They do claim current events show I am learning my lessons about American global leadership, which is utter nonsense as where we are now is a matter of Washington picking up my career for the gold diggers and ending up a new steps away from starting World War Three, whilst on the homeland, the idiots who build communities to finger peoples bums for money making have gotten out of hand and built small businesses by which to say they had money to decide they taught everybody else the trade that the various people were engaged in, whilst others who refuse to allow their personal and social lives to become a plaything for celebrities were said to have facilitated the mass shootings, on the other hand the ones that are going to attack them never stopped talking rubbish about things I cannot do because of their unusual interest in me. I still remember this one issue being the main thing in 2003, that was 19 years ago, before I even started University and that Politicians started attacking me because I had found a way to resolve the problem associated with ageist idiots saying that any privileges they wanted to gain from people who had recently come into the work force such as myself would be theirs at any time because they had spent more time in the work environment to build up enough saving for influence, whilst on the other, popularity idiots had learned, you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues insults by which to be seen around street corners talking about doing my stuff, doing your, stuff, doing stuff, work space insults what I have described here shows my University studies have been trashed, my career tossed to the gold diggers, my personal and social life run using the social lives of criminals, for us to have arrived in this position and they believe that I am the one learning lessons. It therefore goes without saying that the main problem at this stage is that somebody had 3 sentences to make during a new report, in the court of which he said three more completely unconnected words which applied to my career and my Bookshop and was fake news, from what we gather which is all done because they are having fun and I have had enough of their stupidities, needs to stick to facts if it wants to make comments about my career or I will become the biggest problem it faces in all of its work and personal relationships, so that its family got a feedback from it too and we are not talking real men, inserting an abusive, narcissistic insulting misery into everything I did to bring my attention to their problems either, if I took the law into my hands for those, it would be said that I had killed a stupid thing that was incredibly big. I am told that I operated as though I am worse off for reasons of these gimmicks but there are many version of it, so such fears do not really add up: from the never ending insults and the complains about being insulted too although their stupidities were the ones who owned secret communities to decide how others existed to the self-resolving problem of female society, where one gets into trouble with men, another gets into trouble with women and the third never stopped bothering me, yet if all three sat together on a table, the one bothering me would be stopped and even if it meant that I was prevented from attacking somebody, it would still mean that female society took out its trash, not my problem but an issue that is always in my face, then we find an idiot groomed by some penises that rip up my University studies to pick up important job and now do not wish to do those jobs anymore, selling sex to them by picking up my public image and social life to do it the media and celebrity idiots who want to enter into a position where they earned more money than their female colleagues picking up service processes at my Bookshop to ensure all I did produced an outcome where I came to harm, drawing up a profile of having gained access to my publishers and cannot stop reading items I have not displayed in public every time it is to appear on a show business conference to sell entertainment that was duly paid for, then it picks up and run into a case of getting in league with the abusive society idiots, thereby claiming they had brought the issues under control but were simply in league with it and now none dared challenge them if the extra 5000, earned compared to what is given to female colleagues will be lost when they were challenged about it and then it seeks access to my work environment and bed chamber with it, to tell me there were consequences to its stupidities but I was not significant enough for those consequences to apply with meaning and shows up here later on attacking me because its bottom hurt and its sense of entitlement had created a disposition where I deserved to pay for it as I did clearly take part in making its personal decisions. My point is that the challenge fits the outcome and there is nothing to worry about with respect to how I appear to have been treated; they now know that they needed to fool around with their own careers and stick only to facts when handling mine that story about a pipsqueak with a Royal Office after years of their insults will only lead to outcome where the business of being a famous idiot with a house and a need to sit in that House and forget their position in society, therefore engage in habits that show up on media to trash my career and pick up what I did for recovery as a tool for self-improvement while assuming I was vulnerable to the stupid minions on the streets who had stupid parents that fingered my bum all day and stagnated everything here to highlight their need to own a small army, will begin to cause them enough pain to ensure this nonsense ends very badly.

I have been informed that they were a product of nationalistic sentiments which makes sense but does not concern me at all I mean when people were young and impressionable, they also could see that a Nationalist sentiment was too much to engage in as a mean of exploring rights. We are talking about the fact that you probably want to become an expert in Nationalism otherwise you were engaged in Nationalism because you wanted to do something incredibly important we are talking about a knowledge base that would span Geography, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, Criminology and Law, just so that you might become a Nationalist expert, then we know such risks as a process where Politicians where notorious for scooping careers that bore towards activities they engaged in, to have existed. We know that a person who want to become a Nationalist expert in Geography, could assume that he only had to study rocks and trees but then find he had to study the effect of climate on people and tell the reasons people from the South of England were different from people in the North of Scotland, we know that somebody who wants to be a Nationalist expert in Politics, had to deal with a process of meeting people to secure facts on matters that will be raised in Government buildings but also keep some knowledge of those facts for the future of his career or he or she will burn away very quickly etc. then there is overall eventually the crisis state of mind that their stupidities were clearly good at handling being real men that are always fighting women for social privileges and show up here with topped up energy and a useless existence to finger my bum - where Nationalism was more matters associated with people in government talking about the trees and the climate, to arrive at a stage where they said the country had changed in a certain way, to go back on those changes would repeat previous mistakes and to go beyond it would make new mistakes, so they wrote it down as constitution, somewhere between those two juxtapositions, idiots like this would pray that they were having a real picnic and not military rations over a fire, otherwise learn that the stupidities of the ageist and fatherly insolence will likely get their stupidities into more trouble than the playful gimmicks could imagine and the Media fools need to stick to facts when they want to talk about my career, preferably talk about their own.

All we have left thereof is a process where all I did drew into an outcome where I got hurt and they say people got killed from the way I organised my Bookshop to look into issues associated with those who handled it illegally but here we are never the less, needs to play with its own career while it is keeping the salary, when it handles or makes comments about mine, sticks to the facts, they might call it fake news and are also about to find out I am a lot more practical a person, than the gimmicks associated with it. The point of all these being that in terms of what they say is the vagueness of what I thought of Washington, we were talking about throngs of very stupid individuals that run down my daily concerns with ideas about me doing things I am not allowed to and am not trained to do, which is now finished off with Celebrities and society idiots buttering me for a beating all day, stagnating a Bookshop, personal and social life around here, while their stupid children are starting to learn how I lived and speak in order to pick up better jobs which is what the fact they were more important was all about in the first place. So it continues to draw up a link between my bedroom and the abusive activities of its highway to schizophrenia German influence stupidities, so its community built to finger my bum got to do whatever it likes but complains I want to burn the stupid Celebrity culture as well and now we have become more real and more practical about it, featuring outcomes such as the part where I got to groom them for a good beating as well, starting with the business of stripping away these gimmicks that are clearly a product of Law enforcement controlling their stupidities and using processes which make the law enforcement work less stressful.

I. Uno I

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