The big excuses are largely that I happen to count as one of those individuals that pick up cultural matters that are beyond my age and size, which would not give up on but what really happens mostly is that people are fundamentally detached from their own foundations and made a mess off Ė in my case it came when I attended University and their Community croons having fantasies about my bedroom window while they got me stuck with problematic relatives and got off chasing my Public image as abusively as they possibly can, then return to dominate me with any money made which explains why their dysfunctional families work the way it does, gave way to Politicians leading a Campaign that wanted to own the way I handle sociological matters whenever I left my home to attend University as if should anybody had done that to them they would have passed enough of the exams to sit somewhere near Parliament for any reasons, especially so because they also claimed criminals were nice people who just needed money and it all depended on me as I was really big due to a public image I had cultivated through my faith and their Community croons had never stopped claiming my personality was a product of sleeping with other peopleís wives.

So, in event of which they then claim its racism at Government buildings affecting me for their part which I do not perceive it to be anyway; I think it is people who have the effrontery to work on processes of destroying peopleís career which results I do not wish to blame others for like the goons I have to tolerate all the time and doing something about it is my choice and my choice only. As for the threats that they issue, that was largely developed around building up a sense that I have done something wrong that is unforgivable and I have done nothing of that sort either, it is largely a matter of the fact the problems these Politicians and Celebrities are complaining about do not come from my Family and are not created by me, while the Public image they are chasing belongs to me. So I do get told itís a matter of the part I have played to get myself into that position which I have; itís a corruption of involvement gimmicks on the part of the Men and it was never something they could begin and stop at their own time as they were dealing with another personís life and career, so I have gotten them stuck with it and have no wish to allow them secure an exit at my expense because I want to see them suffer for their behaviour, bearing in mind more so that whilst they enjoy it so much, they are not sharing the salary with me. Speaking of sharing, we are here because of sharing issues all together, when they chase me around for what I know and each time I write a Book that helps to share it, a mini war begins because buying it will make me important Ė so I have had enough of them as they are not sharing the salary that gets to their heads in the first place. So they do speak of me dicing with power but itís never clear why anybody would want to adopt a disposition of power that practically means when it ensures people do not have property it envies, the power pays dividend but as I said, they are incredibly keen to run other peopleís lives, such that whenever they say they are the ones who have jobs that depend on the approval of majority population and should be the ones taking home the most money at the market, it is where my whole life gets flushed down the loo, when they set up Warehouses that they have not got time to work on because they need end up at the Government buildings to earn the salary they set it up with, I am truly screwed because itís the point at which their stupidities have finally found out how the markets really work; so it means that damaging other peopleís property when it envies them and showing up somewhere to chase a public image that is not its own is the Politicians version of racism.

They never stop building it up; either I am being beaten down in my own bed by community croons as Media ensure any Public duties are constantly being repeated or there is demand for it to be until people are sick of it, which means I am always tired and looking like some "snowflake" (It is regrettable but statement context to be observed, the intended trap, communities with ideas of what to do to me which will not be broken up and all; I mean there are people I practically think have no way of getting on in their trade without the action I take on Public matters over such description tags, while they spend their time on this, besides which getting their hands up my bum has been amusing for years now while their community croons help them think they have suddenly become tougher than I am and are on queue to grab that Public image all together) wants to stick a knife in my back and grab my public image to get famous with or they have been spending tax payer funds on society trouble makers while ripping up my finances to show criminals are good people who just need money when they are not complaining about the outcomes or they constantly keep making statements that the case of Industry fools confiscating my Empire to deploy it as a means that helps them establish relations with consumers in order to keep trading and getting rich without chasing the habits that causes loss and poverty and brought about the recession or itís the insults that mean people get between me and my career and pass about abuses which eventually result in everything I have worked through in the years not counting for me when others want to grab my career. Then we find that the big problem was largely that I never respond to it while we know itís more like women complaining at the background of Public living which no sane individual gets off responding to - either way of which I will then have been informed I am dumping it on the women since it would not have been obvious to them that I am listening to what the women are saying all together, especially bearing in mind it really brings to light the fact their family members are responsible for the problems they expect me to get stuck with while they chased my Public image.

I must settle on the fact that since it appears to be a behaviour they intend to persistently exhibit at my expense, I must prepare to ensure that once I run out of time to raise myself a workable pension for instance, I am able to get the required revenge from the salary that gets to their heads as well.

It is then fondly claimed all the time, that I am afraid and worried about strong women and its utter rubbish too, as there is no need to be worried about women who are likely to bother somebody else for sex instead of troubling me and my Church concerns here Ė what causes the worry are a group of idiots that are sharing my personal space with me and get very abusive every time I as much as twitch or breathe because their stupidities were having the time of their stupid lives flanked by idiots with penises that issues threats because of the smell they cause; they have progressed from scum that get attacked by women who think their idiocy encourages domestic violence, soon after became the best friends of Industry fools who make their money for the purpose of wrecking peopleís lives, now they just want to be feminists and had come full circle with that but have not got a foggiest clue what their mean cunts were talking about hence rather prefer to ask a Man. It is fun for now, until the business of seeing that I have an elevated stress level, only to get off building Publicity for themselves being happy about older men and stronger men making me do what they want over their money problems, shooting it through the roof, will begin to give me some great ideas around here Ė so far itís their foolish men doing my stuff at Buckingham Palace because I spent their House on myself to become more beautiful and waited for them to label me homosexual and find out what will become of it too. I do get told I am angry about this because I am hiding something but I am not hiding much although I agree with such a prognosis i.e. they are criminals; where I am for instance is the one where they work with industry idiots to wreck the academic work and finances following me around and when I live on benefits claim there is a trick I play which keeps me there, that I need to be forced to share with their stupidities, so they might make money and avoid work, I love them too obviously bearing in mind these insults are meant to be sexually abusive and will be waiting for them to shit out those stupid children all over my Public image later on and find out what will become of it too. When they claim we should not be doing this by right I agree they come full circle with their stupidities because of me too Ė as we can see all of it from the beginning even through all of my responses are developed around what Media does but we are not mates and refusing to keep off my Books and to stop following me around will generally bring about a specific applicable result where I spend their own to ensure this Bookshop is quiet enough for people to just read what I write, there is no deal their meant cunts can cut with me that will ever work, like we were equals around here. I do not like them, but I like it when they stay out of crime and make money to buy products at this Shop. As for the part where, British women do it as well, we know I have warned them when I speak of wealth inequality, I am talking about these stupidities bringing about an outcome whereby I got paid once they were done making their own money from it. There really isn't much they can do about it - so far all they complain about is the inability of their men to conduct violence on me, which has prevented their stupidities from becoming fully developed women but claiming the business of finding it amusing when the love for me means hurting me all the time and building publicity like this for their insanity, to get involved with my concerns and shoot up my stress levels, is about to bring forth another outcome too. They claim I handle peoples culture and society as well and they are likely to reciprocate and its utter rubbish; what happens is that I donít step out of my door to do it, they spend it on me for no reason and I am not giving it back as well Ė they have learned there is nothing they can do about me but are so stupid I donít have my space back still, their light weight stupidities then are in charge the last time we checked. I love them too obviously bearing in mind the insults are meant to be a sign of their sexual dominance, which expresses nothing but the fact they celebrate appealing to people as a handful of mean cunts. The rest who speak of what I wouldnít do in Africa are just as good but in Africa it would easily have become a matter of letting it fly to find we have made sense of it once we are done with a war after I had been dragged away from my Church concerns that I practice in their own personal lives at the other end, so I definitely would have allowed it as it were; what happens in the UK is that I pop the question about them being homosexual and they claim they said it first on media, so I guess we got there never the less.

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