The claim I am a plaything for women is something I am very well aware of but I have put up the reality and truth about it here because they have come to a point where I am bring driven into an abyss in their view. I am not a plaything for women; what happens is that they think everything about me annoys them or that I am man enough for their problems and so I have decided that since I know what they really need to be angry about and will make them angry about that come what may, that is what I have set out to do - indulge myself their expressions of their wickedness and find out how far it will lead, so yes it is a self-fulfilling prophesy that my very existence annoys them, I know that is does temperamentally and regularly move out of any process whereby I am detached from applying it every day.


It is much the same like when I mention to warn people that I take a liking to women that are older than I am and they rather think it means I want to have sex and must be trapped and abused, when we all know that is the worst possible thing they could do because what it really means is that women will never stop being offended by those stupid things they do where I am their age and should fall in love with them but they have a boyfriend of their own and the reason as I have continued to warn them has been that through my teenage years I have always tried to wonder why my life and world is the way it is and found the centre of it to revolve around things I do which women that are older than I am think makes life worth living: hence there is no point people thinking their lies and cover up complains will pay off when we all know it is a daily occurrence that I have to get out of bed and into a titanic fight with stupid girls that have violent idiots to please as well, not to mention the decadent thieves with an attitude and ambition and of course something they do for pleasure on account they have got media to play with. So I should be able to get my books into the market and into the hands of those who need them and the reason I cannot even get a job to make that happen is because I have been completely alienated from these women, setting out therefore a different reality from what they expect which is that I cannot tolerate independent women, that can be as independent as they want provided they are helped by men to raise their hands from the bowl and into their mouths when they feed, provided they do not attack my own and wind me up because I have really had enough of their insults too. I do not think their case is a major crisis; I have taken steps to ensure they lose control of everything around them and if I wanted to deploy that to oppress them as such I could easily do that but does it then mean that when I am not they have ceased to be a social and public and financial menace to me? Of course not and I will take that media in question away from them as well. So I am aware the men speak of how I talk about those who can have me beaten up like they were my plaything but it is an old story where the fact I am a Royal Prince has to be measured not just by the fact they are nothing but also by the supposition it fell on top of me some fortunate day - I could only say those their weapons will get anywhere near here as it were and of course they have been making progress since while I set out more plans for domination.

Of course I know most of these violence as a product of how I look and the fact people like to hurt me all the time because I am like some pillow or something they can squeeze to manage themselves etc, the reason it has not been a major point of call is that the Politicians have spent my time and finances and public time to make out that those things happen on account that I grab all the attention and leave criminals with nothing because they want to make me a plaything for stupid women who think they want to have sex with me and I have accepted the challenge as well and mentally ill women who suppose they think of doing the same as well and that is because they want to use my personality to make their career. So it has created a situation for everybody in the Country as a whole and is getting much, much, much better for me as well.


There is that talk of my waning relations with the Royal family of course and there isn’t any; somebody decided to replace real people at my Government provided security with some media mad fools who think they need to ensure every evil thing in their society or the world ends up in my privacy in order to ensure that when the Prince of Wales is Monarch I can be controlled and those books I write are not hurting badly enough yet to that effect as it were. There are no waning relations and they are really doing my stuff and I don’t mean sleeping my pop stars and promising them access to my personal life and wrecking my finances to ensure they get self improvement from it whenever they have the access and I look like something I shouldn’t, I mean the privacy thing, they better stay out of it before I do their stuff, since their stupid ambitions that mean they have a problem with others earning money from their own property and make noise all over the place when they have no reason to behave like that while they are well paid in the service of the Queen will be very unlikely to save them from me if I want to. The thing about Journalists does not come into the matter; with respect to that everybody knows what I do with female journalists is entirely what I do with them as royal work is a heavy one and we all like those people that get around to help us bear it as it were and not idiots that think they are real men of renaissance and can handle me and talk nonsense with their insults all over the place provoking me and getting all over my Government provided security to talk nonsense about their power when the Prince of Wales is King and how they will control boys that make women get out of hand which they time and again provoke me deeply by getting on National media to express as well and cannot keep their filthy violent hands along with their media idiots to themselves either as it were. It is never really just a case of the idea they own those journalists and therefore own me in the same way, good for them, the people they own all to themselves as it were but the idea that they can chose peoples friends for them and if so can chose mine as well with that stupid media and those insolent ambitions they have around the Royal Family for it as well. I get around with journalists because they are my kind, HRH the Prince of Wales should be Politicians but if he wants to do with Popular Culture people, I for my part will not be responsible for my actions when they screw around with me in these ways. They do mention I say things that provoke them of course but we all know I had warned them about things men do with me in which they were the boss and all social and cultural filth ending up in my heart and my mind and personal life so I can be controlled on account of their personally intrusive violence they think they can direct at just about anybody with their wickedness – same with women that use me for a plaything therefore if these things represent sufferings I endure because I think being a Christian is okay I will kick them again; for now it’s not hurting badly enough those communities they have and women in them that can deal with people like me to whom they annoy me and abuse me and attack my finances and make complains too all the time with a big mouth.

I. Uno I

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