So, they say I am worried about acknowledging what they are doing to me as racism but it is not racism just yet, when it becomes racism their stupidities will become more serious than it is at the moment. What it is for the time being is a collection of idiots that enjoy doing things to me that amount to me getting punished in ways that I can only respond to by punishing them, which shows they know what they are doing is bad but are doing it with a sense of making sure that covering their tracks to ensure that I couldn’t punish them for it while the consequences got worse and worse – things like turning my tummy with very abusive and ugly and bad habits, then running off to a corner where they have majority population on their side or doing it and running off to the corner where Politicians have wrecked my finances to perforate my confidence and build their own or do it and perform other behaviour which are my absolute favourite such as making out I need to check my privileges while at the same time expressing all sort of nonsense about a history that has emerged from stupid boys and their mothers and a problem they have with my personality they want to get rich by, which has left me unable to develop a will that lets me defend myself when attacked, therefore they have control of my mind etc. It is of course a slippery slope to go down as it were, so I have to concentrate on other complains they make because they think that other time the financial consequences of these insults have come to mean they are more important, which comes with having people to blame for protecting my interests and with it they say I am coward but everybody else knows they enjoy doing nothing save taking over everything I should have done to create myself a heroic history because they are trying to kill off a loser image but at the same time handle it with a sense of making sure I never feel safe; so that it all eventually comes down to when they leave me alone and stop complaining about the fact I am about to get rich from popular culture the same way they wrecked my academics to pass exams and return to it when they did not need the exams for it, building up my public image that will become their own later because they do not like who they are, it can always get worse with a process where they make it into racism while I develop a habit of dishing punishment in response to every insult and abuse too; for now being scared of me and then not being scared of me at a later date is the tendency to grab majority population stuff and tear it up because somebody enjoys churning my tummy, this is the one the entire world has had to listen to them for, not the insults and threats of violence with that big mouth that thinks it will do much if it makes it stupidity physical. I do get told I attract these behaviour because I am always untidy but we all know what is untidy is writing Books and getting stuck with a group of idiots, their stupidities and their mothers talking about what price they have paid in terms of bad things that have happened to them, to deserve a livelihood like mine, only to have to deal with fools showing up all over it to make me deal with their problems in order to be more important than they are; so we are having these conversation because the media ones who make me into the enemy that they can attack to please wealthy people and secure a future where they can sell things and get rich quick have started a conversation, you know making a mess – this page therefore I think will get filled up with events recorded pretty soon and then it can feel that with me it will always have enough leverage for public conversations that make the fact it’s a completely useless person along with its foolish children profitable from there.

They have even got excuses readymade and the one that affects me is that it’s an issue associated with what I eat and how I eat it and their need to label me an old man character whose whole life is absurd. While the one that affects them will be when there is criminal trading routes between racist groups and none white groups, so some idiot gets off to set himself up on real Estate and stock markets in order to counter it, so the purpose of his life being to wreck my Book sales and finances as I am unaware that such criminal trading links between racists and black criminals exist – then there are similar ones like the problem with ladies first etiquette in the UK while they have no respect for those it does not affect, just like the trading ones claim I think everybody is stupid but the conundrum is an issue of respect that may be channelled in my direction; they and their stupidities and their mothers and how I do not deserve my livelihood because I was not beaten up by neighbourhood gangs. So we see it all the time; broker equity with Video games companies who make games children want to play and get stimulated by and find that the racists have fallen in love with it rather than go around doing racism stuff, like we all know films like Total Recall and Fifth Element were heavily racist and that racists are really racist when people are not stopping them wearing spandex but guess who will show up and start a global campaign of replacing these films because he has a low amount of respect for some Arch prince who does not look the part and cares not if he does exist. Never mind the ones I mentioned above setting me up as enemy they can attack to get friendly with the rich and lay down popularity means of getting rich – they and their stupidities and their mothers.

The Politicians are keen to express themselves at all times of course – story being that all I do is made up especially with respect to the Monarchy; which is well understood but they can write it down and sign their names if they wanted; everybody knows it is made up like I do and they do but that it will never stop until I am playing with their salaries too. We have not once seen them do anything in public save supporting idiots with ideas about deploying peoples business image to boast about it being their property until they had made money from it and found people to discriminate against in violent ways, especially the none whites that never give it rest tackling me because they want to peddle my faith and personal life and public image for money; we all know what the nature of the thing is and how it regularly sets out women that are supposed to take their clothes off in strategic locations, so as to facilitate their problems being solved and when that does not happen they start to tackle me as well without reason. I have nothing to fear from Politicians like we hear them blab all the time; the reality is that they have never once beaten me down despite how evil they are; so they are hopelessly reliant on the insults of these idiots that lead to eventualities where they know they can hurt me and then the process of hurting me will become their answer for everything and every problem they have talking nonsense about compliance all the time and cannot along with their Political masters, just fuck off. The media ones have my encouragement to keep at those ‘swallow it down to your tummy until it makes a bad smell and keep your mouth shut’ insults, they soon enough always say they hate the Police after it had become a state of affairs since it is clear there is nothing any of them or their Political masters can do about me. I indulge these things because it makes such a grand fool of them, it does not imply that when I do I am scared of them or worried about what they will do to me like we see has become the meaning of all their self seeking nonsense but it is the fundamental corruption that does not want a specific thing from me but likes to hunt me over money because it wants to see what I am going to do about being provoked which has gotten a response, the response we are talking about now i.e. it needed to be set out clearly and publicly that there is nothing in the world that any of them can do about me. In the end I am not necessarily innocent in the matter anyway; they need to do the gangs and crime where the Politicians and Media are, so that we can all see it and stop pounding what have you.

I do get informed this is largely a matter of getting a good hammering from American power and it is utter nonsense – these are a collection of very stupid individuals, we have to pay attention to the unpredictability of matters in the US when very wealthy individuals that originally came from Europe are now Americans and we know that we have one from every Country in Europe who is an American for example, if we spoke only of Europe that is and how this means that nothing is veer certain in the US; so Capitol Hill has always tried to Homogenise these issues and make them simple and it was determined the Office of the President will provide leadership for all – Obama broke that and now Trump has taken it to a whole new level, it means that they think they can do whatever they liked and the blacks see nothing wrong is getting permission from their parents and communities to show up and run me down all the time deciding what my public image should be used for and the whites never stop telling me I have provoked them by writing a Book they cannot take advantage of to get rich, so if their Government places sanctions of Countries that threaten National interest they can place their own sanctions on me too, so I have gotten into a habit of doing just enough damage to their own as well, to ensure they cannot become confident enough to handle or damage anything around here as well – next stop will be a process where their madness gets to clash with their Russian Oligarch counterparts who build warehouses and send out sales armies to make it rich attacking others at Market, especially in Hollywood and even this is now an open game for everything presently, so it will not be long from this point – year date 16 July 2019.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland