It is said that the nature of my sexual activities is somewhat of a problem, especially for when I got closer and closer at the Monarchy than where I am now. I really have no sexual behaviour or habits as such, it is all a front to ensure people can rip up my academic work and finances to get me spending my days responding to the stupidities of their culture and society, so they might get sex off my public image and personality and then money at the markets after that, as stupidly as possible. They always claim that I liken their behaviour to extremists and racists, but it is hard to see the difference when they take free speech if I did something unusual and somebody said they were thinking of it which is good for their confidence and then turns it into a point of violence and war, talking nonsense of how others keep their popularity and their money all the time. We are now at a point where they are complaining about the sex and how it prevents them from making the most of an existence, they had already made a mess off, so I suppose we have come full circle and if they do not disturb me at this Hermitage they will have nothing to worry about, besides which I have had to avoid talking about it since the tendency is that I will end up encouraging some form of extreme violence. I personally do not think it is okay to take my clothes off in front of my own friends, if I must bathe in a communal setting, there is nothing to say that I must take all my clothes off either Ė it is the stuff of war and crime tackling to see people naked, hence there is no sexual behaviour for the Monarchy to worry about.

I understand it is said that I have a lot of enemies at the British Monarchy, who are out to get me, but I have no idea what it really means. What happens is that I get bothered by culture and society trouble makers who chase my bum until I drop out of University so they might make use of my personality, as if dropping out of University was a simple thing and when I fill their heads with what I am doing lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities like that all the time, the results are that they become a bit gay, so when they wish to shoot off some very violent lasciviousness for it, I can then set about building them publicity that will put them in demand for very filthy popularity culture that will further make the gay thing worse while the Public gets to love them for the insults and the gossips Ė once I had done that, another group of idiots with Media jobs will lend them those jobs, so that the fact I had done it will be something that has been done every day, which is tiresome and churns the tummy. The part that causes the most problems of course is that they are not Royalty and whilst they have developed a civil rights of insults to add to the fact they already had racism in their society, by which they tell me what to do and how to exist until they got used to it, itís not clear why mine bothers them to such an extent if they are complaining about it more than I do and want their own lives to be easier either way, which it comes to it of which I am only interested in whether or not they had bought a Book that I had written and I had to deliver it to their address and not what their stupid problems were. So the idea I am putting a brave face on what is really a dire situation for me is utter nonsense Ė these are people that HM does not want anything to do with at the Monarchy, always likely to be some sort of dirty old men characters as such, so we are now unable to deny that when they start their gimmicks it largely usually begins with spying on somebody, making a mess of their diet and spreading it around to churn the tummy and where it applies to me, itís mostly a matter of wanting to make a living or make money from the perks of my Arch Princeís Office, showing up to tell me what I must do to make Celebrities important and rich all the time but then again which I have no idea what it has to do with some journalists or fame freaks telling me what to do over it anyway when they have no business with Royal Office, which is not to say I am not happy they were getting involved to help bear the burdens like the Royal Public image that they have continued to insultingly insist that they can afford. For my part, I am not doing anything with authority that is not mine, so I have no reason to worry about hate at the Monarchy whether or not there are some channelled at me Ė then again which itís not hate of hate per se, itís for instance something to do with the females spending time fooling around and soon they get stuck with stupid black men who want to do something about the wicked things men like me think women should be able to get away with and then they show up to fight for me and think I am sloppy at Royal work, naturally which if it annoys me I will say something of their cynicism but then itís not a do or die affair either. In the end itís the same case that has persisted for as much as their need to pretend when I tell them that if I get my hands on the culture and society they will see it for the last time, I am probably bluffing or the need to make a case of these matters at the Monarchy as affects me with a media job that helps them ensure that there is too much of it by repeating it over and over and over every single minute of the day filled in to make people tired or the business of fame idiots turning up here to make an announcement about the fact I am suffering tummy ulcer and haemorrhoids with respect to how they expect me to deploy a Royal Office for the purpose of telling them they were very important, about which if they gave me another description I would have gladly taken it but in the absence of any, I will continue to stick with the fact they are a handful of fucking famous idiots. The others who never give this matter a rest in the same way are obviously the homosexuals and they would like to say that majority of people who attack homosexuals are homophobic while they go around making a mess of it and churning tummies, bearing in mind that it is not unusual for homosexuals to tell lies Ė so homophobic has not yet appealed to them as something that is similar to serial killers who murder women and prostitutes i.e. that there is a sensation associated with it and it is usually a competition between them to kill or harm homosexuals because when one person had done it, the victim is no longer alive for it to be done by another. Apart from which any other hate issues will be the Politicians having taken up what I have said here and made it into a Government issue like they do everything else in order to ensure their stupidities was as profitable as can be and itís the same case all round that when that stage comes when they need to blow it off and itís a matter of getting a fuck, we know that we wonder why fucking the all-round good egg on the outside Politicians was but as the fucking progresses, we find that they are terrible human beings Ė the Industry ones will be the one that the fucking progresses until wrecking peopleís lives, blaming the victims and then making up processes of trading in a way that makes such messing things profitable becomes far more obvious as a behaviour they exhibit because they were rich by being stupid Ė the celebrities will be the one where as the fucking progresses it becomes obvious that the purpose of most work place activity is to ensure people are delivering services to the homes that need them to and getting their own delivered to their homes as well.

Now they say I am a coward and that this was the main problem but I wouldnít know anyway, since they are usually less interested in talking about the fact they respond to public matters violently because they do not know what I know and I hold a higher Office for those of them who have some role at the Monarchy, to which extent they are idiots basically and the same way people do not interfere with their own is the way I do not want mine interfered with too; they have always done this gimmicks about Community croons beating me down in my bedroom so they might threaten and attack me because they think I am weak enough for it, follow me around and claim my body type should be doing violent things to keep children like them safe or they will do it while I lost everything I had as insultingly and provocatively as possible, the have Country and have no Country bits have always been the means by which they can ensure it is difficult for me to detach myself from basic concerns and get myself interested in doing something brave to look after other people, while they then set about chasing up my right to get into a relationship with the opposite sex because they want to preserve the most beautiful ones for their stupid selves and pillage my property to make the money that looks after their foolish lifestyle, it might then be wise to look closely again at those repeated stupidities about me being a coward as I am never going to pick it up whenever I want to, especially the bits about how everything I do is what racists and football people should have been doing, being the corner stone of their foolish Celebrity culture, popularity and media insanity all together. The women love to make out they want to get into a relationship with me and I am never interested while time and again I put myself out there and they never get in touch, so since they are more sexually experienced than I am, I assume they already know it kicks off at Pornography when they fancy themselves a handful of bullies in such ways and I am sure they will not be getting off making or trying to make decisions about where I can go if I thought Pornographers were not necessarily bad people i.e. to explain the main point has always been these sorts of insults leading outcomes where sex workers who are selling their best made plans for living have mine tangled up with what they are doing, so I am sure we can all be civil in the matter and not tell me where I am meant to go when I think they are not necessarily an ill of society or public living; I mean it does tend to suggest that I am immune to them deploying my best made plans for sex work but we know each time it happens it happens with a sense of fear and respect, incomparable to these idiots grinding my meat as disobediently as possible and as insultingly as possible because they have a fashion Industry and it can depend on me as stupidly as possible if they wanted it to with that big mouth they have. In the end I am told I dominate everything and they do not know where to turn but I donít, as it does not rely on me and I donít want it to Ė I wish to see them suffer for their behaviour and hence have I shut down every route to an exit for it, I am not interested in their problems, only in whether they bought a Book I wrote and I had to deliver it to their addresses Ė we can all be civil about it as it were.

Some people say they are not bad people and my sense of fear is built up through the paranoia in my mind but when you have set up a livelihood and had people get on media to hide it from the world with a five year history of insults, then make a case of your income margins and set about ploughing that route disobediently every day, it has gone beyond the question of why exactly they are ploughing it when it obviously does not belong to them, to one of how it does qualify them as nice people altogether.

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