We hear those stories we could all get along endlessly when for no reason I had offended an idiot who sets about making a complete mess of my private life using private security industry and I needed to hear his stupidities complain about the way a need to pass off my work as the creation of Celebrities who help it makes its pyramid schemes more financially successful, getting imagination up my anus; therefore there is never really a reason for us to get along in anyway whatsoever, just culture and society idiots with abusive practical jokes that buzz away at the background of my life, gaining access to my privacy and it was the way they wrecked University studies for me as well, just getting more vicious during middle age, when it could make sense to say that I am a bum and the fucking idiots couldn’t keep their stupid hands to themselves.

The abuses and vandalism here performed are being performed by fools that are only loyal to Celebrities and they never do what they do save celebrities had incited it and pointed towards a potential victim, hence that we could all get along is utter nonsense as I have always made clear the joke was never appreciated.

Some people have suggested that I assist Celebrities on the relationship they had with these idiots which I don’t; I am selling intellectual property administration solutions and the source of the smell issues is the same things that are being done to me here – everything I did, including all prospects of going somewhere to do something that will get me paid, is being put through a two part process where the bloody idiots either kept it for themselves, hence all was well, or they didn’t and the mess they made of it was an elaborate joke. They complain about state provided security all the time, especially the Americans who had no idea what they were doing and made sense of their stupid selves by fostering activities of father gods and minions that get imagination around people’s private parts in other people’s country, yet state provided security would not be abusing them as well if they kept from my financial interests.

So, I do support some Celebrities on the matter where my interests are involved but it does not mean even so that such Celebrities get support on the relationship they had with these idiots and we all know that if I accounted for conveniences they were gaining from this nonsense, the racists, and the gangs whose activities their stupidities used as blackmail tool, would see them more often than was necessary.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland