There is really no such thing as hampering peoples work in the fame industry, what really happens is that a collection of rich and famous fools have reached the end of their game of adding people’s property to their own to improve their public personality because no amount of money they have is ever enough and of course on account they will never buy my books no matter how much they need to on grounds they need the income instead, they seem to have a problem with a right to earn a living wage from my own books and want some of mind which they will certainly get as well, for it tends to happen with every public appearance and happens all of the time and whenever I have set out clearly I do not want it to happen anymore - they are at the forefront of piloting and encouraging income vandalism of my work and like to talk nonsense about rubbing shoulders with them when the real issue is that it is the biggest problem around that they get into our financial system and grab out money, into our film industries and grab our films and into our books industries and grab our books and then turn out to add to what they have got and make noise all over the place playing out their racism to the fullest and I have had enough of it with their news anchors and insolent back stage camera men who have no respect for my health as well and intend to clip it. Nobody will ever know why the need to have sex with me is so important to them anyway, although we should always respect the fact their insults know no limits - like A list stars that have no respect for anything in their stupid lives and so when I write books and copyright them and create markets for them, they hold the market each time they appear in public and improve their personality to get rich deploying the income for their ends and beauty and whatever and of course it is rather marvellous the fact that I have never seen them run out of excuses for it as well.


There is clearly more to life than being told what to do as violently as possible which then gets even more violent and is never enough, by lower class and low life idiots and the updates I put here are of course especially for the consumption of the American ones who can find it and do so if they want; it seems the destruction of any relations I have with Westerners and Communists, especially Russians has come to a head as well and I do suppose it does not do to say much about it and their stupid media lest I spoil their fun, just like they tell me I am light weight and we will find out soon. Of course, if it indicates suffering people endure when they think being a Christian is okay, all these indulgences of theirs, I will kick them again.

Now my refusal to face race issue directly is said to be a problem for the government but that is because there are no race issues for me to face; only media idiots that want to follow people around and get involved with every aspect of their lives and get some form of violence involved in it, in order to extract the decadence that success and comforts that such people have worked for have given them and then make it theirs on Television and cash into it for money – it may even be their version of racism but it is not the first occasion. They do it every time they see you a Christian and feel like telling you to commit a sin which when you do not become their major pre-occupation, a means to power, something somebody does not want to do that they can get on television and at least spend all their lives trying to make people do violently. How does anybody spend so much time and effort to extricate things like filling other people’s lives with violence over time to detach them from their decadence and own it? Yapping from them about where I am supposed to be will not end very well either, we have been there several times over and it did not do them any good and will get worse once I get myself a real public life too. I mean the best of the lot is how I am not to be allowed a job and an income until I do something about racism and all the while they being so useless they cannot prevent racists from having jobs as well in order to make it fair; so it goes on like that endlessly and because there is the US and it supports inclusion and multiculturalism and power sharing they can do whatever they want with the business of anybody they liked to do so with, a big mouth only of course and they are still here too. There is nothing like sabotaging my security when I say such things, I really hate any security that may suggest I must play their game with a passion. Accept security that is concerned with what they want like using me to better American relations in the middle east, then get rid of my allies as well in the process; their own greed and desire to own the world on media apparently and it’s like that all the time – they have media and I am an item (much the same with the story of how the problem is a factor of who I got published with when we all know whom I got published with has no connections with temperamentally evil Americans even though they might form a certain threshold of customers for my publisher - always experimenting on whether or not they are the devils children because I have been blessed by God and there is no way they can possibly do it with their own income or salary or jobs and everything that supports it will die and I am not bluffing about it either). It is rather simple i.e., they need to lay off my thoughts, I earn from it and stay off the books and the job and there will be no problems or carry on and stop complaining.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland