In essence the problem there exists for this firm and its Literary Empire Trust system is that of Media firms that claim all the intellectual property in it belongs to them, which lies and public display of my property and work without permission claiming it is a tease has eventually led to a mental condition where they genuinely believe that it does belong to them, which needs to be changed intensely; this has been a long standing public place fun that has gradually grown to have great consequential outcomes. Its entire purpose has been Popular culture elitism bullying and Popular culture Celebrities getting money from its profit margins and finances with big needs to fund and big bills they have amassed for themselves, to pay with it, which is very provocative too, even more so when the money with which they acquire products from the market for their destruction are gained from this method.

The big idea now is that I have won the fight and am now putting my updates on my sites, but nobody can work out what the point is since I have only made the problem worse. I have not for my part in anyway made any problems worse, just a simple process of making it clear to those who create them that if they go around doing things which suggest that when a country spends on its diplomatic needs another country can share like they do, while those government officials they play such games with get around the world playing foolishness about which people will tell them a secrete, then the Government operative in question is always likely to have such problems as publishing books that cannot even be safe at the hands of the Printers. I want my Empire back the way it was and property the way it was supposed to be, those that are responsible at home and overseas ought to be aware it is not important what point anybody makes of it.

The Biggest problem therefore it applies is the matter of those who create problems like a profession because they are making themselves relevant to Politicians and their desire to kill two birds with a stone by sacrificing the good things in other people’s lives to pacify violence like that which comes from fascism for example, while at the same time making sure other people’s property and earnings serve them where they are and this is the biggest playing field for the media, especially with respect to people’s lives and property, that convinces them they are completely invincible when they handle peoples products; permitted or not. This is not a matter which I consider to be of a great problem, I am just aware they are people who like to exist in a place where all the temperaments of my worries are or have taken place and wish to build up history with it, the problem is the new demands and new strange needs and the media bullying; nothing seems to have any right to exist normally when they are not made to behave.

Fair to say that the idea that things belong to people as a concept does not exist in their minds bearing in mind where people see them most of the time i.e. public places of fame and so it is still the basic issue; they are the professional problem creators and fascist do not like it among others but I am the one who has enough property to provide for everybody but myself because I am weak enough to have it taken from me - so now they think of themselves as adjudicators and this of course is the real problem; they do nothing else with their media and Politics but and will take from me all I own if unwilling with violence and a big mouth.


Now they say I am unable to mind my Business, which has no basis on fact – I would easily mind my business if it was not about being pushed around because there will be no way of carry on with it in peace save the one where I look after myself and bully the Media. I can easily mind my Business if it did not involve looking after myself and bullying the Media considering they are so interested. Nothing else works but that and I need to squeeze it as well and find out if I have that corruption in me that means I am keen on looking strong and building up my losses from the pressures of social villainy all around me by bullying those who have too much on their hands because it would be a pleasure to see that I can beat them big and weak; they are too fond of it and lie all the time, way too often for their own good and I am too prone to the effects hence they enjoy it too much as well. They say it will be an uphill struggle and it wouldn’t; it’s about being able to bully them big and weak and because they have made that example of me to learn from I do not have to take leave of my faith to invent such things when we have so much history between us of it happening – it is not going to be an uphill struggle; I have seen endless numbers of great people whose lives have been wrecked by it but I seem to be able to go through the whole cycle everyday looking like some rare super human creature they want to experiment on all the time for their evil nature and entertainment and merchandising and that is why they love it so much and think they want to build up the history and sell it on which is what it is all about i.e. target me and find out whether or not attacking me means getting on media to make money and if it does no reasoning can change anything they plan to do with me on a daily basis with that big mouth. And then we hear them say it is all my fault while they wreck my finances and get on that stupid media to insist on getting involved with my concerns to extricate a process of being more important than I am their idiocy and I have had enough of the suffering as well for my part – I need to locate that person inside of me that can do this corruption as well and I am getting there too.

It is what I mean when I say I do not know about their problems and do not care i.e., supposing it was through me that the Devil got back into the Bosom of God, which technically is a good thing, can the result of such a situation be predicted, the Civil rights getting on media to extricate being more important than I am by wrecking my finances because career piracy and public life theft has simply failed? So, it is clear when you do not allow people peddle your life for anything it becomes a crime of passion all together like this.

They say I am a dirty little boy who thinks he can get involved with them but everybody else knows the more time I spend on that is the more time I spend on thinking about how much money they have made and if or not they have wealthy friends to get connected with, meaning Mr Talented who can also set out how much he can make with himself on every rising of the sun is held down so their idiots can pillage his life and support them with crime and power on their stupid media self-exhibitionism; so not doing so is apparently win-win for the Christian and this is their problem like it was their own lives I live in as it were. They say I am the little angelic thing that has become a really big trouble maker which I am not; the reality is that as I have mentioned before, they rip up finances to make me pay attention to whether or not they have money and rich friends and trouble makers who need money take note of Mr talented doing nothing and each time they make any money at my expense well encouraged by Politicians claiming religion is the problem of the world, what they do is turn out to give them power and domination with those stupid media insults – so obviously they have tempers and an ego and I want them to get off my temper as well; I know nothing of and care nothing of their problems it’s a business that offer access only to those who buy my Books..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland