid the trouble they are complaining about and the same applies to my Book sale business and my fame and financial wellbeing - otherwise we all know the reasons it will never be over until insane community croons show up in the chambers of parliament to chase their bottoms as well following a process where their insulting Political power means their idiots are always seeing me naked and doing some gesture that strewn my private parts in public, which also means I never have my Office to myself and every sentence is followed by my arse being strewn and then my penis and perhaps my head and or my eyes and so on, I know there is a stupid connection between my body fluids and people getting rich and I know the filthy things Politicians and media do to offer them a means of making use of my Books and public image amounts to offers and capitulation on my behalf while they get up on a pedestal to continue the dream of seeing me in a gang fight - so what do the fucking know about solving a problem conclusively before their stupidities see their own go horribly wrong as well and then there will be enough sex for all after.

They do love speaking of hopeless conditions if I mentioned the fact I love the cries over spilled milk that comes with doing anything after the bad stuff has already most, most of which is manufactured for practical jokes and gimmicks by the way but it is not; they need to get a Book from this Estate not show up to create me a fight every day to seek their stupid conveniences and tell me even my Books is doing some of it and they want more and it was all my fault and I will never sell the Books unless they are getting what they can see I have got with money I can account for better than they can but like to think they own anyway, looking for trouble, telling me what I am supposed to say and how much of it and when the whole time. Itís not a hopeless situation, its security guards and Lesbians and perverted goons with money to throw around looking for ways to clean up the mess that is their lives by getting inside somebody else. Itís not a hopeless situation, itís the one where somebody was sexually assaulted and if I gave them a million pounds it was not enough, until I was sexually assaulted too and then that would make two of us and send a message that when it is evil it always has problems and those stupid rich persons comments clipping my Books is something they will get surprised has courted a physical response too. Three years of assisting some women with Gender inequality issues and I am stuck with this nonsense everywhere in the world especially in Asia, so far itís only 14 years of it since I started the project as it were but it should have lasted a lifetime if I was not such a responsibility to handle all together with their big mouth. Itís not a contentious issues at the moment - just a simple case of having the millions without pillaging anymore of my income margins to dream of things I will do to make them feel special right down to a Royal Prince that will get into a fight for them because they have money; I have ended up with a system that is more valuable than the Books I am selling through it and we all know they are blabbing that I have not got an Empire as well; so now itís a gimmick, its important people saw that they did need to get the Books and lay off the system, now itís a gimmick they need see there is a lot of play for around here.

The matter in terms of the foot soldiers was never an emotive one; it comes up with stories all the time about how I get around degrading women and this in turn creates the idea the fools have a plan while reality is that the Films are better when the women are relaxed and so is the news and every popularity culture twaddle that appears to be their main concern but itís just better when I say it as it tends to mean something of Royalty can be stolen thereof with a big mouth. I mean time and again when the Woman at the work Court make a real statement about being relaxed, we find gimmick emerge to express the real man positions which suggests I prefer them to behave as secretaries a cracked up out of my league will not communism keep his mouth where people appreciate it and so it serves as a lesson to keep appointing themselves to decide what happens with the academics and finances of religious people as it were, decide my case so I drop out of University and cannot clean up and pick up my work where I left off if I tried over 6 years looking for trouble with a queer society and a stupid media the whole time. There is no need for all these things as such; they do not have to get after me, they do not need a plan, they need to let women relax and blabbing at me about how this was a threat is good because I cannot get anything done and even my Books which depend on choices others make at market is not getting sold because women are not relaxed and they are all over the place getting cracked up out of my league the whole time a lesson learned. It speaks of women and plays these practical jokes all the time with them; the women have done me a favour and I have taken it and it means they own me and own everything I do and the stupidities associated with making sure I am always dealing with dizzying financial complications until their civil rights money loving stupidities is rich beyond its wildest dreams continues with that big mouth on media all of the time and it seems it has a plan already of how I get around degrading women with no basis for it; only needs to let the women relax, that was all it needed.

I understand the reference to me is that of a black man who dares to come to their Country without work in hand but we all know it is not as important as the part where Government is listening to people for a change of recent, which is utter rubbish; what has happened is that the government has become better positioned to punish their civil and criminal disobedience than ever before, what we have had is a series and series of cascades in this Country of a disposition where the entire government endlessly deals with last straws that breaks the Camelís back because making the government listen to the people is not what their stupidities do for a living and this sort of blabbing will put some things into overdrive as well very quickly Ė I mean I am always seeing them around my Royal Estate because that is where the prospects of having a Country they run is seen to be greater but it is likely to lead to outcomes where they find out what I am capable of as well if they squander it. In the end we are very different people and they are not my main problem which is rather that Mr Obama was a genius who needed to have black community croons listened to, since the need to trap religious and moral people and force sex on them or the need to destroy anything that looks like self-made security or the need to tackle people finances over some publicly moral behaviour has had an effect that those who practice it are unaware of usually shows they are good people not that the finances of their criminal children gets depleted by our very need to live in a safer and more civilised world; so he had to spend 8 years ripping my Book sales and breeding more civil rights insolent girls that will have those stupid violent bits available to them for another generation while he carves out areas of Africa and the Middle East where he can be King and cannot stop screwing around with Australians and Canadians. Otherwise for the most part, these scum should know that the reason walking around the streets feels like living in Sodom is because of their stupid insulting three to five bedroom flat and mid-range saloon car connections and when it gets on my nerves one more time I will show them what listening to the people in real terms really looks like as well, especially with respect to those stupid insulting celebrities who look like they want a piece of mine all the time over my Books and Royal Estate Asset property Ė the connections of which they have got any by the way, the need to ensure people exist by connections all the time, on account nobody is paying attention to the stupid wickedness all together.

I am aware they will join the services and handle me but I had created this outcome where their stupid celebrities can never be wealthy enough to exhibit some talk to the hand routines at me about 12 years ago; I have been keeping an eye on that since and they can join whatever they wish. The story of a fight on my behalf that these people are carrying through which I am too cowardly to do for myself is that which beats my imagination all together; I mean these are very evil people mostly, so if they wreck my finances itís just money, if they put some time gap between me and some recovery we all know they are twisted but if the threats and familiarity and appropriation and crowd building goes beyond this is persecution but we are all here because the Politicians have created this myth that after years of equality laws, religious people and LGBT have been forced to get on with each other whereas reality is that there is no such thing; in the end of which the kinds of lies and bullying that Politicians perform on behalf of LGBT tends to mean that everybody becomes convinced which one is making all the trouble. I am not exaggerating when I speak of pure evil here; everybody knows I am being punished because I detached their wickedness from mainstream living on account I am constantly being attacked in order to ensure I am fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods all the time, now we all know there are civil rights women who hate me enough to kill me and the familiarity that is tolerated here has to be looked at again Ė the trouble is with the media ones whose ability to decide what the minds of the general public should be made up as, can never run out of incentive but we all know there is a negative impact on the health when they ruin finances because they wish to deploy the processes whereby the victims have to work for another one as a means of getting feelings of preferential treatment, all done as they express the fight they are happy and gay. I should mention at the end however that the reasons the provocation persists is the sheer greed associated with their wickedness - half the time they provoke people and provoke themselves and become the victims of criminal activity, the other half the time religious people are in their view trying to make a living from provocation that they created while they tell lies about who is responsible for the evils of society because there is no way the Politicians will not punish religious people financially on account it is convenient to whenever their secretes are brought into the open.

They say they want to see me condemn racism publicly while the reality is that everybody condemns racism publicly, they do and I do; but what we find them perform on the ground is far from condemning racism, what we find them do is compare pictures of white privilege and black persecution that involves two pictures, one which shows five boys getting together to say they do not want other people and are comfortable with what they know, of which what they do in their private time is not what is being said or shown, with another picture showing a black person that is telling others to hand over all they know so that he can become important and famous and wealthy, exerting some public disturbance that was always going to come to him as a result, with Police all over him, to claim white people are privileged and Police is institutionally racist. In my case, I simply have an inability to be pushed in the right direction no matter what people do; from blocking my finances to hurting my tummy etc and if I mention that is what they are doing we find them claim I have set an exception for myself which means I can control the Police better Ė reality of which is usually that what happens on the ground is that the Police protect religious people as well as they do LGBT for instance and so the religious guy that has been tackled and attacked and hit and persecuted will turn to a criminal process of handling his abusers and when the Police confront him, they will tell him it adds nothing to him or takes anything from him when people are LGBT, thus he does not have the right to take the Law into his hands Ė when they protect Religious people from LGBT they will say itís good to mock and abuse but itís still the one that is used to get things done so people can live in peace and prosperity; what happens with the Politicians being that they show up to kill Pastor like we saw the Bill Clinton Government do at WAKO about 2 decades ago, so that the pastor killed himself along with culture and society goons he felt showed up at his Home to play with him all the time, believing he had solved a problem but the outcome of his death was that one of his Congregation who went by the name of Mr Timothy Mc Vey became one of Americaís first home grown terrorist and was executed on the watch of George W. Bush in 2001, the same year that the Twin Towers were blown up by Al-Qaida Ė none can actually say they are not unaware of these gimmicks these guys play around with all the time and decide what we are supposed to think and condemn and approve of with media by, as they ensure their whole lives and careers are built on people losing their minds and thinking nobody is doing it for them out there; they happen every time. We see the Middle East ones show up on Russian State controlled Television to play out their own all the time since Hilary Clinton did not win the elections Ė the British must pay for what they have done in the middle east apparently and I were a special case but reality is still that when you do it for them they hurt you, when you do it for somebody else they hurt you, when they get hurt you get hurt, when you get hurt they hurt you, all of which translates into running a business in the City Centre and having certain people who are inferior to them like they are inferior to white people, laced with foolish women and drip, drip, insults that the LGBT Community uses as a tool to decide what happens to other peopleís importance and public image as well all day long while they blab about those who think they are tough but can be beaten up by wives and daughters and conduct profitable sexism with and so it reaches a stage where you feel sorry that the drone strikes happened but recognise that nothing has changed anyway, not even that stupid insulting LGBT community on the other hand keeping from building the insane popular culture on my Court systems and stretching it from the US to Japan across this Estate. In the end, as I have mentioned before it does not annoy me they exist as such but I have whittled it down to a very small thing that is about buying Books here or not doing so and I am not the one complaining about being made to feel like a piece of meat at the moment either, hanging about with a real clearly set out hope that somebody will beat up somebody else out there to make him feel comfortable even if its women getting beaten up.

It feed into this case where it is said my Books cause divisions in the US for example Ė what they really mean of which is that there is a certain type of liberal racism linked to their witchcraft and the selection of certain people from the far right to do their bidding when their greed reaches a peak which has been taken out by a Book that was written in the knowledge they are likely to act in such ways, therefore so have I become really keen to see what it is exactly they are going to do when I do not take the Book that causes nostalgia out of the market and stopped writing or selling it with their big democrat land of the free witchcraft thing Ė it is an old story behind the reasons I had to act on every structure Obama has created with US Tax payer funds to let them get rich and show up around my concerns to express relentless drag queen greed rubbish and threaten me all the time Ė that the Book I wrote for a writing career that faced up to the fact I had paid attention to a reality where they are likely to act in such ways towards me having been they have been chasing me around with Industrial and social and political paedophilia all my life masking it as sexual peer pressure has provoked them by being written in such way that it is not vulnerable to it; quite naturally of which they think it was a big bluff when I spoke of these being a milder version of what I would get up to should Mr Clinton had won the election and those stupid threats continued after that too Ė we all know it is the hall mark of American diversity for these stupidities to be seen around the world all the time but I have made it simple enough, simple as showing up here to buy a Book or not to for them in my case too and should be able to get on with my life. They always say getting on will be better said than done for me of course which I am good to go for too; since what really happens is that the little thing about showing up here to buy a Book or not becomes a big thing because they would not leave culture and society where it is and continue to drag it out and use it to make a mess of peopleís lives and push people out of employment by making it show up around peoples careers unexpectedly in unexpected places, to grab hold of peopleís property and issue those stupid threats that accompany the assumption that what happens to Public matters will become a matter of who talks the loudest if they had decided it so Ė but in the end of which the reality is still that getting on will be very easy for me depending on my getting a hand on what matters to them and breaking those stupid hearts along with that of their millionaire scum who cannot seem to learn what is likely to happen with somebody that is growing older and better at making sure they do not get the money they spend on these madness to fight other back from anywhere and especially not his literary empire as well. Thus we find when I speak of clinging to peopleís property to pretend public matters will be decided on who talks the loudest with that insane media the others will take up from the part where I address the fact itís a matter of their witchcraft in the land of the free and move into areas of convenience in my life, as though I actually want to play with them and their own is some sort of a new case all together as it were; itís what I have to deal with here all the time Ė it wants to play with me in that way and blab nonsense about social and political instability and so I do love setting out these facts to show that it is stable and they need to move so they can express the fact they hate my guts for it on media all the time but we can already see it means I have given up a secret and goes on and on and it will end very well too Ė considering itís the same story at the heart of dividing America and whether or not the US President asks for support; the one that got me into trouble with them is the bit where I had to address the fact White people were fond of taking their kids off to poor areas of culture and society, to raise them there and show up to cling to my earnings and tell me they have been saving my life Ė while they complain about their parents disciplining them but we can see that if there is a thing that can cause public instability or even war out there, these fools will be seen playing with it and that the discipline they have endured at the hand of their parents does not surprise anybody, while they claim it is the same discipline that has caused them to attack people and create public disturbance whereas everybody knows it is Politicians financing their stupidities a Liberalism and making it wealthy on peopleís public image that has given them the sensation they run the family at home and their parents are not doing what they want, what has amounted and ended up in the fight with racists thing. So itís an old story issuing threats at me, since that will never brew up a right tools and proper measures situation to ensure they do not show up here to play with me and lay hands on my work and property when they have gotten involved with British culture to find that as Royalty I should be alone since everybody wants to grab the Public image and Government property my disposal and of course these are the house rules that get them into trouble all the time Ė handling my Public image and being confident that through it government property will be handled too and then expecting I should believe that not getting out of bed every day to look out for the Estate Book shop by looking out for other business empire and what they want to do with my market will give way to an outcome whereby my Books are sold by magic. They speak of how I have not had the stability job done as such and I do love to review these facts, look again at how well I ploughed that route i.e. if they say that choosing these other ways of hurting popularity goons and celebrities and media goons and politicians, in order to prevent them from playing with me especially the stupid women who get involved with my writing career to find they read Books because they bemoan the fact they have not written one of their own, amounting to an involvement with a writing career to write a Book of their own like bash-bosh Book writing career trade and riches like magic people perform when they write Books which others are waiting on this planet for as it were, instead of a have what they do not have method of making sure I stopped getting hurt, is not getting job done and that society is not stable, they will like to know I have not actually been spending time thinking about that stupid personality of theirs that looks like a character people take jobs and careers from all the time, so start a campaign of insults and abuse I have learned from them as well, so they can tell me they are the best at what we have and others do not ways of preventing harm, which we all see in Syria and Iraq and those stupid threats I put up with all the time; it usually starts like so and then there is tyranny, since it soon becomes obvious that the guys on the right and the ones on the left who are not seen often in public places but are really good at what they do will end up having everything go their way when it kicks off Ė you know, the one that gets me bad mouthed because Lower Classes and Middle Classes do not want people solving their problems for them while I am caught out doing take it or leave it routines as it were, with that big mouth of theirs we see on Media all the time. They say I will never sell my Books unless they are using it to win their battles of course and I cannot remember when I described the Books as tools for winning battles anyway but when we hear these fools who provide Political leadership for scum that cling to peopleís property and set out how Public matters shall be decided on who talks the loudest blab about divisions I cause in the US by writing my Books, it does appear we have come full circle too. I hear of course that my real problem is that I have difficulty taking a complement but of course the truth of the matter is that they make reference to my Estate all the time and I want them to stave off the mess of it and off the accomplishments as well, it is not okay to pretend to me for any reason, nobody needs money that much, I do not get any respect from them and they do not get any from me too; there is reason for it of course and itís the old story where it grew up with me and knows me well, yap, yap, and knows contrary to such silly things as me being Royalty, I am no such thing; it can only continue until it brews its own Political instability and causes big problems around here to look like it has got power at the other end Ė so the deal is that when Politicians had spent tax payer funds to make them financially comfortable, they get to let those who wish to work for theirs get on, lest it becomes really funny and amusing and we are not talking about the need to make use of peoples qualifications and talents and property for much less than it is worthwhile maintaining social control which got us out of the EU along with the socialists that will now lose a lot of money as a result and never stop complaining, then pretend employees have no way of protecting themselves while the need to ensure he uses the one he pays for can easily lead to outcomes where you help others absorb his market and you alongside which is why they hate my Book so much but of course there are three more in the same class which are about three times the size of the one they are complaining about, to get the job done before we move on; itís the consequences of becoming University drop out Prince on their account while they got to pass the exams and return to Popular culture they never needed it for. The Media ones always put themselves at the heart of the matter, since I was never aware in their view, that the biggest threat to an intellectual property administration business was Politicians, chief of which is the Americans Ė I mean the rest are black marketers and counterfeiters and even the Germans enjoy factorising people by their private parts for violent lasciviousness but you can face threats of physical attack from ordinary people in the US when you are Royalty living in the UK if you so desired Ė hence the media does nothing save making sure what comes of a process where I put my information to culture and society so I can run this business empire is that somebody else has stolen facts about my fame and wants it for themselves; for which reasons I want to see them stuck as well, get past it, while others use them as stepping stones literally. Doing something about racists in the name of the game obviously but they are doing it as well; we have seen them set out my Empire following claims of owning me and claims I owe them debts especially debts I owe women as the means by which to build popular culture empires across the world on this estate taking job roles from any celebrities I have at Court because their money desperation makes them more deserving while my privileges makes me complacent obviously, this then becomes the tool by which to develop business connections all over the world based on people they want to play with and on a regular basis one finds property or recently completed work disappear into it on a daily basis as it were, since Brexit of which we find they have realised they will lose a lot of money and other forms of bullying have replaced this behaviour, they always want fighting racists to happen but we know they are doing it as well Ė now I am faced with the task of chasing up matters with respect to people facing threats for thinking about buying or buying my Books in neighbourhoods where they are popular. I hear I chase a programme without fair sense of what my ambitions and expectations are but we all know what happens is that the process of ignoring their abuses has now given way as described , to neighbourhoods being rounded up and threats issued to people who get interested; I mean itís a question of what propels people to think of such things, a matter of which part of the Books actually concern them and yet we see the same things over and over and over again Ė drag queens off on an angle where government spending initiatives must not fail while some people are not allowed to earn an income, it is important that they had controlled all the money in the world as doing so is vital for controlling extremists, about which a Christian was not schooled in their art of the sort of evils they practice and it carries on and one and leaves me with memories nobody knows what for all together. Everything I have done here to ensure they do not play with me is spot on, so are all the things I have done to ensure I play with what they find valuable when push comes to shove too Ė I mean the only problem here is me returning to my academics, completing those and having a good main job by which to facilitate a writing career, doing so for a single person be it living on government financial support or not cannot possibly take more than 8 years to complete and yet I dropped out of University in 2008 and we have seen these abuses before, when it started since 2002 at which point they had located a 21 year old kid that goes around giving respects to people that children of this day and age do not anymore, now followed by scum wanting work I do to identify with communities lest I encourage the wrong crowd when I chase my business concerns to exhibit themselves and run a celebrity lifestyle with and itís another question of what sort of scum ask people to hand such things over to them anyway, on and on over the media every day. They speak of being able to determine what I am capable of all the time and I have no idea how they know what I am capable of anyway, if I have not started a campaign to pillage that stupid personality that appears a character people want to take jobs and careers from and build a campaign on doing so anyway Ė I mean they do those insults and finger my bum and hear me mutter something about a stereotypical clichť of their own but what they then do is get on media to preserve insults that suggest there is somebody they dominate here to ensure it does not affect them anymore and yet we know it will affect them whether they liked it or not should I have gone down the route of running violent lasciviousness that is supported by an open secret where I treat them like children and we all pretend we are not telling them what they already know lest they shut us out of extracting money from their stupid lives and run that every day to look after the effects that my deviant way of life has had on me, planning to beat them up for making a bad smell too. My point being that these fools think it is the UK and that there is no way I might do it, so they are far busier asking me questions about settling my sexual preference which is largely a matter of the medical aspects of maternity and whether some women prefer anal sex after giving birth, which was the preserve of gay people with that big mouth we put up with all the time, none of which is actually my concern as I am still single as it were. So, itís not yet what goes on in my family now that I am of age all together as it were Ė the one where I will want to know why Parent is Machiavellian towards the female community and get told women are insulting and there is a village wide and perhaps city-wide plan to beat down ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and so on. I am at a loss as to those insults about women owning me getting to the stage we are now but it does not surprise me too much, I say what I say, not because I am blowing hot and cold on it but to clear out information and ensure people who are reading or listening keep a clear mind: we have been here many times and in those times I had suggested when they do take my Royal Estate there will be no more queer people on the planet obviously, so itís not yet a Nationwide campaign to let them keep their insults where it is appreciated, so they are confident I cannot do it and they will start a war basically since these things I write on my websites are appear there magically all together, it does seem my Children will want to know like I wanted to know, why my Dad and his Friends and brothers used to handle them like I saw. Like that story of a quasi-support for racism from me whereas itís just a process of making sure they are fighting for the peaceful conditions they mess up, which we all know they do even in cases of violent deadly organised crime - a peaceful state of affairs is just begging for somebody to make a mess and start a scramble for power based greed - so they need to get stuck in fighting too like my whole life has been woven into it by them and if they knew something I could say to get rid of the history that says my life has been woven into it, I would take that and say it and let it all go away but they do not; what they have got is a process where I absorb all problems and inconveniences and face racists that have taken jobs from them allegedly without a job of my own to make it easier for me to die and take the problems with me in order to build new peaceful state of affairs that involves a condition where they sacrificed all of the previous one to get rich and famous.

It eventually now all hinges on the tales of endlessly getting into trouble with Media and Celebrities; where we find I have spent 8 years of my time on financial encumbering insults telling off and warning grown up Men with Families at Home, who show up in Public places to keep up those insults and make up stories about the purpose of my Books, which indicates I had taken something that actually belonged to them, facilitating an environment where they can talk with their equally stupid age mates about where their own financial stupidities are heading next. I have warned them enough therefore and about to reach a decision as per whether I need to constantly make changes to what I am doing or need to start hurting them as well, of which it is easy to see that I need to start hurting them lest I start making changes to my work which are counterproductive.

They do speak of why it happens of which when it started in 2002, it was a matter of very twisted and wicked Godless goons on Television making sure my chest hurt every day they got to the Office so that it might be clear to me there is a light that gets into their eyes and their demons cannot tell what is happening in my heart and or cannot get into it as well to make me into possessed kid that tells their stupid fortunes. Since then it has developed from a business of claiming I am linked to Terrorists, to taking down everything that concerns a process of people deciding what should become of their own personal security in the USA, especially the part that concerned some form of affinity with what I was doing or indeed Law enforcement, now itís a simple case of telling those lies all the time, as though the business of the fact itís about their twisted evil nature has been lost in translation considering all the war and violence and bad news that runs off on Media, tell those lies about my work, making out I have taken something from them, trying to decide which country I may belong to, move me out of my personality and get into my right hand like a paedophile, showing up on that Media to pervert my work telling those lies that facilitate an environment where they may talk about their own financial stupidities with their age mates. I have warned them enough and therefore really going to start hurting them rather than continuously making changes to my work, while they had children and grandchildren and needed to look the part as well.

Developing my own Habits concerning their wealth inequality problems should help me ensure that they kept their big mouth off my concerns and stopped showing up around my Public image space to glorify themselves, especially stopped pillaging my work to boost their incomes, sleep with silly girls and put the feet up at Tourism economies passing insults at me that a Bird will carry around the world.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland