The great issue is never that of people migrating to the UK, the problem has always been that of Germans and French who always seem to promise not to muscle in on anything which happens to have been more successful than they have been but then muscle in anyway in the end - as in muscle in - anyway - eventually which is incredibly infuriating. Whilst we should worry about what businesses do with the migration agreement we have right across the EU, Politicians become a lot more concerned with migration and I do not have a problem with that either because if I were to have done anything to ensure the French and Germans understand that muscling in on anything will be costly to the tune of what they muscle in or thereabout, the Politicians would completely wreck it on account that in their view the Country does not need economic security which means that competition cannot damage it, so I will hand over what I have done so they can make Policies with somewhere in hell for my part as well. However with respect to the big two EU trouble makers, the general idea is always that of Germans the Popular culture goons about whom you will end up living in a certain way so that products they have created with your ideas and at your expense can make them money at popular culture due to the latest from  how you live and the distress it causes you to live like that which pushes your boundaries, for the French they are always the biggest problem women have to deal with and pretend they will handle everybody that way; considering how insolent these two behaviour are which causes a lot of exasperation when coupled with insults from Politicians here in the UK, the changes I have made to their American relations is so vast, especially on account of those stupid women with really tough sons and stupid girls with a claimed ability to manipulate me with intrusive self-seeking and self-advancement based insolent violence and their pictures of products from Cars to anything on social media done to pass abusive and threatening bad blood nonsense in my direction all the time, such that they think for example that British US relations at the film industry is taking over the ones they used to have; which of course is proper competition but I do wish I had the freedom from them to deal with other things for a change which is not to say they will ever be free of me either: people cannot mess with a Country in such ways and certainly not with a government official as though we live in a world without rules and they will always pay for every bit of it, every time.

Of course One is aware of the claims my involvement with Scottish Independence debate worsens existing issues but it really does not in a world where people are responsible for their own actions: for the Scottish National Party it has become a question for them of who actually owns me, to a point where anything I do tends only to confirm such an insolent fact but for more serious matters, it is a simple case of my unwillingness to give credence or even support to a collection of people that are more instrumental to the present social and Political conditions in the UK than I am on account they have found a cause that will create an independent Scotland which will facilitate the banishment of an occasion where they again fail to be as successful as they would have wanted. So that when the real question of why it is important to them to break up the UK on this basis is put to them we find they are more interested in confronting people with how much the violent elements of their chosen cause have seen the events that have unfolded as the most informative debate that there has ever been in British Politics and hence having tasted blood will never go away: for the rest of us it is a matter of imagination as we would never have believed it if we were told that the whole game of people turning up to tell everybody to go in a certain direction where they will be worse off at the while they go in another where it will be all rosy in the end would have been brought into Government itself on account they have not been as successful as they would have wanted to be with business, but here we are.

The case of being scared of Media is a familiar one but I am not aware that it is based on fact; I would want to speak with Media people as normal human beings saying that as they can see their abusive comments do not put them out of pocket, have no reasons to be made and leave my Books in such a bad condition every day and it would be nice if they had stopped making any; what we end up with instead is that they are so important that I am in no position to say anything to them that may in anyway make them feel less than I am, so patiently waiting for the comments to stop, dealing with financial complications every day as I wait and it never actually does and so every time I see them, they always have a filthy problem that concerns sexuality as well and the way to handle that problems involves how they need more money and I have been taking up the income they should be having, they have a need to clean up on my body type and personality and have an even greater need to get inside of me. We are not talking about the Politicians; those who show up to wreck the finances and get off on Parliament to preach how much they are taking action to prevent poverty and the causes of it for years and at no time do they seem to see that wrecking mine and keeping it wrecked is a fact in their history that will come back to burn them at a later date while they are at it, what they think will happen is the things I will not do when I am afraid of them instead. So does that mean I am afraid of them anyway; it does not – it’s all lesbians and security guards and perverts with money who like to blab about war all the time because most of their insults are aimed at ripping up my property expecting no consequences for it and then building me a life of crime but because there are bigger and stronger people than I am in their perverted world already, I will be the type that does not have the energy and so prefers the petty crime route of the kind of existence that stupidities occupy and so they do claim what they do does affect my finances but I cannot actually do anything to affect their own, while it is the reasons they are always talking about a war i.e. I am good at damaging their finances at the National stage – it is usually a two way contribution on their part and mine and starts when the fact they have some money and have a perverted use for me that will satisfy a desire I cannot run a business or keep a job and the contribution will be that of the amount of time and work done to ensure they get it out of me anyway and the action I take to ensure it does not put up that stupid money alongside a media insult to gain an exit, so there is a flurry of activities over a period of years that looks like business and economy but tends to end in poverty – they don't work for it, I do not let them forget how they have been spending their time and do not let them get any exit out of me i.e. the war bits we hear them blab about endlessly being the part where it happens because if it does not somebody will die and happens really fast and happens with weapons too. So, in the end is a case where I am said to behave with magnanimity whenever I handle such matters, but one only needs find out if they have a reason for the occasions where they find it impossible to keep their big mouths where their money is located, not pass insults at me, and tell people on National Media that I am afraid of them. I hear there is a case of European Governments and the British Upper Class Elite involved in the matter which is precisely why I do not care what their excuses are, there is bound to be more complains that eventually end in a case of clash between myself and the media which I will make into an answer for all my problems if they cannot put their comments away and stop extracting money from my income margins and my fame – the British Upper Class Elite are an old story, it complains about the Germans while it supports these behaviour and it is also confident it will get the exit from me because it is Upper Class and I am not too. They cannot blame anybody for ending up in this situation where the only way they can survive is to see people naked and chase peoples bottoms all the time, while I myself an sore all over but I do not think the continued process of savaging my finances and academic work, getting involved with a Court that is Female only and getting on National Media to pass insults at me until I react which is what brought it all on in the first place, is actually going to make it go away: it goes without saying they need stay off my case and let me be as we are not mates, I will never let them forget how they have spent their time and they will never get an exit out of me and the European Politicians can support and fund it presuming they will not go to war if whole economies are torn up like it does people’s property as well.  It’s the same we see at Brexit where the Government spends years on making no decisions at expense to the tax payer and the opposition says that a referendum that has already happened should not have happened a loony goons and the Europeans are just as bad as both – if it carries on for years, we will find them show up at the other end to say they want to confiscate my Company to fix some problems with instead of buy Books off it and while I am sorting that another idiot who thinks he has the same power but cannot look after himself will the communications criminals behind bars have about media goons get off to claim I am afraid of him or her and it will be impossible to locate where it is coming from just like these; the same behaviour that led to this point where they are always striking my bum in order to exist and I am sore all over as well, so it’s a wonder why they keep at it.

Likewise they love to claim I have a problem with Music streaming when they believe the convenience was all theirs to access to deploy a Public image linked with a £20 Book to get rich quick on £1.50 track streaming, which I do not; what happens is that if I had said that a Public disposition was only available to a certain group of people I had marked out for it, what happens with the music industry usually is that they pick it up and make music for everybody. So this was a structure that was developed from Public work and mainly run on the basis of people taking advantage of it to make music that supports younger people to carry on and follow their academic pursuits and then it developed into something of a system that allowed us create some really good music which they had no choice but deploy their Music studios to produce and then they will keep the money while we must have created a counter measure for their social corruption and vandalism, so I usually see their need to pick up my property and make use of it to create music any time they want as a form of revenge but sometimes it goes too far as it is patented property. We see the same with their goons when enabled to travel around the world as well; what they are doing wrecking my academic work apparently is to ensure I am a failure which with my Royal Office creates a disposition they can offer to a guru in Asia to show them some fighting skills, so the stupidities usually know no limits before they start to think that when I tell them following me around at an academic institution again will lead to trouble, the probable sensibility is that I am bluffing. Then we hear them claim that I anal as though most of their insanity escaping the authorities is a matter of right; yet I am not, I am an Arch Prince and likely to notice they gather around and decide among themselves which sensibilities on the right-hand side belongs to the white persons while the ones on the left belong to the none whites and then nobody can concentrate on anything important while they have their fun after that.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland