They do say I smell and need to do something about it but that was a matter of thinking I am stupid and do not notice how they do it i.e. besides the part where they want to play with my tummy when I am on a fast day because I still have to get to work while at it, making a mess – the whole thing was built then as it were on the fact they cannot stand the business of women complaining at the background of Public living, so they need to ensure I am stuck between them and the women so they might make progress with their lives and confiscate any careers they like. Never makes sense to me anyway since it’s not clear why anybody has a problem with women complaining at the background of Public living as such – we have sex with them then when they give birth to the Children which we are, we chase their Public image as well, I do not understand why it is that people who complain of the complicated context of their lifestyle cannot let them be and it seems I smell like my loo all the time because it annoys them and I am some guy who has an idea how to fix the problem, as stupidly as possible i.e. when it does get real enough for the punch up as it were. There is nothing they can do about me or about the smell, it is a product of the fact they are all sharing my personal space with me as filthy as possible, when it relies on them as their stupidities and have been building media, popularity culture and celebrity culture to make that possible; those who threaten me for it when they have refused to give me a break are clearly looking for more of what they are complaining about. I have repeatedly pointed out they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around as this was their exit and mine too.

They say I am still ashamed of the smell thing and I am not - they blab all the time of what must be done about it, so it gets a bit too much knowing that the more you think of it is the worse it gets; it is all a product of abusive nonsense about the women who work with them having a problem with my thought pattern while they drag me out to university to sit around reacting to their stupidities as they put labels on me making stupid statements about which one is sweeter when stolen a disrespect for any personal and thinking space I have, to feel good about life and or the part where I am really big and hoodlums want to attend school for change; completely fed up and it all need rely on them if they wish to complaining about me too. The rest of the time is largely a matter of incredibly stupid celebrities showing up to race themselves to the Millions on my Public image while their insanity says I need to do something about the smell.

They say the more I speak of it is the worse it will get, which is utter nonsense – we all know its Politics and its Government, so while society people do violence because they can and culture people look like they need a good fuck and it plays into people delivering services to other people’s homes in the same way they get their own as well, these goons are incredibly foolish individuals whose behaviour only has the one effect of making people confused enough to engage in violent activity – so we should be seeing the fact that they are no longer having their backsides covered by the leaders they insults and abuse so much displayed at pornography, not young people fucking. The crux of the matter is that the recovery from the effects their stupid personal decisions have had on them is about a process where I give up all I am doing so that they might have a future, much as we hear their Politicians claim there is crime and there will be less of it if I shared. If saying it this way is not enough, then the main issue the way it will play out of which is being decided by insane Liberal USA, is that I built a Literary Empire and set about breaking it up to broker Equities with Companies, how must hand it over to those who do not have power or position like me so that there might be equality and so it all relies on me, such that if I do not hand over my Empire the market will be split between me and the 'have-nots' with a big mouth they have got.

The general idea then is that I misconstrue what people are saying and doing with me which is not the case; I am trying to sell some Books, they are more interested in taking my work out of context, so some round me up like sheep and spend my time being as disobedient as possible, so those who are targeting me will look like the good ones that are expensive to reject but then again it’s my ability to get my services at home and to look after my Office that is being affected not their own, so nothing is really hidden under the sun and becomes incredibly annoying because of the disruptive damage it caused.

The claim I sneer at Celebrity culture but pick it up when others are not looking is utter nonsense; to be an Arch Prince I must do what my parent who is head of the Monarchy wants me to do otherwise I have no way to exist or operate on a professional basis as the son of a Monarch and therefore not a Prince; this means I do not entreat the idea of ethnic minority having conversations with me about ownership of Country as it generally means they are likely to come up with evils that can decide what their fortunes will be and dart across my mind’s eye into my right hand side where they can strike my bum, that said nobody wants storm in teacup far right group solving peoples personal problems either. as mentioned before, it’s a matter of society doing violent bits because they are good at it and the rest doing sex bits because they are good at it, these goons spend all the time they can talking about Country ownership, so they always want to play their foolish games with people of authority because they know there are downsides to a business of spending time having discourses and conversations about country ownership and that these are the people they want those high and violent problems to rely on; so the Celebrities are always blowing off that big mouth but they are not the ones who are having trouble getting their services at home or working at an Office in peace because of it as it were, the theory I cannot do anything about it is not based on fact. That said, what happens is that they spend their time on their incredibly foolish and useless lifestyle and decisions, then women will be sore all over when they want to feel a connection with the Country again as it were, this is how Celebrity culture ends up near an Office of State – besides which they do work for me as well, in the sense that there are people who will never meet me, so when Celebrity makes a song about my life for example it helps to ensure those people had access to the lifestyle their leaders were creating at the top levels of Public engagement, so it serves its purpose – those who want to dominate me, bully me, handle me, put stickers on, are welcome to start and of course when I am attending an academic institution it is clearly an important thing as it were, if they are complaining about current consequences.

I. Uno I

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