It is now said that relations with the US has never been so poorly because of me and its utter nonsense, only a group of people who have made out something as stupid as what must become of me on account they should be able to take advantage of my Book but I have written one that they cannot take advantage of. The rest of the story about how I think what I do is right but I am making a mess of everything being naturally that it’s never about what I do being right or wrong but mostly about their needs to get women making a mess of people’s lives on account they think they get little attention while women get privileges. So we find that doing this with respect to an Arch Prince generally means that they have a need to teach me a lesson by picking up Armed Services jobs through which when they meet an enemy their reputation offers up ideas on how they should be treated badly all the time, then they make statements about their hate for the Established system and look after themselves, leaving it out there as some disease that will plague the security services – so this is how they interfere with Military Jobs, in my case personally, they make a mess of the academic work, then spend even more years of my time rounding me up like sheep, to get me doing something about it i.e. this is about where we are because they believe they need to be heard concerning the consequences that follow their disobedience and that of their popular Boys and Girls. I do get asked why they do this but it’s still the same case; they believe they are a threat to me but what I see is Media people, Celebrities, Football people and Popularity people, all of the same insanity people that I am regularly asked not to talk about, whose whole lives are developed as stupidly as possible to get those that have anything to do with Government giving them exceptions which facilitate the means to escape the abusive processes of getting a job, to keep the benefits of their pathological fear of work and then find money to pay their way in the world thereafter – they are well aware they will do anything for it including murder and we can see how they use it too, in terms of the threats they issue when people smell because of it. We can see there are no grounds for their theories about being superior to me for instance, as they are not paying for Sites like these which help me resolve the matter by adopting a Moral High ground. Like we hear them say I antagonise people who serve my cause at the Monarchy while I must keep an eye on it all the time because of them. Its greatest gimmick is the parents offended me a criminal allies of the Heir to the British Throne think you believe you can take back your public image when it has been taken from you and we want to prove you wrong and the only way its stupidities achieves this, is to ensure I am inundated with Gangs and Criminals, while the history it has with people engaged in such behaviour will not have tended to affect its new found fame, as stupidly as possible, especially if it became completely reliant of Republican Racism and Democratic Party Global stage Nepotism from the USA.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland