I am now said to have built myself a reputation as a troublemaker at this stage which is not really the case. The truth of it is that there is always very abusive information that people think I need to be aware of and they can never have enough, issuing those stupid threats while they draw succour from community due to previous responses with a big mouth, about what I have lost at the Monarchy which never stops. I do believe it has now reached a stage where it is clear if I removed everything that indicates my ties with Monarchy from my work and websites, I will still be required to continue work on culture and society matters because half the time its who I am and half the time its required by the Crown, this has been suggested a number of times and the results have been clear a number of times, such that it has become quite clear that what HM thinks about my activities needed to be respected as well as what I did about it at this point, if the scum that are complaining about the consequences wish to change matters in a positive way. Otherwise we are progressing from the fact that they are mentally ill and need medical help rather than to secure good feelings from my personality and my body and play those stupid games up to my bedchamber for it and I shall take it right up to their great Obama hanging around at the White House to tell their stupidities that they were free to discuss their problems with respect to my very existence, taking whatever they want from me in the process, then wait somewhere long after his presidency to witness a time when my opinions will be incorrect.

The talk of me interfering with Crown concerns is actually utter rubbish, the goons who have gotten themselves hurt by some Russians to make sense of their insulting interference allowing social and cultural evils to create public and political instability in the country at my expense do not really issue threats that their stupidities can back up around here either. What happens is that they view me as an outlet, whenever they are punished by the Crown, they think of me as an exit, so it is becoming clearer they were unable to calculate what I am capable of as well, besides which I don’t think the Crown should spend time punishing their stupidities while Public government got less attention as a result of it either. The Politicians fit into this matter as a function of their complicity with vanity and trappings of power which results the fully deserve in my view as well; their attitude towards the fact their work fundamentally involves administration the welfare of three separate groups of people who are classified into Children and dependants, Adults and working population, Pensioners and Elderly people, has led to outcomes where their inability to manage the activities of business communities to a stage where involvement of such things with government is restricted to influences at Party donations and funding, has meant idiots who love to dominate people, take what they want and attack the same victims they had benefitted from, talking nonsense about celebrity and business are always showing up on Crown Public image matter every single day – besides which their ability to manage the business communities has in itself created Brexit, Scottish referendum and of course new talk of Irish Unity. So I do get asked what I think should be done and yet we know that should they had set out a net Policy which invites people to invest and ensures people do not take Money out of the British economy, leaving us looking like we hang around in this place working to make other Countries better off, they would have ended up with people that came to the UK because they wanted to be here – I have done this on social media within my incredibly tight schedule and pillaged finances in a time period of two years and yet they are the ones being paid by the tax payer in thousands of pounds to do it every month; it never ceases to be a gimmick at Parliament as it were.

The other complicated bits obviously was to manage the more perverse forms of US foreign and economic Policy – when we know the US is a Federation and likely therefore to act like Iran and Syria and all those Countries it attacks from time to time because they have much in common in terms of Governmental structure but the part where Obama decided a group of people who are so mentally ill that if Celebrities were harming them and another Celebrity offered help, they would not be able to take such help because their minds cannot process it, they will not be able to reject the help on a clear basis either but will reject it in terms of the sense that such Celebrities were taking up what is left of their lives and building ways to hurt them with it – he decided people who needed medical help in this form had a future that involved a sacrificing of my entire existence as a matter of them discussing their problems with respect to it, gave some American money to Middle East Businesses which now produce a handful of trouble makers that think they are ahead and wish to stay there, hanging around somewhere waiting for a time when I will be wrong in my opinions especially about women, as stupidly as possible, the persuasion being that it was a progressive move towards a management of US Diplomatic crises without a war and yet if my opinions were that valuable, I appear not to have been selling Books on it..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland