It is the talk of terrorism with them endlessly, whereby we cannot be allowed to pay attention to any other events or occurrences – but the reasons are still that of evil; the evil of the convenience seekers not being able to rip up people’s lives and property and cling to their finances so they can control and then let go of peoples security when co-operation ceases to come forth from the victims and the protectors on the other hand who no longer have the kind of parameters by which their innocents get protected because those it tramples on have told them to get lost on account their corruption has become fundamental with a big mouth. So we see the same behaviour around everything that is a one and only such as the public transportation system where these scum gather to get rich with their Media counterparts, while their Political idiots claim that privatisation is the answer because the money they steal will secure them power by which some of the stupidest scum around get to cling to my finances and tell me what to do in order to get used to doing so all day long and then more money thereof and nobody will ever know what offence was committed to cause such behaviour anyway, while the foolish female ones will think I have not said anything here which has applied to them all together. Thus, they all hate the idea of people buying my Books as it does exact the same effects and they are unable to resist my products too.

I understand there is a case for the claim I am more interested in solving other people’s problems than I am in solving the ones that affect the UK but of course the reality behind that is that as usual such claims have no basis on reality or truth whatsoever. The reality of which is that we are all happy since the UK became more influential in certain important global affairs than the US is, for tiny tyrants in the Middle East and Europe and Africa to turn up to live here in order to snoop around and secure firsthand information on what is happening in the world but having said that, their idiots need to figure out that it’s all very well turning out on media all the time, it is important as such to note British people live here in the first place as it were.

Where the Americans are concerned is another story; Mr Obama wants to make my life hell to show we British are fond of meddling and leading but of course he cannot do that unless he makes sense of his stupidities over handling my book sales which is what the Oval office is for as it were and means he has no shame, so it is up to his to combine it with his government office and pull of a hat trick and not my problem. But where his government’s Policy applies is largely concerned with a matter of whether the fact that each time the British get onboard things change in a positive direction means that what we are really good at is being abused while fighting America's war for America? In essence of which it does appear the US is becoming as a matter of balance more of a force of evil in this world than it is a force for good, making alliance with whomsoever they can sleep with to have certain small country women that seem to be a hard deal to get cheaply while its government does nothing but ensure stupid business idiots that shake hands at the Oval office feel it is possible for them to get anything they want from anybody. The other part of this two part question being why the Americans are the biggest problem the British face in terms of its relationship with its allies and how that operates with what it is good at doing for the rest of the world as an interest - they are the principle ally biggest problem as it were and it has come to a point where they need to get what they need off the Germans and the Africans and Middle East goons and maybe some twisted Japanese as well, so they can all sit together and talk about doing other people’s lives and careers using freedom that always ensure their activities imply that they turn out to do for others what others are already thinking which intrusion is unbearable.

I for my part seem to be the one that the media fools set out to deal with, whose career they were to confiscate to create the security required for other American idiots they support and need to keep their hands off my books - that said if I see their government's policy around here I will never fail to cut it up as well, besides which over the insults of their black idiots I will make an example of that popular culture fame and fortune yet.

I hear it is said I am now one of the biggest victims of the whole American surveillance game and having failed to listen to and follow the leadership of those who led on it am now paying the biggest price but I would not know anyway; all I know is that they are ever so good at getting themselves involved with people’s lives and possessions to play out problems that they make worse all the time and now it has come to the point where if I am affected by it when I should not be since such things are not within my world and I think the blind leading the blind is a bad thing, what are they going to do about it, make me? If they feel they will, they need to shut their mouths and get off my television where they are currently pretending, I buy it so they can talk through to me with it and stand their ground and if not then I don't see what it is about anyway. It does get to a point and this is one such - that every day I check up something in Norway maybe or Germany maybe or some Eastern European Country or anywhere in the world, the outcome is always that people are out there doing something to damage my Public Office and my Literary Empire to earn my income and an American had played a very important role to make it possible every single time, it is never clear what the fucking idiots are worried about; I mean they can always cease to do things that are unseemly to other human beings of course rather than think they want to discuss how overbearing my work is, how tiresome my activities are and all that nonsense we tend to see all the time that is a product of the fact they think they are that good looking and suck fucking celebrities to absolutely everybody.

I understand it will be completely amazing I do these things but it has always been rather simple as a process where there will be no problems if I don’t bump into a stupid girl that is the local celebrity in her country where I have turned up to get rich as if it was my turf or indeed having something happen adversely to my literary empire in any Country on this planet, the result will always be my ever increasingly vicious attack of that stupid popular culture fame and fortune considering we have exhausted all other forms of entertainment that can undercut them at their earnings so they can tell those tales they tell when they speak of civil rights and their need to earn millions playing gigs in at public or celebrity functions but of course having said that, the reality is that every time such bad things happen, an American will have played a pivotal part to make it so, I can guarantee it 100% every single time; not least if they have a president that wants to attack my finances and make me react in order for him to feel his sense of resolve at the White House.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland