There is talk now of me suffering the same fate that ordinary people do and its utter nonsense what happens is the destruction of my career and finances under the guise of showing me what ordinary people suffer while they set about extracting funds from my Public image to sit around being important enough to ring up their friends and prevent me from securing jobs and contracts because their stupidities were important in their opinion. So we find the women are mostly the Celebrity goons without a sense of direction who also think that not getting into a relationship with them will be the part where I was missing out, while it does rather appear the biggest risk one could ever take would be to get involved with me emotionally or even sexually, meaning that whilst their whole lives are about all that destruction of peoples property and market grabbing to own all the money in the world on account others are stupid and society people needed to be beaten down, they cannot even produce the sex in bed either, to add to the fact they have never been able to account for a penny they have in their lives they always claim its not true but we know its the reason sex with them means hurting bottoms and homosexuality at all times. The Men on the other hand have torn down the career and academic work and all they have done to show for it in a decade is paparazzi and Industry lies that they garnish with Media threats, whereby in the end, dealing with their big brother disobedience over making a mess of my Books and patents for the purpose of their own self confidence will always eventually mean taking such actions in terms of the fact when it comes to the big Media news and money, they always tend to report the same things and I could make their lives very difficult on that too but the part that really brings on the problem with be that the destruction allows them pick up on my diet and the mess they have made of my life, to build me a Public image which says I am not special and other Royals are and they were the sales men who decided which one people would rather be so its five years of planning for my life and finances go down the drain just like that and the warnings about grinding their stupidities into my concerns have not yet paid off; we know the whites are mostly about market violence that means they follow you around and make a mess of everything, then once you put out a product, it was time for them to have it free of charge because you made it from their Country, this ripping up peoples lives and gather up and decide which one is the special one and which one is where people will rather be is what happens in the Middle East, the Market violence that Muslims practice all the time, so it will not give me a breathing space and stop making a mess of my concerns if I do not break it too. I do get told that I am paranoid but I am not as long as I can keep these goons buying Books from this Shop to invest my Equities and ensured they only invested what was contained in the Books, irrespective of what their Politicians do with International leadership to sacrifice whatever they liked for Global economic recovery around here led by American gits, I will run this shop properly, so its simply a matter of not trusting them and how it leaves me thinking they got rich by being stupid when they say the fact their Companies are so big is the reasons they will have my Equities free of charge. My point is that I am not stuck with them in anyway, I need to begin the process of finishing my academic work and I need to begin the process of selling my Books; both will require a process of keeping them off my concerns as no other compromise has yet been reached. They do however say they hate people like me who fart all the time while what really happens is no farting at all but a process of their introduction to me being about their communities getting up my anus and staying there so the things they do to ensure I responded to such nonsense includes the fact whenever I sit in an Office to work it becomes a very dirty fight over the fact they had made mention of this sense of importance being their domain and not who I am, as if this was not stupid enough, we also find the real me has now disappeared from Media as well, replaced by the Me that supported women, and their stupidities have started talking nonsense about homosexuality over it, so I really do feel if they handled me for the smell I am going to try my hands on hurting them seriously to see what changes if I did. The Trump Administration it is said I am completely unaware the UK Government does not get along with but its not an overtly not get along with as such; its something about Trump Administration damaging British Interests because they felt it threatened them and when they visited the Queen found out it was a legitimate Interest and was in the interest of the USA as well, which could have been avoided if the Trump Administration spoke to its British counterparts. Hence its been bitter to a stage where the Ambassador labelled them as inept and they said they will not work with him any further I for my part get access to such things because I am constantly being put in a position at this Royal Hermitage Business where Celebrities turn up here to make a mess over wealth inequality, get around pleasing the public by abusing me which is what their daddy characters who make a mess at the Monarchy love above everything else so they might claim I had lost a Royal Estate when HM is never really interested in how much money I have but whether or not I am making the services from the Hermitage available which I am, the reasons I also eat strange things like Goat head which tends to mean they can take those insults and stupidities about my diet to any degree that they wanted but I will still do their own and leave them thinking they had won every time I did, they show up here to make a mess with wealth equality stories, please a crowd and grab the sales instead of doing a job or a business properly, then put the money away in overseas accounts and dodge taxes much as we see their fans copy it for the purpose of putting money up somewhere to dazzle the Public and grab their incomes with products once the media had softened them for it instead of doing a job or running a business properly which I must keep far away from this Office too: - it is a disposition in which people pick up things and I pick up these small facts in such ways.

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