It is usually suggested I do not care about and am not interested in black people which matter is surrounded by mystery but we have to understand very clearly how wickedness and absolute evil works since these are the same who have spent the 10 years of my time between 2001 and 2012 running around the world with Media, making sure I am cut off from my academic work and financial wellbeing, which financial wellbeing specifically is used to develop the powers of Women who have money and wish to corrupt Men sexually and therefore one very good reason to be financially uncomfortable for that length of time on account others exist - no reason for people to hate my guts over that stupid freedom either as it were, while being spied on and bullied over my talents to make me express them to a point where this business Empire had been built but the financial equity property ends up somewhere else in Trust (it should be noted that even the Nazis and their mass murder did not achieve this, making them a stupidity I do not think worth the salt to trifle with at all). All is safe, I am not suggesting it is not but what has happened so far has shown what is possible when Socialists who want to use this game for wealth distribution and had always planned a living of laziness and means by which to take advantage of those who have an ending for it too; meaning that it fundamentally has no respect for authority unless it is its own authority and is a disposition used to punish those that have dared to stand up to them spiritually, causing confusion and violence and murder etc, especially when their insanity is not financially rewarding has nothing to do with civility like most people think peace and justice demands that it should i.e. in the same way we say Education and jobs is good for young people at State Office, is the way they act in this manner and take these steps, to ensure those who are moral are financially punished for challenging them, the Police is always vilified and organised criminals find their activities profitable.

I have to wake up every day to this nonsense about what it is that seems to be my problem with businesses that seeks adjudication from foolish Media Bosses and Politicians but the problem has always stared every day in the face i.e. whenever somebody who studied business wants to deploy the personality of somebody who studied the law to make profit by creating trends which will cause immense suffering for the victim, in my case being the victim, there is no opposition to it, except that there is another problem i.e. nobody really knows what their personal problem with my Book sales and Financial wellbeing really is. We hear them mutter those insults all the time about how it belongs to them and one of these days we will find out what they are made of to that effect as well.

It is a very frustrating experience i.e. Mercedes for example will build models on my Public image if I see one that is built on something I did about the fact Mr A who is actually smaller when he steps out of his car, as a compared to all that bullying he performs on the roads, thinks that because he is evil and has some money, the Country was not more beautiful than his Car and that nobody should be able to see a normal human being ever again. What they do when they build these products ranging from 90,000 to 2.5 Million is leave me with some brokerage publicity when the products are launched, which is engrained in how the products were built but I am still having financial problems because others cannot let it be and its that way right across the global industry, followed by daily insults and threats when the scumbags are frustrated about their needs; meaning that one of these days I am going to have to ask them Politicians to give fools that financial advantage over me again, so we can find out what they are all made of too; considering those have had any of the issues resolved and provided all the answers since we last checked as it were i.e. it was as simple as making sure all including the bad people were taking part in economy so as to secure recovery and since they have spent all those years talking about owning some item that is me in order to have the life they used to, they had been listening all along, not claiming ownership of my Books and contents of my 6 websites as well, to turn up at public office with all the effing answers every day.

These goons do say that they need freedom but that has never been a problem as all their freedoms are located in whether their business is about selling products and showing people they are ready to and can provide a service or it is about selling my Royal Property and public image of which usually there is no opposition since it is so stupid but they had decided they will not go their way and let me go mine if they end up with some money and so we have this condition where there is trouble if I hear that somebody had deployed my public image to get comfortable and that they are now a superior and better version of me, since such things considering the level of global complaining about me, should always stay out of my sight for those who have not done it but are claiming that they have, what they need to do is keep their mouths firmly shut and keep off my Book sales for their own case as well; there is no opposition to these fools making use of my effects, its just that they have created a situation in which it is required of them to supply answers for the personal problem they have with my money and have never been able to provide one. The other side of their freedom is to do with people moving into my right hand to make such an abusive scandalous mess that I will perpetually feel as though I am on the outside and then what space they make there will become their own, which I find intolerable and needs to stop so I do not have to hear them complain of Police on one hand and their entire communities on the other, to add to the fact I will cut up any stupid culture that shows up in my case and those who want restored the ones I had already ripped up will get it back, they will get it back in hell.

For the Politicians the simple bit was bad and good people taking part in economic activity while only good ones were allowed to run business and take part in Industry for these goons however the simple bit is that nothing I do done is for them; I mean they will normally have been so stupid all I have said would have been lost in translation, so this main points need to be emphasised; they are the way out of trouble for all; nobody here will sit back and wait for them to become gangs in order to prove he is not a coward as it stands every twerp like their stupid parents knows where my anus and penis is and if I speak to the parents the question will whether it is my financial sensibilities that will be used to get it fixed but if I give it 15 years I will be standing in front of a loaded gun and this is their fucking civil and human rights, if not culture and society as well, by which I may be concerned with serious matters of state alright but they will be far busier getting on media to try and be more important than I am and it is a worthy activity, then start to take up my time and issue threats with that big business mouth all of the time; yet we all know all they can damage here is Books but I will rip up all that stupid civilisation by which their fingers are always millimetres off my bum as a concept and the Middle East and Asia will not be spared. They do say I am in their Country and need to make contributions but its always been a case of making sure I make contributions and hurt for it; so I have always had a habit of making sure we end up talking about them using the Country to make themselves comfortable and how they can get comfortable with mine as well presuming they have the means to; no racism of which would have been happening if people were not so keen on exploring other peoples personality to a point where they find out it is possible to get financially comfortable with it, in order to talk nonsense about survival of the fittest and then get off telling me I explore peoples personality too, which I did so Nazi Germany might return if I do not behave in an acceptable way, as they do have trouble seeing there is only my life here and that only I can have it too; like the dynamic trio i.e. 'Beat', 'Squander' and 'Problem' and when you speak of it head down the path where your hate for them is complete -I am obviously not counted among the most attractive enemies people can have at present and they need to leave me alone as well.

It is an old story right across History; some Jews persecuted, some living in a certain area not, some Muslims persecuted, some living in a certain area not and all I am saying is that they all need to get around the back doors of industry to attack me in order to make money and buy cars which when told to step out of suddenly become smaller than they were when they drove it around making sure pedestrians had hurting bottoms and Cyclists were pushed over etc, the one that means they have needs and I have a co-operation to follow on all of the time; if I see them around my Public image and Royal property again, I will find out which residue of Civilisation that is bugging me and needs to be ripped up as well in Asia and the Middle East and Africa and South America to keep the fucking fingers off my bum (Its not a matter of taking up my time on Media everyday - its about explaining it to me, explaining which part of making money at backstage of Industry to talk nonsense about the civilisation that existed first and have some fingering peoples bums galore, all the days of their lives, means that they have to get after my Book sales and my income all of the time and any other jobs I have as well thereof endlessly as well; this is what they need to explain if they want to talk or continue to show up on Media to take up my time and stop complaining when done).

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