I am said to have been one of the major driving forces that had built an environment where people were able to explain away all their problems as a matter of the actions of narcissists. The reality is that the actions of narcissists are responsible, not something that is made up i.e. growing up, my experience of narcissists was a matter of some character that was a product of some goons walking about the City in secret community frocks by which they suggested that they owned and controlled it, so most of his narcissism was a product of consent from those upon whom he practiced it, then the Liberalist self-seeking abuses changed all that into something a need to like peoples personality like it had liked me, set about engineering social and public conditions to ensure that hunted down, trapped such persons and practiced pleasurable satisfactory narcissism – my history is botched University studies, a CV that people laughed at before they read and now a perverted interest in my Bookshop which their celebrities and sex workers made the most of every day, ripping up my earnings and clinging to my patent margins, at the same time since developed some civil service narcissism to ensure that it was perceived I received support but was not available to the jobs market. They do ask if I would allow them satisfy their desires as a matter of consent but I wouldn’t as it is not my persuasion – the factors applicable to what is considered the difficult way out simply gets people ignoring their gimmicks until like in my case, I ended up with damaged University studies, at which stage I realised I had an overwhelming amount of things to do, to get back on my feet. That said, those issues were important never the less; we are talking about narcissists noticing my personality and my body and hounding me to drag me into a condition where they can finger the bum for instance, in the process the prison population had swollen, the socialists who expanded the prison population now had self-seeking Liberalists in their midst giving those who have paid a price for freedom some rebate by handling careers of those who have not been to prison, such as myself and we all were aware when the bottom chasing gets out of hand, big brother will not want to do prison anymore because doing dissident was preferable – so they were important but looking in terms of where we are and their stupidities working with Celebrities to such an extent that there is an abusive physical contact with me and my possessions tearing up my finances, it is possible to regret having paid attention to it.

The cause of the narcissism itself it should be noted, is Political corruption – it has been clinging to a process of chasing that friendship with wealthy people all day, the frustration builds up and for Gods sake somebody may want to damage my Bookshop to build up applicable controversy while it bandies it around as a clash between Parliament and Executive and gets about putting up a fun side that will draw crowds in its direction at Parliament. So when they say we had found a way to explain everything through narcissism, the reality is that the biggest problems are caused by their friends tracking down the big bottoms in society and putting their fingers in the anus there for pleasure narcissism of the power that their stupidities had, now we know especially in my case, they have now also built up civil service narcissism because they did not wish to pay up on the unemployment support. The part that the Media plays in the matter beats my imagination but we know it works its own narcissism to ensure if somebody wanted to grab my career, such a person would hit the ground running, not because anybody is rewarding its stupidities directly at present but the rewards might come in on a later date, reasons I am vulnerable being that I went down the backyards of Industry to prevent people making a mess of my career, having the need to make stupid statements everybody they conversed with their friends, about some guy who picked up a career that was actually theirs, showing up here to trash public interest in my Books, such that after services, clients run away from the Books due to the fear of practical jokes wrecking the businesses of their employers, while they got to complain about me. I do suppose then that when I burn the stupid media job as it continues to make out that when I talk about such matters as these, I played into its own media presence stupid and insolent narcissism, the assumption will be that I wanted their jobs and or I envied it and their stupidities were important people.

The story is never changed, that I would have sorted out these matters by getting into a physical altercation with others – reality of course is that we have only recently whilst the entire time they were ripping up my finances, found out how Celebrities pick up other people security directives, to set about getting rich, trading with people who hated them, claiming it was deserved as the victim had provided a product which solved the problem therefore effectively signed a contract to be treated that way; so it may continue to tell me what to do, make those stupid assumptions on a Media presence that it was in charge, I think enough had not yet died. It’s the same as they claim I am coping out of matters at the Monarchy, whilst it is largely a case of the Prince of Wales taking sides with the sexes, contrary to the way the rest of us had turned out from the Queens leadership, setting off the sense that idea a sedentary manner of approaching assistance to the female community was the wrong one, while abusive were taking over the world and peoples lives a media presence that allowed them run down public figures with narcissism, to sell sex to Industry gits that no longer wished to do work for a living, the idea being that women didn’t like to be rounded up and Housed and have all their problems solved, provided those who did, did the job properly. Then they claim I had coped out of matters at the Monarchy in the face of a reality where I too do have a personal leadership disposition where I can see that male society goons are always saying they hated women on account that they were talking about band of brothers industry leadership by which they never had to walk into a community occupied by women as it would not have made sense and if I were emotionally attached to celebrities, I would only have seen when people set me out as a character to be bullied when others wanted to befriend rich people, when it was too late to respond, so the assumption would have been the idea that if the Prince of Wales took side with the sexes, it was the same process but we know that it is not, his position taking side with the sexes was a Public leadership directive, hence I am not the person people want to nag on Media as such.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland