They do claim that Police Officers cannot be important people whilst maintaining a role where they got to protect and serve – we know this is not the point, which is rather a matter of the way Government Offices channel the problems they complained about, to the civil service department that handles it but that was not enough because they wanted to make money from the market sections that people who manned those civil service department made money from, same as the civil service department solving the problems they complained about, getting much the same kind of response – that said, it will likely develop into something of the way it gets to find out that in terms of work we did as our profession, when civil service department that handled security were manned by people who told them they were not getting a share of the Country, only then will we find out it was actually the way that security services job worked publicly and painfully. The suggestion I had no respect for them is utter rubbish too; we know what really happens is that they pick up my public image to make their own fame profile, then show up here trashing my finances with insults they had announced will never go away, making excuses to paint a picture which claimed it was all my fault and are now making out that I was unable to tolerate mistakes from others – I mean in terms of giving them time to move on, I have given 6 years of that and it has been wasted on insults that were going to move them on via the idea they were more important and yet how important they were will be decided on the basis of how they did not just take up the sweet parts of my public image but also the ugly parts too, when finished we got to decide their social status by crime control publicity that they had accorded me. They do claim that the way I viewed the Celebrities was the same way people thought of me as a disrespectful person at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense: what is really happening at the Monarchy is a cluster of issues that have arisen because I have been too generous with the way my public Office had been executed, with respect to the activities of a bunch of fools who ran peoples lives without consent, using the social activities of criminals, this having played into gimmicks where the famous got to use private security industry to decide how pint sized dimwits, used sexual context abuses by watching people on CCTV, to decide who was going to do braver things, based on size, meaning that people were unable to engage with my Bookshop because I was not a safe place for them to be, such stupidities kept up to a stage where they claimed they were important persons, looking for more of what they originally complained about in the first instance. What has changed is that I wish to ensure my Office was deployed in a way which meant the buck stopped with me and the women had enough security to decide that these gits should be stuck somewhere fighting other peoples wars, by rekindling the business of conducting my career in a way that causes them to take more risks with their personal security – alternatively, whatever is bugging them and their famous idiots have nothing to do with me, it needs to keep away from my finances and look to eliminating its lasciviousness based publicly displayed insults if it wishes to avoid more trouble or I will.

I am told I never seem strong enough to handle this matter comfortably but coming on strong will be the part where I had added it up i.e. the fooling around was a stupid matter of being addicted to the way I handled my personal problems and this was substituted for a process of buying and reading a Book at my Bookshop, as disrespectfully as possible, meaning I am dealing with their stupidities alongside the accusation they owned wealthy neighbourhoods, whilst I ran a Bookshop and tried to control people, picking up my earnings everyday instead. So when it makes a complete mess of the career and finances like it did at University where it needed to influence me as I paid my fees to study, churning my tummy all the time, that was a process of being an influencer until I dropped out – thereafter it was an influencer on my Bookshop and had since gotten to sell products on the narcissism of shirt insolent videos it claims was the way advertisement should be made – thereafter whenever it made a mess of an international business based activities, it was an influencer and I had to make sense of the idea that there was a more painful workable alternative to murder out there if I had to listen to its famous threats. So the men do these activities and decide I am the one who knows the way things should work and therefore build communities that finger my bum, the women decided they were more important on account of the people they got into bed with and it needed to decide what it had done to be famous and stay away from me. I am told this is unbecoming but it is on the question of coming strongly enough to handle them i.e. the men are always fooling around and they just set me out randomly and dump it on my person by building communities that finger my bum and issue accusations against me all day over public policy on the way that people handle the opposite sex, the women stifle my personal relationships and public image to claim they were more important, the support system was their parents who looked after neighbourhoods from which they showered me with enough insults to build such an abusive atmosphere they were able to from a safe distance do things that were physically and painfully abusive to my person, then there had to be a workable and painful alternative to murder which I could apply for my part too, it needs to understand it is not entitled to handle me in anyway, shelve the insults, and show up here to read a Book.

I am told they claim there were things I did which made me a target for these activities. It is utter nonsense as they enjoyed the socially conducive atmosphere that was created when a bunch of women showed up to suggest they spent spare time having anal sex with me but still did not waste any time whenever an idiot put up some financial leverage that encourage them to turn it on us and attack us to a point of financial ruin before it got off attacking us again over the money that sits in its bank account, shooting off the big mouth about what we should do to make its stupidities comfortable, just like the men build up publicity to handle my assets for the purpose of covering their backsides because they realised they spent their time fooling around and needed to plan for a pension, whilst keeping their own assets. I am now in a situation where the only viable way to view my livelihood was to say that if a certain period of time was taken into account it would be clear to an independent person that I am not the one making trouble and I do not have the time for it.

My activities may appear to have added up to an exercise in self harm which it really isn’t – what is happening with respect to such a concern, is that I had written a Book and must now sell it; so if I had to adopt a global stage disposition in which I questioned the existence of Celebrities on account of work done to support Politicians on matters of working with businesses over red tape matters, which had to be complemented with a process of showing younger people that the best way to resolve financial matters was through the jobs market, I will certainly do it but first of all, let us find out why it would make sense to. I am told people feared I was broken and needed to be strengthened which is utter nonsense as what is happening is that I am not working my personal and social life anymore, only issues associated with famous idiots being addicted to a process where I got stuck with crime social life fame gimmicks, so because it will not stop pillaging my Bookshop it was clearly incredibly important as such - in essence, they have always dreamed of public work hospitality being shared with the famous, they claimed it would make them stronger and superior to everybody else, now it simply seems to have created a lot of problems, I needed to retrieve it and look forward to the homosexuality which characterises their popularity lifestyle.

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