I have been informed naturally that the need people have to express how much they hated me, does not necessarily improve with the work that I do and I understand completely – they are a handful of gits with strange ideas all of the time; whereby they set out to ensure I got into a fight with people because they thought that they had stripped me of finances and academic successes and all that provides me confidence to say I can fight back when faced with danger, especially if my health was enhanced because I had it – before which more so, they were the only people to have seen my violent capabilities, set about stripping me of it, spending it on themselves and getting around the world fighting my battles, only to return and build a crowd that be force me to fight theirs, whereby their stupidities may set about topping up the enemies for me if they wanted, so we have seen what they thought of my opinions about the idea this nonsense and the damage it has done to my career and finances was their stupid civil rights. They hang around thereafter putting up all that nonsense concerning their obsession with star signs and the tail backs about my libra personality while their problem is still that I can multitask, therefore able to do the enemies, handle them and ensure the two sides got to sort out whatever it is that bothers them so.

I don’t think the matter is a crisis, we all see the Celebrities have become more a handful of menaces and bullies than they have ever been and it can only continue until the need to move them on progresses into one that had suggested I were the only person on the planet who could see the abusive and extensive interference in Public life that they performed all day and each time they engaged with the Public, whereas they really were supposed to hang around somewhere facing really complicated financial issues on account that people were not giving them show business contracts, since it appears that such conditions were the only occasions we could enjoy some normalcy. Here some people will say I will talk like so but am the only person who appears to have a real purpose and use for Celebrities and yes I am but it does not work as per a real use and purpose for them; it’s a matter of having a project on hand and if faced with risks of career piracy, should a celebrity get involved with it, you have ended up with a temporary fix for the problem in the sense that their involvement provides publicity constantly but then again people do not show interest in what does not concern them save Celebrities made it so and people do not engage in career piracy save Celebrities drew attention to areas of my concerns I had tried to keep secret. The other part is that they show up to engage with me via culture, media, and sport issues, then they pick up my work and set about making entertainment, soon enough they want to know enough about me to make the entertainment fit for purpose and when they do, they bear some of the public work burden in the process but that said, the burdens never really exist save they trashed my career and academic work which they have.

They do claim there is something about getting involved with them which we do because we had lost control of ourselves and yes there is i.e. The body bribery thing but then again, the reality had always been clear that a Councillor was elected, A Minister OF Parliament was elected but Celebrities are nobodies who simply think that they are important which is largely a consequence of their mental state - a handful of goons who expect others to cover their backsides with government Offices while they made money. The body bribery thing getting in the face and making a mess of social life, causing enough financial suffering to ensure that a person would do what was needed to make a living and this makes them appears to be important, the suffering written off as a debt paid if the victim needed money from them and got wrapped round their fingers literally etc – in my case they have progressed from the sense this meant that sex sells products, to torturing me with claims I had written a Book that solved problems because I planned to hate those who used me to solve problems like I had promised I would and it then adds up to daily torture, vandalism of my Bookshop and teaching me how to make the sales happen in a way which meant that as long as they continued to attain access to me as such, there will be no success for my Books and I suppose they had PhDs in sales and were informed this was how to sell products or teach others to do it, hence we have started out with the basic aspects in my case as well, whereby I do not have a contract with their famous stupidities which suggested they had a right to handle my Books and or my person, more so to such an extent. However, they believe that they will get away with what they wanted before I ever got to put up a response and whilst it is all a perception, a group of younger idiots that want to trash their own stupid lives as well, have gotten all over it...

I. Uno I

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