I am told that even what I have said here only simply puts me in the firing line for more celebrity abuses and yes it does but I was not trying to prevent that either it is like they say the cause of it all was Brexit whilst we know that the narcissism had grown to such an extent the general public had to make a collective decision on it; we are talking about such issues as instances where a 30 year old in their position, needed a solution for finance and career matters which should really be given to an 18 year old and yet there has been a government in Office during the 12 year period when Celebrities pick up my wealth equity to attack me and share the wealth of the wealthy, would it have meant they were homeless people who got lucky and started a business that showed promise, would it have meant that they did not have enough money, would it have meant they were completely incapable of devising any more useful form of fun for themselves? It is not currently showing any signs of stopping amicably but we have heard that the abuses of Celebrities was a product of the fact they did not like me, which was precisely the point of it all, the need to pick up my assets for money making and rip up my career to prevent me taking it back and yet they are not entertainment product directors or investors themselves, just employees in the processes, then there was the need to breach my patents and pick up career as well as work publicity as a tool for the purpose of getting involved with me to play with me, crashing my finances in the process therefore had I given them an exit to stop running it off on me when I am at work and to stay away from my Books, which they claim they cannot comply with, hence I must now look to incident based solutions as the deterrence have been rebuffed. It is entirely normal problems that are said to have existed because small men tried to do things that were too much for them; in reality however, it explores my civic duties and runs my life with social activities of criminals, to get off doing something brave before I did on it, in order to escape its own screwed up existence, if living in a country where the public clearly does not have homogenised minds, I must in the course of activities which help to run it, accept this nonsense as normal.

They do claim that entertainment was not made to make me comfortable but rather to serve a public and applicable fans, it is never clear who suggested that entertainment was made to make me comfortable anyway, the reality is more a matter of their dreams to work personal popularity on the basis of making such a mess of my social life and finances, that it was being done at my expense and I got to publicly complain about other peoples being good looking and famous, has been fulfilled and now I wish to ensure their stupidities got to show some respect for my career and personal finances as well, especially as they are now clear what they considered to be extremely disrespectful if channelled at them by other people. They do claim I am wasting my life serving Americans which is utter nonsense all together the Americans are usually so stupid that it goes beyond their need to attack people and employ security guards that will help enforce civility for them because they possessed money to pay for it, knowing they did not like to be turned out the way they showed so much disregard for the needs of people who thought about tackling society issues once they were done sorting out the career and finances but found the society people had gone away once they had, even suggesting that an ability to avoid being turned out like that was a sign of manhood it goes beyond this to the idea that preventing others from showing or working interest in my Books was a right on account that they were not directly handling my personal cash and there are conventional as well as creative consequences for these kinds of idiots who think that you should get out of bed and get to work everyday to fight for existence and survival at a job that you were paid to do, needs to stop running off all off its stupidities, as well as that performed by other gits who thought when they talked loudest they were right, trying to use it to win elections into American Government buildings, every comment, every gesture, every gimmick shut down during working hours and they need keep their distance from my Books. They do boast about their stupidities being about my concerns as though I had deviated from that myself we all know it is a matter of the way they prevent me from working the public office while complaining about duties I am meant to fulfil at the same time and it had grown so big, they had successfully created a global stage disposition for themselves out of it. It is an old story when they claim they hated a Libra and loved to gang up on one, some people suggesting that a Libras view of peoples dress code can be an issue, until this nonsense plays out in full like so: it should have dressed up in a suit but left the collar open and did not wear a tie, shows up here playing with my career, eventually people feel the outrage when it arrived at such a stage that it claimed if my career ever were to be successful, it would have been because they spent their money on it, which will never happen unless my attitude was changed and the insults are usually incredible, until I did something to ensure it was not such fun for them anymore. It is not a daunting task as claimed at all, I am not currently engaged with all the consequences I can get my hands on regarding idiots who play with my career and finances, to say the effect it had on me was great fun and bellow threats thereafter, when we gang up on them as well, the wealth and social inequality will have become a phenomenon. To make sense of this, the Celebrities are not even part of the production process for the entertainment Industry but the fucking idiots will be if I decided to push back at the abuses, like a bunch of idiots that were seriously trouble looking for a bad result. They claimed they tackled Libras because Libras were weak which is utter nonsense what happens is that of other peoples need to explore our civic duties all of the time causing a lot of tiredness, that said, the Libra they fear are the ones that work in security services, usually very good at sharing the fear with them when bothered, I am more the getting them to do the fighting so they can cease burning up my oxygen kind of person and it grows into a case of their enemies becoming their friends and friends becoming enemies with a good chance for me to get a lot worse. It seems that we are heading for a resolution where that stupid asset of theirs that involved picking on me to befriend the wealthy, will end up on an ultimatum. Eventually they suggest Libras were incapable of doing the bad things and had to justify themselves all the time, last we checked, the Politicians waded in to save the day when I had no time for their gimmicks and stuffed them with information, so when their Celebrities got involved as well, it became a society madness and Celebrity gimmicks for me to play as well; this is not the main problem, the main problem is that because it is always attacking people verbally, socially, physically, it becomes afraid of things that should not cause a person to be afraid and progresses to a point where it needs to handle and control me, which stifles my career, when it does not get me losing the fight with corrupt Scorpio and corrupt Virgo, so we got to look like we were living world war two all over again, claims it gas lighted me and develops a new popularity gimmicks for it, losing my temper then I will decide to categorise crowds and gatherings, on the basis that picking on me was evidence they have got the means to fund the applicable consequences some crowds do not like being the health people but I will give little choice, some do not like to be the money people but the same will apply and so on until all my issues were resolved as well and they will need more backing from Politicians for a vengeance they think they are entitled to and go on forever if they wanted. People suggest they have seen me resolve these matters on my own and this is true, I decided to work on a diet that will help me cope with their gimmicks, it has taken unnecessarily long to do to and they have devised a new way of picking me that will undo the effects of the diet which they now plan to sell to Celebrities as well as spend on themselves, at the same time knowing the fact I am working on the diet had reached the top end of Government, showing up here to shoot off the big mouth because it wants to be free of the abdominal discomfort as well.

The platform for these gimmicks were the claim that Libras were subordinate to Scorpios, which encouraged the Celebrities to pursue my earnings and social life while paying Scorpios to help them keep it; it has no basis in reality as such, the truth is more that Scorpios were likely to see two sides of an issue and take action very quickly, although it was clear that they were doing the wrong thing, there is always a sense that everybody had an opinion and they had one too, besides which an action on an issue helped to buy time for decision making, although stupid because a decision will be made concerning the action that had been taken too the approach is pretty much the same with regards to Aries but they have decided I was subordinate to Scorpios and would tolerate anything an Aries did. They do boast that I have been beaten which is utter nonsense; it is now all building up to Celebrities trashing my career, finances and the public work dispatched from the Office while trying to collect my personal and social life to deal with the problems associated with a sense that the work had not been done at all, the effect is that there is so much fuss making a mess and we saw they did it by taking off their clothes to splash out on images about my social and personal life, flooding the internet and street corner shop top shelves, which allowed society gits to develop such abusive fantasies about my private parts that I could feel their finger there all the time as a method of solving problems, this then equals the need for a physical response that can be avoided when famous idiots had stopped running it off on me when I am at work and stayed away from my Books. They do claim there was nothing I could do about them naturally but the reasons society gits liked to imagine my private parts and get their fingers around it etc is because it was a bad idea to express their popularity in my company, so it was always something they thought of doing buzzing away at the background like the importance of teachers at school, who showed people how to stay away from the prison services, until the Celebrities had a role to play and it is never clear exactly what the stage would be where a bunch of famous idiots had an Arch Prince fight people who tickled or provoked their entitled stupidities exactly, about which the deterrence should have worked by now, if it was applied to normal people and not famous twats with a schizophrenic immorality personal and social life that can be used to decide how I existed, a right hand side and left hand side, the importance of some people ending up in hospital because somebody decided they should. They claim if I knew all these, it was never clear how I ended up in the difficult situation, which I have not, just the Celebrities setting off an interest in the hoodlums from my neighbourhood, such that my career and finances were stalled for 6 years everyday, leaving me with no money to pay my way in the world at all, then its legendary disobedience was such that it could not stand the prospect of me making a decision on it - even sites its corrupt security guards I can handle comfortably without the lies and gimmicks it plays up to stir controversy and pick up my earnings, as reasons, based on the way there were complaints lodged about me and none knows what those complaints were, we know it had something to do with social issue tricks and vindictive cowardice.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland