I am told I continued to deny the actions of the famous affected me but it does not, just a very abusive premise by which people can make money by saying they saved the day in circumstances where they got to attack people who were better off than the rest of the public was and we know that I have not subjected them to such abuses for my part just yet, so there are no evidences that I am vulnerable to them either. I have set out my position on the matter however and a deadline is now set for me to try and turn a decade and a half of abuses, insults and patent breaches into a circumstances where I got to control the market effects for my Bookshop, once I complete the process and still find them investigate my career to pick up my earnings and work network, it will be up for the taking. All are otherwise aware that it will never stop peddling the excuse that something state provided security said provoked its famous stupidities, whilst we know State provided security had said nothing unusual about the fact they did not possess the public life by which to get around with dignitaries and take out local problems at the same time, therefore should not be chasing my earnings and potential earning networks for a living but then again the deadline is set and I have really had enough of the gimmick.

They do claim that the reasons I am often attacked is that people see me trying to get along with people who are beyond my league so annoying because it stifles my personal relationships, where I am aware their parents restrict children getting involved with me in a personal way but the children turn up to stifle my relationships with older women because they were aware that child birthing age was limited by time etc. my point being that the individuals that were beyond my league clearly had names and we have never seen these idiots mention those names once, of which the indication is that they clearly had a lot of work to do on such matters but need to restrict their comments to their careers if they were getting Politicians to listen to their feelings about me. I could never make sense of it anyway, like in my neighbourhood where I had state provided security, so they were emergency services workers that used their sirens to build up communities they served in terms of the way that the Police disturbed the neighbourhood on my account, currently, I am never the less not the one raising the point about the fact they deed pass the exams at school indeed, I suppose when I do raise it, they will need an announcement. As mentioned above, I will try to regain control of public involvement with my Hermitage and Bookshop before I engage with this nonsense fully but it should be noted that I ended up on social security and remained there for 11 years while they fooled around with my career investigating it to pick up earnings from my network, firstly which my financial well being was none of their business, just as much as it was their idea that I ought to operate my career in a circumstances whereby their legitimised interest in my academic performance was a ship that had sailed; I ran the finances on a low key to sort out matters with the career first only to end up with this nonsense, history being the idea that when I am seeing engaging with church orientated activities, I was made to exist by God and they can use me for any purpose that allowed their stupidities to make money without engaging in the work market, building up to the part where I dropped out of University because they were trying to prevent instances where I shut the door and progressing to me taking up work in the private security industry, at which stage their famous idiots got involved. The other busy body goons had decided the point about me doing better for myself was legitimate, had no expenses to help me travel many countries at a time when running an Intellectual property administration services Trust, if I integrated their gimmicks into my Bookshop operations, allowing them to show up here and make a mess all the time, whenever others failed to make comments about their own concerns and cease suckling my personality and social life, what I have here said likely to stick in their heads for a while, thus I get to deal with less of their own stupidities too. The question arises as to reasons people think I am dim whilst I am not - nothing except some trouble makers getting accustomed to their own lies, in this case I appear to have taken primary governance very seriously i.e. matters for instance of what we did with public problems before they ended up in the Law Court etc, which was the domain of the National executive Government - the interesting part of this being that it is the same that is famed for his primary government abilities that seems to be the prime target for abusive gimmicks which will help them make money by avoiding the work market using Celebrity and popular culture.

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