I understand the media does not wish to make enemies with me all together, neither do I wish to make enemies with the Media but everything I do has a specific purpose and I have a Court that I look after from a Bed chamber, reasons being that it has become so important to be labelled with anal sex a making sure people are deploying their own to do it, so I can talk about their body type as well – it is the same with the Celebrities; they always look nice but what they expect you to give for getting involved with them is enough suffering to extricate an atmosphere of soul that they can make films and acting careers with which of course is just as well – I am prepared to get along with Celebrities but those who do my own will be looking for trouble. Its not a complicated matter, I mean I have a Court of Female Journalists because women do better work when it comes to standing around society where people are doing some of the worst unimaginable behaviour to report on what is happening and tell everybody facts about it, the Men tend to go out there and fight peoples battles for them then join the enemy when it gets too much, usually you pity them until you find them claim there is discrimination on media against the male population while they control most of the jobs, control most of the top jobs and can get up to £100,000 and above according to what we know has been declared more than their female counterparts for doing the same job in the same capacity, then it becomes clear what their nature is – not necessarily perhaps that the pay inequality was there before they took the job but the fact it support a system of a right to abuse others that shows most of what I have already described here does not deserve a benefit of doubt as there is a set plan and pattern attached to it. In the end they say I always talk as though I am able to do anything when it comes to violent matters, which is utter nonsense; the reality is the striking my anus thing is something they do because it is a fun that is worth organising themselves into a position that allows them to have on account they are addicted perhaps to my reaction – addicted to what I do when they strike my bum but do not wish to live in a queer society and worry about what will become of a process where I sell it for them too – so it turns not just to the assumption that since we adults are taken away from our jobs and family and friends and everything we care about to indulge violent activities when some bully supported by Politicians have gained mobility to deal with the fact he has spent all his time doing bullying thereby leaving a natural gap between him self and his victims in terms of finances, has seen something he likes, thus the assumption that nobody will likely take it from him and do the violence anyway but also towards threats and real threats and death threats which leads me when targeted at me , to build up all this atmosphere whereby what people give for killing them has already been paid for, now they are worried that anybody may do it as well and there is a bit of balance, especially so because as long as such nonsense continues, when nobody is looking we will find out that it has killed a woman. The bits that the Politicians support is an old story, the one that means every time they have a go at me, I want to secure myself more voter autonomy, ensure they can control less and less and less of it to climb ladders and get into Government Office by and of course I would be told that I am not allowed to get involved with Politics hence never clear what I intend to do with it as such, while the option is always available to keep it for the sake of monitoring how voters vote, knowing if I get involved they will vote in the opposite direction. These guys are old you see, they talk about nothing but money at government buildings and we see people are old at government business all the time, it is usually a function of being around the prestigious offices to state so many times and yet they are not really this old; what we have here are a collection of goons who have cultivated this bad habit over a period of time and expect that when they continue to develop these stories in which those who sit around street corners chasing narcotics get involved with my business and finances as a matter of their civil rights, what I am thinking about it is not just how justified they are that I should be paying taxes as well but also that when the fact I oppose such things shows I am right, it means I am interested in getting people to build careers which I am not – I am interested in seeing them play up their practical jokes somewhere else if they are complaining about the ones I play on them as well. Like I do get told most of my activities are about hate and this is why what I do is good but my finances are badly hit and its not about hate in anyway; its about caring for people and those who do not want to can blow their top – what we find is that the Media is always providing one hell of a service where everything people have worked for has been taken from them and given to big companies that can make the most money out of it for everybody on account that even if they got nothing, they can put it down to the good will in the good books of their bosses who will likely favour them at a later date for a bigger contract than the one they have got and this is why they are always in the hate zone and we are talking about my own hate instead because they have worked out another cheap, easy practical joke based form of exit complete with stupid women who strike my bum because they assume the right to protect me the way that women never get respect from men and we all know that since it is obvious we get confused most of the time by being swayed of what women are saying to those who assault them and that they have other ideas concerning those who exaggerate their physical strength when they are themselves badly affected by it, when they have the media unfettered, they continue with the confidence that they can do absolutely anything they want with this nonsense to anybody they wish i.e. my hate being discussed for example like the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer while church person is getting attacked for stealing women's beauty while their ugly insanity is wanting for it. An old case of course where people are confused about why I have such a bad reputation for punishing people whereas it was quite so simple; striking my bum but do not wish to live in a queer society – its good fun but its insanity that you wish to complain about on media and celebrity culture.

The Celebrities are pretty much the same deal as ever; lots of support for abusive and insulting ageism and then the fear of the evil old people type of racism while they make money from revelling and partying and sales armies bullying people are abusive popular culture canopies erected around Industry villages but mostly after that their practical jokes will involves pretending they are Politicians or Royalty and  if I tried to make them move else where by explaining what happens is that I am an Arch Prince people either want to play with over economic reasons or people want to get involved with over real influences we find their stupidities wants to have more fun at my expense because people know it has money at local communities and that money can be used to create an ad-hoc sense of Political importance by which they will get the same things and make me ill the whole time, not really surprising since it is always clear that unless it works in this way and they claim they are happy people nobody will believe it if you said they were pure evil - I have been there and done that anyway, so it is becoming more of a process of physically making them play up their practical jokes somewhere else if they are complaining about the ones being played on them all together.


They do say I am on borrowed time over the matter of how badly I treat women and it is utter nonsense too; these are incredibly stupid people, so what other say appeals to them most of the time as a lot of gibberish – reality of course being that we are talking about a group of women who have a problem with me because I have a penis and I have suffered 13 years of nauseating financial complications over their insults and the fact I am unable to take my mind off them, so they are not likely to get from me anything that people who have penises normally do, the only reason I am threatened for taking this position is because these scum are so stupid they are unable to understand anything that other peoples are saying, so that big mouth is all over place because it is prepared to hurt people over women and can only continue until I get off my case and prepare for his problem too. They even have the effrontery to tell me that it is all a bit of fun; I was wondering why it is that they cannot stop insulting people, what I have ended up with is a process where 13 years of financial complication due to their involvement with me and my concerns was a bit of fun – so we have to dig up facts of the previous matters we hear heard them complain about i.e. every stupid thing they need to do to make money by avoiding employment has to play out on my Estate backyard and that means it is always an issue that the Royal Family is not their family, thus I got after their popular culture backyard and their Politics backyard and their media backyard and their celebrity backyard and their film industry backyard as well and the outcome was an American led global civil rights movement; now I am about to get beaten up due to the way I treat women who want to play their stupid lives on my wallet. As for the matter being a problem that will last forever; that was a simple case of running an intellectual property administration business and each time I make it clear I do not appreciate all that lose cannon vandalism of everything that happens with me and on my social media profile, it becomes their main preoccupation since it is quite obvious to them that I am not addressing a specific person, right down to the fact their whole business in this world is about undercutting me with media and popularity culture over areas of my life where I have excelled, as though it knows what having good taste really is and it plays up into the need to let them have whatever they want if one wishes to diminish the degree of ideas they build up to facilitate their needs based misogyny – so the deal will continue to run along the lines of the fact the money they have lost doing this needs to stay lost as one can only have a semblance of an existence if their bullying makes them poor and puts a natural gap between them and me, so Politicians can spend money on it if they wanted, it needs to stay lost because I am only ever able to breathe the free air if the two ways they can make money consists only first of the lottery called fame and fortune or direct employment in the Jobs market – the deal will continue to remain that they are free to pick up anyone they want and start again; l German ones, Spanish ones, Japanese ones, Russian ones, it will still be a case of a lack of respect for peoples property, peoples income margins and peoples patents and I will never let them forget me for every time that I have been affected as well; 13 years of financial complications because idiots want to play practical jokes should look that way and we have not started talking about making use of me by accusations and insults just yet, that was the bit where the fact they are bloody idiots could be easily dispute (it is the most remarkable part of this story about my treatment of women all together – the part where they want to make me handle them like women so they might be free of processes that require them to put themselves in harms way so that women might be protected and it will show up all over my livelihood for it, except when I say its all fine if it buys Books, it tells me it does not have the time to read and that it would have been pointless to; it keeps getting bolder and bolder because it has some money set aside to run popular culture all over my life and career with, which has made him superior). The story of me getting into trouble with celebrities is pretty much the same case too; these guys are just a collection of goons who make their living by exploiting destructive activities associated with having a sales army and a party to revel in, nothing like Royalty or Politicians and so do need to try and play up their practical jokes somewhere else as I am rather tired of it. I mean if it were a case of not knowing how my structures worked and then finding out after a decade a pillaging it, the results would be an outcome where they moved on but it isn't, it is the bit where I am a pipsqueak and what I have has been taken from me and even so a pipsqueak whose property has been taken from him alright does not mean people cling to my livelihood and stop my Books getting sold systematically, this is rather the things they do because of their narcissism. They say I am not entirely clear about it since I have celebrities getting around with me well and which is precisely the point; the question has become very important these days of who I really am especially in light of celebrities getting around with me fine; it seems that I cannot attend University because I will inadvertently shut down my whole life and then they will not have the access and therefore the things they can chase the lifestyle they want by and yet this is the same reasons I have begun to see their celebrity world as a viable source of support which is why we are where we are presently, I just cannot complete an academic work while they exist – same with when I get a job, in terms of a job what we find is that my employers will have to sell their products and then I will be sorry – as for my person all together, I have been dabbling into vanities that only people who are as successful as celebrities are should be enjoying and we have local idiots talking nonsense about striking me all the time for it with a big mouth while the problem with getting involved with me to buy my Books was that the fucking idiots do not have the time to read it; apparently if I were female I would have been sexually assaulted whenever they wanted to claim my public image on the left and felt that I had the body type that can tolerate bullying and then sexually assaulted again on the same impetus whenever they wanted to enjoy some fraternity of Country but needed to avoid the bullying; extremely stupid people that will obviously do these things for eternity if not challenged. They do say people have gotten killed talking like I have and I wonder what I suppose I am referring to when I point out their main obsession with respect to their financially profitable stupidities happens to be my whole like while the Books I write are things they simply do not have time for, of course it means they are killing me already as it were; these goons naturally always want to have exclusive neighbourhoods where they can be safe from access to their own backyard as well the way they pillage peoples lives and set off stupid money mad civil rights women on peoples health for it as well but obviously when they see an Arch Prince they get after it too.

The part about being difficult to protect at State security is nothing new anyway but the bit about the White House is where it is becoming real; we hear this stuff all the time about how I look like I trust the Trump Administration but actually do not which of course tends to suggest not only that I am the bitch of a connection of real world scum but also that I am not my own person and do not make my own decisions, while reality is rather that even in High Diplomacy circles I am hardly seen getting involved with others by entreating them, which suggests there is a lot of influence to play for. Either way, the point of course is that I am my own person and make my own decision and the business with the White House is one where there is grand interest in what I am doing which I get to accommodate.

I. Uno I

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