So it is said that I manipulate people into solving my problems for me which such a statement would have had no foundations on reality anyway, should they have been anything but rumours and lies but then again the reality is still what it is i.e. that society people are in a battle with me because I see the world according to what I hear as well and they have a problem living with the fact the biggest issue is their violent and very abusive gossips and girls that have certain Men they use in sexually because it is the only upbringing their stupid Parents have afforded them, then realise they do not want to be cracked at a later date, become feminists but never ever diminish the behaviour by any degree never the less. In any case practically considering them as a whole, what happens is that they read passages of my Books and make statements about self-improvements gained but because the rest of it and the idea of actually owning a copy is too much for them, call me names to try and consummate what they have just enjoyed, which amounts to an individual with no purpose in life that others can clean their filth off on and it is not the only way that these idiots show their free and democratic stupid and shallow joys and naivety on other people’s concerns and property and income either; the first time they started it was all about making me write Books about their culture and society, so they can kill me for making money with it – now it has turned to a stage where my Books do not do anything for anybody and yet we all know that making popular culture albums from abusing a States person with Public duties to perform in order to subsume his Public life does nothing for people or improves people’s lives and yet they have become millionaires doing so – my Books however are just too heavy for them and selling it therefore is a problem because they are trying to read it. It does not mean in any case that my Books do not do anything for anybody either; it is an old story of these fools being the people that hate those who have no respect for the Porsche 911 GT parked up the street, simply because other people’s priorities are different and cannot keep their stupid minds and eyes off how others want to live out an existence, just like their parents do not recognise their fun and games gave rise to a process where all I see is Media and popular culture and all I hear is community croons driving me to depression, when they complain about me as well; so the part that would be a cowards way out would have been when we talk about what their problem with my Books are when they make millions on Music CDs abusing State Office Operatives, if they claim their reasons to be that it does nothing for people and the part that would have been courageous would  have been the one where I got hold of them and bent them into very uncomfortable positions by which they can serve anybody who owns Porsche 911 GT with their stupid lives as it were. Then again in the end it seems the main issue is that people do not actually understand what the character of the person who writes them Books really is and I shall try and make it simple i.e. think of somebody who gets a Royal Commission from a Monarch like everybody else in the Establishment (which is why they are always hearing stories people tell of how my behaviour will help idiots like this squander my inheritance for me, that they have interpreted into power games of doing my stuff, doing your stuff doing stuff we hear all the time, which causes me to kick them instead of their silly fan base as doing so would escalate the problem for the Police that we all know they hate when they start out on their games of being famous but at end of being famous will want to deploy the Police as thugs that hit people for them and play up good cop bad cop thing endlessly being celebrated idiots in people’s faces all the time), then think of the persons inheritance being about duties that are equally split between Church and State and then think about him writing Books to earn his way with it and there is not more to see than that as a whole. Of course, I am aware that the case is mainly that my behaviour is unbecoming of such a person but apparently the fact they are famous tends to mean when they see my Royal inheritance, they scoop it and get rich with Media and when I offer them Books from it there is a titanic fight that causes wonder if somebody is about to get killed. I know that I can make my Books pay me if I get them off the Royal Commission and Public life, but I really do not have an idea how they would like me to do that at this stage. They do also say that I have no respect for other people’s challenges but we all know that it is either I am stuck with overseas cultures from areas of the world where people have the same skin colour as me, in a condition where others are dominant and the local rules in the UK does not apply to my situation, which can also be escalated to engulf white people if those who do it are not satisfied with my response and conduct, then it’s all about my reputation turning up on Media and Politics and Popular culture to be lied about every 24 Hours – so this simply has to be one of the highest degrees of respect for somebody else’s challenges as far as they are concerned as it were. They do throw up the question of why it happens, which reason is as simple as 20-year-old living in the same neighbourhood as 40-year-old that wants to be able to treat him unfairly all the time but which the biggest question still is what extent their lack of respect for me must get to, for them to behave in such ways. So I win again and it’s all in the diary for reference; never the less there is still the other bit of it which does not show signs of subsiding i.e. we hear the Police complain about people making so much sense – there idiots actually get fun from running passages of my Books and getting their society fools and popular culture fan base of useless people and tramps to make sense of their stupidities to the Public on Media with it; so obviously when it comes to leading these goons in such ways they are top dog but when it comes to other stuff they have not got a foggiest clue – it is not a problem I cannot handle just financially very destructive that I might walk down the streets and come across a tramp who thinks I am nothing unless I believe that a Celebrated fool is a God, only to find them make sense of their stupidities to the Public on passages of my Books with the help of Media curators, it causes anger and lots of it too. They do speak of the Business ones of course and we would be referring to the girl that want to make career as the face of advertisement and therefore does not want the next useless goon that frequents the local train station to follow her about but is happy to rework her view of him into a relationship if it means there is a Moral person in Town that they can work together to take advantage of on grounds she is feminist – their bosses will then bring those stupid companies and put them up around me making use of my products without paying and then thinking that when people want to steal secretes to work for and or get connected with them in order to be rich as well the resulting problem should end up in my Office. Then we hear them issue threats to prevent me from getting them off my Books and Public life which will ensure my Literary work gets to pay me for a change and it does nothing except tell me how to approach the matter whilst I would have rather preferred to chase it up in an academic fashion. I hear them claim it is not really clear what my problem is of course but the reality is that I have provided service that whole families have bought into and because of that set out a certain degree of finances by which to be a part of it and to support my work and because these guys are allergic to work and are informing me that if I took a look at their body type I would see they do well as celebrities, not that I had a choice over what they chose to do with my Trust systems thereof anyway etc on account they are feminists etc and so this is what they love to steal and I know if I can get them off the Book sales and Public life and can ensure my work gets to pay me, I am really wondering how they want me to do it at this point.

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