I have no idea where this suggestion has developed from, that we are going to remove ourselves from the principles and jurisdiction of the ECHR anyway – it will be akin to making ourselves the Country that decided Nazism was a good thing which is very, very bad PR, as it is all tied in with the European Conventions that are meant to prevent War. I do not think it will happen; I mean it’s like when they say nobody knows what I am thinking and what I am thinking is what is really happening i.e. we were asked to provide Global leadership on some issues, the US was not happy with it and neither were the Russians but the Germans have always been rightful leaders of Europe and we set about doing it anyway – the outcome is that we have left the EU which has over time become a chauffeur for Germany and we are not going to remove ourselves from the Principles of the ECHR either, as it would be impossible to keep a place at NATO should we have done that.

Now there is talk of threats inland but I do not think there is any save Politicians getting off at Government Offices with shitty faces that tell others whom to be subservient to all the time; so it can easily become a story of how they ought to decide to go into those government Offices to pay attention to what really matters so others do not run into financial difficulty as well; they however have loved to rely on the other case of support from Africa that I have which is utter nonsense – those are the like-minded goons they went off to Africa to bring into the UK about which it is always better not to tell them to stop pushing off blame culture at the shops or to say that terrorists are attacking poorer normal people who organise gigs to build happy memories for their families, then it is to pay attention to the truth or let people carry on and brave it while the problem is handled the way it really is.

I personally am regularly told that when I think of saying something I should keep my mouth shut and swallow it to my tummy lest it gets me into trouble but I have no idea what it means anyway; they have brought these like-minded trouble makers from Africa to show if I lived there I wouldn’t do any of the things I do because the Politicians are less tolerant of which I have not even lived in the UK for as long as I have lived in Africa and have spent only 3 years of my adult time in Africa as compared to the UK but it is an old story especially about the insults concerning what I think about and which ones I swallow in order to keep out of trouble. We all know they have done it before, they have done it to their mates, right down to media fools always getting involved with my concerns to invent a new problem no matter how much they get hurt for it as well because they think they are better human beings etc – they have done it before but it was to their mates who are female, which develops that story they love to tell of how I enjoy getting women to do my fighting for me, hence I imagine the confidence developed that I will take such crap from them and other nonsense they have done to tackle my work and my Books and rebuild all sorts of nonsense for football people which I had gotten rid of on account it was a threat to me. What these fools fear about me however is that I seem to be one of those Men that can get them into a cycle of something to do to keep their minds off fame every moment as well but we continue to witness these kinds of insults and threats as per what I need to keep inside of me lest it gets me into trouble saying it. I mean this is not the only country in the world where scumbags go into government Office to sit about expecting privileges of injustice from the business of the majority population, it’s just one of those ones where these privileges of injustice will be developed around the matters of racial superiority and I have to deal with this sort of nonsense every time because they assume people in other Countries do not develop violent lasciviousness when they share Office space with those they think they are superior to and that there is no way somebody is thinking there has to be a way of looking professional and carrying out daily tasks like a decent person without having to deal with the evils of their society – so their insults are familiar ones; the type people blabbed before they became women that lose access to civil rights violence so I can attend Church in peace for their love of money and people can touch their anus whenever people wanted - considering that stupid Civil Rights violence is always a threat to the existence of the State because it savages the backyard and they cannot keep their mouth shut if they want to keep doing it without being detected, the kind that was blabbed before I sacked their own all the way to corridors of International Community and Aid systems; since it is clear that it would be impossible to argue with what they are doing with the bottom line of my business account, it would be impossible to argue with the fact that this is what they are really doing and when all that stuff that has been a result of explaining their stupidities with what I have and what I do or say is eliminated from the picture what we are left with is scum passing around messages on the bad things they get up to when they do not get what they want from their target victims such as myself and right now as mentioned before that media and society idiots and football nonsense has been rebuilt again while the Politicians keep my Book sales down and talk rubbish about things I think about which I need to swallow; all I am saying as such as well is that they have apparently done these insults before and it has been expressed many times around such things as letting themselves access to my Court in order to create me problems every moment and express their real men selves with it, getting hurt every day and blabbing stupid threats for that too as it were.

So, the main stuff is still the case at hand i.e. we were asked to provide leadership at the global stage; soldiers working for NATO in the East and West at this stage and since last Europe became a vehicle for moving Germany around, there has been Brexit to take us out of it but we will not likely abandon Treaty principles as a result too since it is akin to showing support for Nazism and therefore extremely bad PR. I mean they do say I reduce myself to beggar Prince status which contributes to my problems whereas the reality is that of holdings in various companies and a process of working with shareholders to turn an income and a profit at a Royal Estate Business Empire and it would not have been so complicated for me if they did not tear up my academics and leave me without a job while I am at it, like I have mentioned the next time I attend an academic institution and they follow me around there is definitely no way whatsoever that I might have made an example it before it was over.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland