So it is now suggested that everything had become so terribly sad because of me and I understand entirely but people do need to stop ripping up my income and my Bookshop – the gimmicks about publicity to draw a crowd and draw the attention of that crowd to my Books, while getting the crowd to engage with them as replacement for what my Books do for people, only to make excuses of what people said and did when they performed public security jobs or duties at the Monarchy. I do not mind the gimmick that I did not have a chance against them anyway, if they are complaining about being sad, they know it can get worse and it does suggest they want to talk. There is nothing to it but 6 years of nauseating financial complications due to Popularity people running my life and then there is the abuses that are so intense I lost touch with reality by which they claim I did embarrassing things that must be paid for using all I had worked for my entire life – the part they said I had played in the matter comes in two areas, one of them being that their involvement with me had been nothing but daily trouble for the last 19 years, while the new bits are more what Americans get up to when they say they didn’t understand why Royalty existed in this day and age and that they were keen to see how I would make my Bookshop successful by serving the real kings that were the customers, as they supervised and even when they realise they have created a dangerous situation for everybody, they would continue with it until these fools hang about somewhere making up ideas that they were free to do with my concerns as they pleased because I never had a chance and spent all my time thinking about their money. Responses on the other hand could easily include a process of making that gimmick about criminals being better people into the social lives of the entertainment industry directors and big wigs and main players etc, so that when enough had died, I would get a break – same as would happen to their popularity stupidities if I did the same with the gimmicks about getting their stupid imagination up my bum. I do get told this is a matter of trying to get on with the Middle Class which is usually easy save these characters with a  body language that is an impediment to other people’s daily concerns and needs to be because they were making sure business was successful whether or not they worked on it on account that there were a lot of talented people out there trying to do things they didn’t have the money to do and then it will rip up my earnings like these and set about telling me I didn’t have a chance again and again, regardless of whether I may have said a thousand and one things about it which should have prevented a normal person from continuing such activities. So eventually I am told that my objectives are still mostly a mystery but it’s a simple case of putting me through the difficulties, so that it might be possible to tell younger people that they could do what they are trying to do with their careers on a later date, since we were prepared for the right kind of leadership and support for it – in true form as well naturally we have seen the abuse and attack from the popularity gits had become so bad that the idiots claim they now make policy at the Monarchy on my account. On the ground however they say it’s the bad things that people who support me at the Monarchy do to them but I didn’t think it should have been that easy for them to tell us apart anyway – if people at the Monarchy find them ripping up my Books, their bottoms will hurt and if I find them making a mess of people’s concerns they will feel sad and then their bottom will hurt thereafter but they will be the ones hurting themselves instead, it’s a safer way to provide cover for women and very young children by the numbers.

They do claim I like women only when they were in distress, but we all know that their uninvited interest in my concerns is always expressed with publicly displayed indiscretion, filthy way to dress and the idea of leaving something dirty behind, over time which I have grown older in that condition, so what my body did generally set me out as the instigator who deserved it all together. Same as the fact I might have thought that destruction of the writing career and 6-year financial complications caused by their Celebrities who want to engage with the Public over my work was the worst thing that ever happened, but it turns out to be a process of softening me up for more gold-digging activities. And of course this business of people making statements about fighting the battles of those who turn up to take back their ideas, which is usually used to make sense of the way that publicly declared work at the arts changes hands and develops through public consumption and usage but is being used by their stupidities on people who are not victims because they worked injustice but are victims because they were smaller in size compared to their insane selves – the fun game of perverting everything good about people’s lives in order to chase money, which never goes away.

I. Uno I

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