I am told the dynamics of my mind is scary, when the point is not being raised that I am cold due to work associated with localised terrorism being interpreted by famous idiots that build communities to finger my bum, as something completely different - hence if I talked about the way that Celebrities were abusive and it could be traced back to a self-awareness that involved running people down to make money but most people to try to find the origins of their behaviour believed there will be a dead end at O levels, however it goes way past O levels to first grade and beyond. So I understand people are worried I spend time planning how to attack the famous which is not progressive but all have seen that they want people to listen to their feelings about the way I should be attacked by others for the sake of their ego, whilst people to worked these social matters to ensure I was not disturbed by them and they were not disturbed by me, added up to a state provided security that provoked them further, after a 6 year career damage during which time I have been providing warnings concerning a possible response, it has not once been able to explain to those whom it expects ought to listen to its feelings about me, the reasons its famous idiots activities are always so disrespectful in my direction, what we do know is that they had since invented a way to make it all my fault. The actual work that I am doing involved the same characters they were now in league with running people down but not for fame or money but for the same kinds of abusive gossiping and a community behind it working something that was amusing in terms of taking the clothes off the back of the victims and fingering the bum, so when it suggests it actions were due to its fame and financial success being hungry does not prevent people from pursuing financial success by means of excessive bad habits that were not being controlled this feeds into a business of female society idiots calling in the Police endlessly, to tackle sexual harassment but believed the Police should have no way to respond to their need to get on the roof and run down a man next door, eventually it feeds into the way Politicians established working arrangements with the neighbourhoods and I was seen as a good hand to support from the Monarchy. At this stage I am at the worst possible experience when it comes to the work itself being the reason I am targeted and attacked by the famous, down and out on tolerating their insults, so when I get rid of it, all the problems will vanish alongside, including the problems they were convinced that others were supposed to serve them by. The business of finding a personal and society life that does not involve me or involve handling me needs be done by the deadline as I do not plan to take responsibility for what will follow it on my part, it needs to go away and take its gimmicks where it came into possession of something I would rather have kept confidential which I saw in the possession of whole communities and the idea I needed it but lesser people had it was the greatest source of joy along with it gimmicks, express them somewhere else.

They do claim that the King hated me but it has always been a matter of whether I want to do the part where it is the Monarchy and not really the place for HM to perform activities which industry idiots loved, the up and down, round and round at boardrooms which ensure the careers of victims who were lesser mortals did not mean anything to anybody, ending in outcomes where they were in a good position to do harm to others because they were making money or I want to say that my work and property should not end up in the hands of HM because he wants to run the Country differently, considering it is dangerous otherwise. What then happens is that these idiots have been working this nonsense throughout the coronation and back to the preparation stages, where it was now a Mans society, they wanted to reenact a world they have enjoyed even during the reign of the Kings mother, in which they wrecked peoples career and finances to pick up their own where they left off on account they were a Men being spoiled by the King and it performs those fantasies about coming into possession of my property the whole way, now has an interest in my virility, my personal and social life, my privacy as well as my diet, whilst expecting others to listen to its stupid feelings the whole way. They do claim I sounded as if I would not let go unless I had imposed my will on Celebrities, it is rather a matter of the way that they needed to find a personal and social life which did not involve me, so I could consolidate the history of Celebrities at my Estate and my affairs and move on to other things, personally, it should be done in such a way as expressed the fact they are not important persons from my perspective and certainly not entitled to anything in this place.

I. Uno I

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